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Aduke- Last Episode


Aduke-Episode 25

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story  and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

( I'm sorry for keeping it this late, actually the story got pirated and I need to work on getting it published before someone else did. All you need to know about the story from episode one is in this episode. Even if you don't read the first episode, read this. It entails all. It's a long way down)
Sometimes who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, it's just not meant to be.

I lost... So I thought.
I left the hospital wearing a mask of beautiful smile, I tried my best to hide my sadness, I smiled like everything was okay, I congratulated everyone, I did my best not to fall in front of everyone. I tried... but the pain was just too much, I lost my self restrain.My tears broke off, I couldn't hide it anymore, so I had to walk as fast as I can, but everyone already noticed.
I felt like my baby was taken away from me, and there's nothing I could do. I see no point fighting, I've already lost.
My dad didn't give up easily, I'd say my parent hate seeing me the way I am. They hate seeing me sad. They tried their best to give me hope, after the first DNA test result, they took the blood samples to two different hospitals, but the result came out the same. Just the way it was.
My mom was scared of leaving my side, most of the times, she add sleeping pills in my tea so that I can sleep and she can rest. I'm always assumed dangerous when I'm sad, anyone could be sad, but when I speak about my sadness, I speak about grieve, I speak about leaving this world cos I find no peace in it anymore, I speak about closing my eyes and dying in my sleep... And my mom, she have only one, and she's not ready to lose him.
" I wanna go back to school " I told my mom. I knew she wouldn't let me but after alot of conviction they both let me.
On my way back to school, several thought surfaced up. They were all death wishes, but I have to fight them off, I gave my parent my words, and my words are always the decision I make out of the hardest, that's why I always keep them.
I got to school around 3 pm, I was about opening my door when my neighbor greeted me from behind.
" bro ay good afternoon " he greeted.
" good afternoon, how you doing bro? " I asked calmly.
" I'm good but you seems a little edgy. Hope everything is fine? " he asked with a little concern and I answered with a shrug.
" yea... It was and it is. Thank you" I answered and I made way to open my door when call back my attention.
" that reminds me, about a month ago, a young man came here looking for you, but you weren't home, so he dropped this envelop for you, i'm sorry I always forgot to tell you whenever I see you. Please don't be mad at me for always forgetting. The envelop is till sealed. Here, have it" he said as he hand over the envelop to me.
" did he in anyway mention his name? " I asked menacingly
"Yes he did... I think he said frank I'm not sure cos it been a while but I think it's something like that " he answered.
" thank you " I said then I entered my room.
I never wanted to open the letter, but I couldn't stop looking at it, so out of curiosity I broke the seal. It reads
Dear Ayo
how are you? and I hope you are fine? You sure be cos am might have been long gone away from your life by the time you are reading this. Unless... But before that, I wanna thank you for coming into mercy life, like you always call her, Aduke mi. What I did to her was bad and I don't think I ever deserve her. but I believe you do, and that's why I'm writing this letter to you. I placed my hope on a hope, I'm not sure if the baby inside Mercy is going to be mine, and if luckily it's yours I would want you to have all the content in this letter. There's a cheque of some thousands Naira in this envelop, I wish I have more than that, but that's all I've got. If the baby ends up being yours, please I'd want you to accept this little token from me. If mercy is going to be happy with you, then I should not be the reason for her not to. I only have one resqust, plead with her to forgive me, and tell her I'll always love her even if she's not mine to take. I love you too my friend.
Yours sincerely
After reading, I unfold a cheque of eight hundred thousand naira. i looked out through my window, and I smiled sincerely.
" it's about time I do the right thing " I muttered then I picked my bag and head out of the room. all I know is that I'm traveling back home. But not to my father house, but my to father house, my second father and that is Adesewa's Dad.
I stopped at the junction to take a bike that will convey me to the motor park, but while waiting for a bike I heard someone calling my attention. I looked back and I saw the mad woman that used to be my friend. I turned back and face her with a false smile.
" I'm sorry I forgot to buy bread while coming, next time I'll make sure I don't forget " I said then I began walking slowly away from her,she seems not to be interested in food and she have a very strong shield that always prevent me from reading through her, So I decided to walk a bit away from her but I was stopped by her voice.
" you look worried I hope all is well? " she asked. I stopped on my track immediately I heard her. I was perturbed so I retrace my steps back to her.while moving back to her, I began battling with my thought.
