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©Amah's Heart.

Samson was a judge to the isrealites for twenty years. during this time, the Philistines were still dominating the land of the isrealites but they don't trouble the isrealites.

The Philistines kept looking for a way to deal with Samson for everything he did to them but they couldn't find one.

One day Samson decided to go to a town in Philistines called Gaza.
He met a prostitute and spent a night with her.

As he was at the brothel with the prostitute, word spread out to the Philistines that Samson was in their town and he was lodging with a prostitute.

The strong men of Gaza gathered together and waited at the town gate for Samson.

They locked up the town gate, in this way it will prevent Samson from escaping.

The men of Gaza planned within themselves that once Samson comes out and see the gate locked he will be stranded and in that way they will be able to capture him in the morning, torture and kill him.

Samson woke up before the breaking of the day, he got up and left.

When he got to the gate of Gaza, he saw that it was firmly locked.

The men of Gaza were hiding in the dark and watching him.

They watched in silence waiting to jump on him and kill but instead Samson shocked them by pulling up the gate from it's root.

He pulled down the two post on each side, lifted up the strong gate to his shoulder and carried them all the way to the top hill across another town and dump the gate with it's post there before leaving.
The men were astounded but they couldn't do anything to him.

They did not give up in trying to capture Samson.

They were hopeful that one day he will be caught and killed but the question on everyone's mouth was "how is that going to be possible?
Samson did not stop going to the Philistines town.

He goes any time he wishes and return at will.

He later fell in love with a Philistines woman named Delilah who lived in the valley of sorek which was another big town in Philistine.

Samson will always go to visit Delilah. He was seen in her company as they move about the town.

The men of the Philistines saw them and knew this was another big opportunity, a greater way to capture Samson.

The rulers of the Philistines gathered together to decide on what to do.

They have to find the source of Samson's power first. Whatever makes him so strong must be destroy, that is the only way he will become powerless and be reduced to nothing.

They met with Delilah.

"Entice Samson to tell you what makes him so strong, make him tell you how he can be overpowered. What can make him powerless. Try everything possible so that he will tell you his secret and we will all pay you 1,000 pieces of silver each. That's a huge amount which will make you very wealthy. Samson have been a pain in our neck and is high time we bring him down"...

Delilah set to work immediately that Samson came to visit her.
As they lay in bed she began to entice him.

"My Lord, the only one my heart beat for. I need something from you and I hope you won't deny me this small wish?

She said while moving her hands all over his body in a very romantic gesture.

"What is it my love? Say it and it will be yours.

Samson replied.

"Please tell me the secret of your strength. What makes you so Strong and what does it take to weaken you"?

Delilah asked Samson.

He turned to her and said.

"If I'm tied up with seven new bowstring that have not yet been dried then I will become as weak as any one.

Delilah told the rulers of Philistines what Samson told her and they bought seven new bowstring and gave to her so that she can tie Samson up.

She hide some of the strong men in one of the inner rooms of her house without Samson knowing.
While Samson was fast asleep, she playfully tied him up so that he won't suspect anything.

After doing this, she tried to see if truly what Samson told her was indeed the secret of his power.

Delilah shouted " Samson, the Philistines has come to capture you!

Samson quickly snapped the bowstring into pieces and got up
Delilah knew that Samson lied to her. She was determined to keep trying until he opens up on his secret.

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