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The Wedding - Last Episode


The Wedding - Episode 28

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


The doctors rushed Angel in while they waited at the reception restlessly.
Nigel hugged Rose who is shaking and crying.

Nigel: Please stop crying my love... Our son is gonna be okay.

Rose: He has to be because I don't know what I'd do if anything happens to him. I'd die Nigel.

Nigel: Stop saying that. Let's be positive okay?

Rose: I'm a doctor. I have to be there while they check my son.

Nigel: You can't go in this state Rose. Please calm down... You don't know what you're doing.

They waited at the ward, after a while the doctor came out with a long face.

Nigel: What's happening doctor, where is my son?

Doctor: It was really hard trying to revive him...

Rose: So he's okay now?

Doctor: We tried our best.

Rose: Get out of my way! You don't know how to do your fucking job!

Nigel: Rose!

Rose runs towards the theater. Nigel went after her and they entered together.
Rose rushed to where her son laid trying all means to revive Angel.

Rose: No he's not waking up! He has to wake up.

Nigel: Give it up Rose. He's gone.

Rose: No!!! My baby is not dead! I will never accept that!

Nigel: (Hugs her) It's okay... Calm down.

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Everyone are moved to tears as they all stared at the lifeless little baby. Even Nigel couldn't stop the tears that came to his eyes.
His first blood died such a painful death.

Rose suddenly stopped crying.

Rose: Shock! I need to shock him.

Nigel: What are you thinking Rose? That's bizarre.

Doctor: Besides he's only a baby.

Rose: He's supposed to be dead right?

Nigel: Right. So... Dead people don't feel anything.

Rose: Please bring all the equipment we need to carry this out.

They brought the tools out and began the shock. Everyone surrounded the baby.

Nigel stayed beside Rose with high hopes. She started, she shocked the baby like five times.

Tension built in the room as everywhere became silent.

Rose: Listen to me baby, you have to wake up for mommy. Mommy loves you and I can't do without you... Please Daddy and I are sorry... Wake up please

She squeezed his little hands crying, he suddenly began crying.

Rose: Angel! Angel!! Look Nigel my baby is back!

Nigel: You did Rose, you brought our son back.

Everyone clapped for Rose, some smiled while others cried at the so emotional moment.
Rose carried Angel up, Nigel hugged the both of them.

Rose: Thank you God for bringing my baby back... I'm extremely happy right now.

Nigel: I'm the happiest, I'm glad you and Angel are okay... Though it's sad that some people made sacrifices...

Rose: We need to find mom's body and give her a befitting burial... I will miss her so much.

Nigel: I understand how you feel... I truly do. Let's go check on Cathy, she's at the ICU. Selena shot her.

Rose: OMG! Let's go check on her!

They asked the doctor for Cathy's ward and took Angel with them after connecting a drip to his body.

They went into Cathy's ward, she was asleep on the bed.
Rose kissed her forehead.

Rose: Thank you so much for being there for me Cathy. You're the best friend anyone could ever ask for. You're the sister I never had, you were always there for me. Please get better Cathy. I love you bestie.

Nigel: I think we should let her rest and come back later. Besides you need to eat something, rest and treat Angel properly.

Rose: You're right. I'll be back to check on her.

Nigel: We will come together. (He checks his phone) Let's go.

Rose: What's it Nigel?

Nigel: Inspector Dave just called to tell me Fred's body has been found.

Rose: And my mom?

Nigel: I'm sorry Rose. It seems she fell into the sea. They didn't find her body.

Rose cries again, Nigel console her and took her home.
They were going home when they almost ran into a woman who is tattered and her body is filled with blood.
They rushed out of the car only to find out its Theresa.

Rose: Mom! (She hugs Theresa who groans in pain) sorry! You're alive mom! I'm so glad to see you.

Nigel: Let's carry her to the hospital Rose she's in a bad state.

Rose: Let's take her home... Get the hospital equipment to the house. I will treat her there.

They carried Theresa who's very tired into the car.

Three Months later
As expected everything is back to normal.
Cathy got well and resumed her restaurant business with Harry as a new friend and companion.

With the help of Harry as a lawyer, Rose got back her biological father Damien Armando's properties which originally belongs to her and her mother.
Theresa decided to give everything except one house to charity. She wants to keep the house as a reminder of Damien.

Nigel married Rose the second time again but this time it wasn't based on deceit. It was based on true and pure love.
Perhaps the first wedding wasn't a mistake, it brought their true love to them.

A forced marriage turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
All hope is not lost.

 *The end.*

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