" seriously? Is it that obvious that I'm ain't fine? Even for an insane person to detect, i thought I smiled at this woman, how on earth did she know that I have complications, well there's only one way to find out how. Let wait and see"
I got to her then I sat on the floor beside her.
" how did you know that I'm ain't fine? " I threw out immediately I sat down. I got no response from her, firstly I thought my question is being ignored, most of the times, I forgot that she's insane. I asked the question again and I got no response from her, so I decided not to waste my time talking to her since she seems more interested in the empty tin she's playing with which she always call her little friend.
I was about leaving when I heard her saying something.
" are you telling me something? " I asked calmly and she nodded like a little child.
" i always look forwad to see you everyday . And when i didn't see you for a day or two, my little friend here will tell me that you ain't around and whenever you return you always buy me something. Today you don't, that's how I know " she said then she began walking away from me.
" so that's how you know " I muttered to myself as I watch her leaving with her bags of dirt.
I stopped a bike which conveyed me to the motor park. While waiting for the vehicle to get full, a young guy sat besides me and he seems so interested in my face as he began to stare at me without taking a break. I read him and I realize he's trying to remember something but couldn't so I decides to help him out.
" I'm Ayo oko Adesewa... "
" exactly!!! Oko Adesewa, that's the name I've been trying to remember. I know you, I'm not sure if you know me, you probably can't. I'm a Big fan of your stories. My name is Odeyemi" he cut in as he stretch out his hand of a shake. i accepted the hand shake but his grips seems quite firm.
it goes without saying that he's a good talker and that's exactly what I needed. Something to distract me from my thought and thank goodness, they brought him to me.
" I'm following your story Aduke and it's taking forever to be done. What's up? Why's the story that slow? " he asked.
"Alright let me split it off. That goddamn story used to be my day to day activities...? "
" goddamn story? " he cut in inqusitively. but I fed his curiosity more.
"Yea I'm lost... the story lines keeps changing, things didn't work out as planned, all running returning to a long run, lost battle, confused, sad, broken, so far all I've written, wasn't exactly the way I imagined it. The story ain't changing me, I'm changing, so does the story. things around me keeps revolving, I failed to realize things can't be constant, I'm writing the real world and I was expecting a Disney story line that will end in a happy ending. I'm a failure, I failed everyone. Right now I'm undecided"
" that's alot of take in. So what's going to happen? " he questioned again. I made a light shrugs, then I clear my throat.
" I'm just gonna tell a story to someone "
" Alright I'm listening " he cut in unexpectedly which got me chuckling a little.
" Nah definitely not you. Don't worry, you'll get to know all about it when you read it"
" are you going to write about me? I made contact with you when the story is still on.will this scene gonna be there? " he asked inquisitively and I nodded afirmly to him.
" that I can promise you" I replied and we gets talking again.
On getting to Akure, I took a bike directly to General Adelaja residence ( Adesewa's Dad) and I was welcomed warmly by his two giants bull dogs.
I was lucky to meet him at home, and after the father and son little pleasantries. I staged out the conversation. He used to be a good listener, not with everyone but always with me. He'll say, I always listen to my daughter, now God gave me a son, why won't I hear him.
" I have a story to tell. It's as important as losing a head. I'm lost... I've lost my track, I was thinking maybe you can help me retrace back my steps. "
" Alright then, you have all my full attention but why not let us have two or three shots of whiskey and a bottle of one of those classical Romanian wine while you tell the story. " he suggested and I smiled to it.
" perfect, do you still have Chateau d’Yquem or Cheval Blanc? Those used to be my favorite"
" of course I do. I'm a man of good taste. But I have something special. Let me show you this, its called Romanee Conti 1945. I'm sure you gonna love it. Let go to the mini bar over there " he said and I happily follow behind.
After taking two shots of whiskey, and a sip out of Romanee conti wine, I set the car on motion.
" few years after the death of 'our love', I met someone that demanded to be loved equally just like I love your daughter. It was a tough decision for me, but I fell inlove once again. The feeling was awesome, i wish for it never to end... Not at if it ends, it's just... I found life too complicated to be puzzled out.
The story is about a lady I met a dozen of months ago, maybe it's up to a year or more, all I know is that we've been together for long, long enough for me to fall inlove with her. Her name is Aduke,I put my pen to work the day I fell inlove with her. I meant to say I started writing a story I titled on her name the day I realized that she's going to make a love story in my life. And believe me, I don't just write about any girl unless she mean the world to me, and just like Adesewa, I love her unconditionally.
