Audio Boyfriend - Epilogue


Audio Boyfriend - Epilogue

By Rejoice Jeremiah. C 

Writer's pov

Right from that moment, a new happy and amazing relationship kicked off between Sara and
Sometimes we get things from where we don't expect.
There are a lot of surprises in this world but the relationship of Jasmin and Sara was the
most surprising thing ever.
Sara could have been in prison by now or probably in a serious trouble but God had
destined it that she and Jasmin was meant to be...
Jasmin felt pity for Sara at first but from pity, it turned into a want of her helping him forget
Teetee and in the process, he realized that he had developed feelings for her.
Teetee who taught she that the world circles only around her ended up loosing both Jasmin
and King.
Sara's dad got up from his hospital bed a month later and so also was Jasmin's dad.
Mr Moon, Jasmin's dad gave a tangible evidence of his wife being behind his accident and
she was arrested.
He wanted to sign all his properties and business to Jasmin but Jasmin declined them all
and handed it to Young who declined it too saying he don't have to be in the moon's family
when Hus mom is in prison.
Sara was troubled by that.
She pleaded to both Jasmin and his dad to bail Young's mother.
After many pleas, they gave in and bailed her out of the prison. She begged for mercy, which
was granted to her.
She wanted to leave but Jasmin told her to stay... She declined and left.
Young didn't go with her.
Jasmin's mom came back and took back her position and possessions.
The will was divided.
Half was given to Jasmin and his mom and half went to Young and his mom but it wasn't to
be signed until next five years.
Jasmin took Sara along and they went to Thailand while Sara's dad stayed with the Moon's
Few months later, King came to Teetee for apology, telling her how he doesn't wanna live a
playboy life style anymore but to love just one woman and that woman is her.
Teetee rejected few numbers of times but later accepted him and their new love life kicked
off in a really romantic way.
A year later, Jasmin and Sara came back to south Korea to reside permanently.
Jasmin proposed to Sara on the road side and the news of the moments went world wide.
Sweet right?
And for, ha nah, Mr Williams..they got their chance to be together as well and even before
they wedded, Han ah got pregnant.
Well they wedded before Jasmin and Sara.
On Sara and Jasmin's wedding, Eli's sister was Sara's chief bride's maid and Eli was the
flower girl.
That night, as the wedding party was still on, somewhere on the dance floor were Eli's sister
and Young dancing and smiling at each other.
What do you think?
But Eli's sister still didn't get to know that her little sis was the untold camera man or lady
who took those pictures of Sara and Jasmin at Love Hospital.
After Jasmin and Sara's wedding, came King and Teetee's.
Awesome right?
You might be wondering how Sara and Jasmin's wedding night was.
Two virgins..
Well, I'm not writing that. You can do the picture in you head.

The End

It was a short story.
I hope you enjoyed it?

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