I don't love someone that doesn't love me the same way I do. What I'm trying to say is that she love me even more than I do. So I started writing about her, and it was beautiful, until things fall apart.
Things fall apart, you might be thinking we broke up, that would have been better if it's a break up, but it wasn't. We love each other too much to have a break up... If I didn't love her, I wouldn't write about her, if she didn't love me, she wouldn't see me as her dream guy.
Everyone always have a story to tell, just like before her, that there was Adesewa, before i came in her life, there's someone already in her life. His name is Franklin and he was really a pain in the ass.
I wouldn't say I'm ain't guilty of this, I'm guilty of stealing away her heart from him, and that was because he's careless. I didn't even know he existed until I already fell inlove with her. I was already-in and I can't possibly opt out because of a guy in my own perspective that used to loved her? No... If there's one thing I know about love, it's that it worth fighting for, so I stood my ground against all odds. i fought for what I believed in. i fought for love.
Fighting for love isn't as easy as it goes. And when I said I fought for love, I'm ain't talking about social media fight neither am I talking about a dog fight for example the fight between America and Iran. that's definitely a dog fight. both two countries shouting at each other, no nukes attack? No missile lunched no combat call. When you fight for love, you fight with everything you got, sometimes you fight not because you gonna win, but because of what you believed strongly in.
When I fought for love, I put my life at risk, more like I gambled with my life, I was being pushed by love, that I had to do alot of crazy things... Alot of crazy things I don't even know that I'm capable of doing.
I got my ass kicked, beaten, more like getting whooped, it was a narrow escape, maybe I'd have been dead if not for your intervention. And that was where I brought you in.
I gave you the highlights of the incidence, and you helped, that's why I'm coming back to you to help me again, just like a father that you are to me.
The story began when I came into the picture and... That changed everything. And when I said everything changed. I meant to say worse happened.
Aduke got raped by Franklin and she came back running at me, that gave me the opportunity to win her heart completed, not after a foolish display of bravely.
I confronted Franklin who used to be in the army back then and he really enjoyed kicking my ass, he even want to eliminate me but he wasn't successful, instead I striped him out of his life, he lost his job, his home, I took away his love for him. That was a terrible thing to do to a man.
After that, everything was fine, Aduke was mine and I was in love. Everything was fine not until... Not until Aduke got pregnant. And that was what I meant by things fall apart.
I have no problem with her getting pregnant, Infact having kids was one of my greatest dreams with her. The problem is not me, the problem was not her. The problem is... The baby got two fathers.
Out of no-where Franklin erupted claiming he owns the baby, I'm supposed to be the father, now we got another father who's ready to take full responsibility of the baby. You could imagine... When I thought all was over, then right in the middle of an ocean, I got a call for war. But this time... I lost.
Firstly it seems like a game of chess, fighting to protect the king, along the way came different phase of life.
Alot of unimaginable things happened, like a friendly fire. I made friends with enemies.
Franklin became my friend, a sworn enemy, how anomalous. But that only happened after I listened to his own side of the story.
Everyone have a story to tell, just like the one I'm narrating to you right now. He got one too, and it was pretty bad. I grew soft and we became friends, mostly out compassion and I promised to let her have Aduke if the baby belongs to him. Cos the criteria giving to us by our parents was a bit difficult, it's just "The Father owns the bride" something that was meant to be mine, was now place on a scale of 50-50. A scale of nothing but a hope. A battle being fought with only a hope.
After waiting for a long nine months, the result came out and I lost. Both Aduke and baby, that was unbearable. The baby's not mine, and the Father owns the bride.
I was in grief like someone who lost a soul. I wanted to disappear, not to be found, the pain, the lost, the shame, I wanted to run away from it... It was just like losing another Adesewa.
I stayed in the shadow, didn't call mercy, didn't contact anyone. Told my parents to lie that I'm ain't home, while I was indoor burning with tears. When I couldn't take it anymore I decide to go back to school since going back to school helped doing Adesewa's so I thought it will again. But this time I found something... Something that can change everything, which got me confused and that's why I run all the way to you.
When I got to school today, my villa mate gave me a letter which I read and it came from Franklin. Few months before all this, but I wasn't oportuned to read the the letter until now.
He already thought he would lose her, so he wrote me a letter with a cheque that will help me take care of the baby that's if the baby is mine. But it isn't so that changed everything, you can have the letter and read it. "
I gave him the letter and he took his time to read the letter carefully before clearing his throat to make a speech.
" how far about the story you are writing? " he asked and that came surprisedly to me.
" yeah... I kinda stop writing for a while, I'm not a sadist, I'm not good at writing story ending in tragedy even though this ain't any fiction but it seems it gonna end in tragedy, my fans are really going to be mad at me... But I can't change what has been done, I can't change life, sadly it gonna end in a way I never planed. " I replied.
" maybe not, maybe and that depends on you, on your decision " he said and that caught me a little bit confused.
" How? Everything is all messed up, the baby is not mine, the lady is not, I lost. I can't change that. I can't change what has been done. "
" yes you can't, but you can change what will happen now and the next few seconds depending on your choice. let me tell you a little story. Before I got married to my late wife, I had quit a complicated life, I was in love with a woman whom I thought i was going to marry, to cut the story short, I didn't marry her, I married Adesewa mother instead. why? The answer is simple. She isn't mine. That's just it, we ain't met to be together and that's why I didn't marry her. There's a saying that says people who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other, even if they are lost for decades, they will surly be together. What I see right now is destiny, it's destiny coming to reality. If Aduke is really to be yours, she would have been yours. Destiny intervened , she could have been yours long ago if she's destined to be yours. Your chapter in her life is like Saphira to Eragon, it fate that you guys are together, but your route lies somewhere else. You've gone far because you walked with her, now it's time for you to walk fast, to walk alone, in your route, till you'll find another accomplice that will take you far. Reality is you and I sitting here having a drinks of British whiskey , and you knowing that your journey with Aduke has... come to an end. Embrace the truth, it always hurt, but you ain't going to stop destiny from happening, we couldn't save Adesewa from dying. That was destiny, and right now it happening again. You need to be strong more than you were. "
" Give me a seconds " I murmured as I excuse myself for a while. I restrained my tears back in with all I got, then I realized I have to face the reality. So I composed myself back and return back to him.
" so what are you gonna do? " he asked just as I came back to life. I put on a surprise smile then I muttered in sarcasm.
" I'm gonna pick my damn phone, switch it on and make a straight call to Franklin "
" oh I can see the effect of Romanee Conti on you. It's a strong wine, you better be careful with the way you are drinking it. anyway what did you intend to do? " he asked.
" helping destiny I guess, both of them ain't in good terms. I'm gonna bring them back together, just like the way they are... Just like the way they are meant to be"
" you'll always have my support child" he said than I thanked him.
I picked my phone and dialed Franklin's line. He picked and we get talking.
Me: what's up man
Franklin : it's really good to hear from you. I've been trying to contact you all this while but It wasn't going through.
Me: yeah... I'm sorry about that, hope you're good?
Franklin : wish I can say yes... But I'm ain't. Mercy is... I don't even know what to say.
Me: just take a deep breath and tell me. You can always trust me.
Franklin : I don't know... She doesn't want me, she's been down, all she want is you. She doesn't want to see me, she don't even allow me to carry the baby, I think... I think I'm just going to let her be with you. I don't like seeing her crying always just because of me.
Me: No that's never going to happen
Franklin : what do you mean, wish you could see how she's weeping all day.
Me: Mercy is yours and I'm going to make that happen
Franklin : how? She doesn't even want me
Me: do you trust me?
Franklin : I really love her
Me: Me too... I used to
Franklin : I can't win her heart again
Me: Exactly you can't, I remembered you telling me that you used years before getting her to say yes to you.
Franklin : and you did that in months
Me: if I'm challenged I'll do it in weeks.
Franklin : now I trust you. You gonna make her love me?
Me: Nope, you gonna make her love you cos you have me.
Franklin : she would be mine?
Me: Forever
Franklin : wao! How's that going to happen?
Me: it already happening. The first step is for you to trust me, which you have, the next moves is mine.
Franklin : I'll always call you.
Me: yeah take care and let me enjoy my wine.
Franklin : oh I miss the invitation
Me: this shit is really good. It called Romanee Conti 1945
Franklin : must be used to suppress tension after the world war 2
Me: fascinating , but where were the Romans during the war?
Franklin : probably making that wine
Me: or getting their ass kicked by the spartans, the Greece are madass slayers.
Franklin : trained madass ass slayers I'd say.
Me: and they fucks well too.
Franklin : their bitches are cock sucker, they'll drain you.
Me: yeah... Are you also with a bottle of liquor ?
Franklin : yes. That's all I do to stop myself from thinking too much
Me: yeah... That explains everything
Franklin : Exactly we are both high.
Me: I can sense that too. world war 2
Franklin : anyway it's nice talking to you.
Me: it great.
Franklin : try to call Mercy.
Me: I will. Take care brother.
Franklin : Bye.
After pressing the end key, I ran another call through to mercy and she responded within seconds.
Mercy : Ay why are you doing this to me it unfair. I've been trying to reach you but you choose to switch off your line. It's unfair
Me: I'm sorry. How have you been.?
Mercy : Not fine at all. You expect me to be fine after all this.
Me: me neither but I'm getting better.
Mercy : Nah I can't get better cos I can never marry Franklin.
Me: I won't argue about that. But I'll promise you something. You gonna marry the man you love.
Mercy : Ay I need to see you. Where are you?
Me: don't worry, I'll come to you.
Mercy: you promise?
Me: yes I do.
The following day, I made contact with franklin then we both head to Mercy's residence together.
Her mom was bathing for the baby when we came in, she was surprised to see the two of us together but also happy by our appearance.
After greeting her, we both asked of mercy and we were told that she went to get a diaper for her baby at a provision store.
So we waited for her arrival. She came in some few minutes later, and when she saw me, she jumped at me, she wanted to include kissing but I stopped her. that felt awkward but I had to stop her.
She looked at Franklin with one disgusting eyes then she returned her gaze back to her mom.
" What is he doing here? " she threw out in anger with a question that goes directly to her mom.
" we came together " I immediately cut in before she descend another rage.
By that time, her mom was done taking care of the baby so she returned back the baby to Mercy for breastfeeding. She noticed we needed privacy to talk. So she planned excusing herself once mercy is done breastfeeding the baby.
After breastfeeding the baby, she returned the baby back to her mother so that she can carry her along with her but just as Mercy's mom was about leaving, Franklin resqusted for the baby.
" can I hold her in my arms for some seconds please? "
Mercy's mom was about giving him the baby when Mercy flamed up in anger.
"No!!! you are not carrying my baby!! " she screamed and that came as a shock to all of us.
Franklin looked at me and I can sense the pain in his eyes.
I looked at mercy and I touch her laps lightly.
"Please " I said softly to her and she looked away but I know her anger has already subsided.
Franklin collected the baby and he glazed happily at her. I returned my gaze back to Franklin, with a direct look he understand what I meant. No words are necessary he understands I need him to give us privacy, so he stood up and left with the baby.
" being a mother suits you. You are looking fat and beautiful " I tease a little after we've been excused. she made a little chuckle and that's exactly what I needed to calm her down out of her anger.
" Thank you. You really don't know how happy I am to see you" she replied and make another attempt to kiss me but I stopped her. Now it goes without saying that I don't want to kiss her.
" Why are you pushing away? " she asked slowly in confusion.
" I'm ain't pushing away, actually I came here today to have a little conversation with you... I came here today to break up with you " I muttered and within a blink of an eye, I can easily detect clouds of tears gathering in her eyes.
" why? " she asked slowly with sad emotions. Sincerely I hate to see her hurt, but that was the time, I'm gonna see her hurt and I'm gonna do nothing to help her.
" I love you... And you know I do, I always do. But it's time. It's time we face reality, it time we embrace destiny. We can't keep running away from it. Now I need you to calm down, stop crying and hear me out " i said as I tries to stop her from crying.
" but you promised... You promised never to leave me... "
" Yes" I cut in " and I'm still keeping that promise. In any of your way I'm gonna be right there for you. I'm not going to leave you "
" that's not what I want from you. I want more than just that from you"
" I'm sorry... But it is what it is. I can't give you more than you wanted. I can't be the man that you want anymore. We ain't meant for each other. If we are.. I'd have court you a long time ago. It time we stop running away from the truth. Yes I came into your life, but you'll always love your first love. Even if he's a devil, he is your first love and... "
" I don't want my first love, I want you " she cut in rapidly given me no time to finish my statement. I moved more closer to her, wiped are face off the falling tears, caresses her face with tenderness then I speak softly to her.
" I don't want to lose you as well. But making you happy is all I have left. And I swore to all gods that i will make that happen. No matter what, even if I can't create happiness for someone. At least I can give away mine. Your place is with the father of your child. The sonner you start accepting it, the best it will be for you, I and all of us. You can make everything right, you can make yourself happy if you follow not your heart, but destiny and reality. It's too true to be a lie... you'd find love in him, cos he love you... Just like I loved you. i would smile to the unknown, cos the future holds alot of misery. You remembered what I told you about time. Yesterday is gone, that's your past. Tomorrow is a misery but today is a gift and that's why it's called the present. And we ain't going to ruin it by making wrong choices.
In a cartoon I watched sometimes ago, A mother once told her daughter, she said sometimes who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, it's just not meant to be. and you guess where I find that? "
" kung fu panda? " she suggested but I waved a negative signal.
"Nope" I replied.
"How to train your dragons? "
" now I got it! Frozen? "
"Nah it's Moana. All you need to do is believe. And forgive, we've all sinned. I know Franklin did something really bad to you. But you have to let go. He is the father of your baby. You have to forgive him. "
"You murdering Kakamora! Alight I've forgiven him, but that doesn't mean I'm cool with him. " she let out but I can see a dim light of smile on her face.
Franklin came in with the baby singing some old lullaby which sounds really bad but the baby got no choice than to listen to the voice for her father.
I moved closer to him, collected the baby from him, then I signaled to him to go talk to mercy. He received the signal and act respectfully to it.
After carrying the baby from him, I stared into her eyes and she looked back mutely.
"You got a beautiful eyes little fairy. which fairy are you Tinker bell? The water fairy or the... Hey! I've forgotten you never tell me her name. What's her name ? " I asked looking directly at mercy.
"She doesn't have yet... Due to, you know all of this. We haven't name her yet. " she replied and I look away as I made to excuse myself from their presence.
"You know Adesewa and I always dream about having a baby girl, that was one of our dreams together... She always love the name Ewatomi. I love that name and we planned naming our daughter Ewatomi when we have one. Sadly we don't get to. But never mind if you have problems finding a 'sweet-able' name for this little fairy that looks like thinker bell. You can consult me, I've been with alot of females that have beautiful names like Christabel, Annabel ... "
" wait... why's everything ending with a ' bell '? " mercy questioned and that caught me off guard.
" because she looks like Tinker Bell. Now I have to excuse myself with this little fairy. I'll leave the two of you to talk " I said then I excused myself.
******* ******* ******** ******* **** ********
Franklin and mercy got back talking but with no mutual connection or feelings. And that was the first step in my plans to get then back together.
The next step is creating the feelings, here I won't be needed. But I am the master mind, all I did was to teach Franklin what to do. Her defense shield was strong but we keeps pushing. And slowly she began to grow soft. She began to feel again.
October 20, 2019,Yup that's the date. Franklin called me and he was feeling so very nervous.
" you sure this will work out? " he asked with a trembling voice.
" I'm optimistic we've gone too far not to be" I replied.
" I don't know but I'm nervous. I've never done this before... "
"Me neither " I cut in. " just relax your mind and speak softly from your heart.
" You think she will come? " he questioned again.
" Yes I believe she will come. This place is too beautiful for her not to come. And besides I wouldn't waste my time to set up this place for nothing. She'll come, get your ass up and be a man. She'll soon be here let me go hide with the others. " I said then I made to move.
" when you say others, I wonder how many you have there. " he muttered but I returned back with a smile.
" A dozen of fifty I presume. Don't worry dude, I got alot of people in there waiting to explode "
"To explode? You got grenades or like they are connected with C4 explosive..."
" oh knock that shit out dude, it's a figure of speech. I'm out of here. Remember don't freak out, choose your words wisely and don't fucking get a no!!! You got this man. " I said then I moved away.
Mercy arrived few minutes later, dressed in an elegant dinner gown.
Franklin welcomed her while the rest of us watched from our hidden spot.
" it's beautiful " she said and thank God Franklin remained composed.
" all for you my lady. May you have your seat. What will you like to take. Champagne? " he asked politely and I was impressed. I taught him well.
" yeah champagne is fine " she said and he ordered for champagne.
They gets talking for a while and there conversation was really-really interesting.
"Remember our first date? " he asked and mercy made a rolling eyes.
" yes you took me to a beach. Who the hell holds a date in the cold.? "
" yes and I remembered how you smiled at the ocean. That was the first day I saw the real beauty in you"
" Now I'm getting flattered, why I'm ain't blushing? " she asked and for once I thought he made the wrong move.
" cos beautiful lies makes people blush, but you ain't blushing, that explains alot" he replied and I almost jumped out of where I was hiding cos he gave an unpredictable answer.
"Alright now i'm blushing, that makes it a lie"
" nope that makes it the truth " he replied once again and I said to myself. " I need a cold soda drinks. I'm enjoying this"
The champagne was brought and they gets talking again for a while. Then after some time he hit the nail on the head. And that was after setting the motion, just like I taught him.
" I wanna tell you something and I want you to tell me that you won't get angry "
" fire away I'm all ears "she replied. He took a deep breathe then he began... On his kneels
" I know I've been a very bad person in the past, did alot of bad things but sitting right here talking to you is something I called second chance. I've messed up my first chance now I'm making for another chance. I won't wanna go deep into the past cos I'll be disturbing the healing wound, so I'll say let leave the past in the past. Right now is all I have with you, and I want to make it the very best of my life. I've never stop loving you mercy, I've always love you. I did all I did because of love. Just that I did it wrongly cos I was being pushed by alot of things I wouldn't want to mention. You and that little cute baby are all I have right now to live for.
Mercy I wanna say this with all sincerity... I can't imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. You're the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.
When I think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.
When I think of the future, I like to picture us as two trees planted side-by-side, our roots growing together more firmly as the years go by, and our children sprouting like seedlings around us.
You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end... Will you let me be the one?"
"I... I... I'm perturb, I don't understand you... I... Don't, I'm confused " she muttered stammering.
" Mercy... I wanna be with you forever. Will you do me the immense honor of becoming my wife and partner?" He asked. And everywhere went silent. And out of No Where, we heard a YES!. and that was it a goddanm yes.
And while watching him inserting the ring in her finger I looked at my crew and I muttered
"If I knew all it took to keep a girl forever was a ring and a question, I'd of been married a long time ago!"
We all laughed and we came in the picture jumping happily out of our hidden spot.
i contacted all I can, sade, apple boy, last Don. Everyone was present and more.
Apple boy came to me in the middle of the celebration holding sade hands.
" Aweedy I wanna propose to sade. Give me words to say" he requested loudly and everyone heard him loud and clear.
" Alright I can't think of anything else than this. Alright try this on your kneels. I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you," works well when you replace "knowing" with "marrying... Well I got that line from the Disney movie Pocahontas or you try I got down on one knee for you, and whether you say "yes" or "no," I'm going to need your help getting back up. but believe me, you gonna spend decades on your kneels cos sade. Hell no! she ain't helping you up" we all laughed at then then I made my final approached to the future couple.
" Franklin you are a good friend and do you remember when I said Aduke is going to be the reason why I will resqust for a help. And here is the help in beautiful colours. You wrote me a letter sometimes ago with a cheque in it. That was when you are losing hope. But right now I'm returning it back in double with the help of my second father. Actually the money is for the baby and also. Guess what? We took away your job from you. Now we are returning it back to you. With a better post. All thanks to Gen Adelaja. He made all this possible. "
What happened after my speech was emotional, but I was able to give away my happiness to make the people I love happy.
Alot was said that night, but what makes it more memorable, was when mercy said she gonna name her baby Ewatomi. I felt so honoured, and that was my greatest honour.
When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Franklin got married to Aduke early January 2020. And it was the best... The very best.

All is well that ends well.

I started this story April 23, 2019. finally it ends. My sincere appreciation to everyone who has been part of this story, to everyone who has been part of this journey with me. I love you all, you are all I got. I can't love you less.

My name is Aderibigbe Ayomide. But I'm known as oko Adesewa. This story is mine and no one else. As a matter of fact I'm getting it published.

It time I say goodbye, and till we meet for another life interesting story, farewell.

The End.

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  1. If the baby had been ayo i would have suspected a foul and to conclud it 5yrs of relationship that ended to be that francis open her world as the first man left an inner implant of luv although aduke loved ayo it was due to his effort and looks. Am sorry for aduke cause he found love in the wrong city and tell that dreams may tarry but will always have its course. right from d first day of meeting aduke it was trouble all d way
    Actually this is my mind wha is not yours will never be but accepting reality is the best way to move on and stay happy
    I spent my whole day reading this story, i missed my sleep, loocking at the time this is 04:54am i woudnt have slept well without reading to the end am awake feeling cool and would have been happy if ayo get back to marvellous anyways am with a changed and mixed emotion (not really my kind of ending )
    #Wish u all d best

  2. Some how I found my self crying while reading this story
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