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The Wedding - Episode 27


The Wedding - Episode 27

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Rose burst into loud tears scared that something terrible might happen to her baby.
Fred left with a content smile while Theresa consoled Rose.

Theresa: Don't worry Rose, I have faith that Angel will be safe. Nothing will happen to him.

Rose: I love my baby so much, I don't want anything to happen to  him. I'm scared mom.

Theresa: I believe he's safe like his name implies. The heavenly angels will be with him. We're gonna get out of here and have him back.

Rose: We need to leave mom let's search this place. There must be a way out.

Theresa: It's hopeless Rose. I've tried everything I can.

Rose: I don't think so mom. We will get out of here.

The police are still chasing Selena who has no plans of stopping soon putting Angel at more risk.
The poor baby is already having hiccups and keeps crying.
She finally stopped when she got to a dead end.

Nigel: What's she doing now?

They police stop also and they all got down. Selena roughly carried Angel holding him upside down with one of his legs.

Nigel: Oh my God she has my son! Selena!!! What do you think you're doing?

Selena: Nobody moves! Don't you dare come near me or this baby and I are going off the cliff.

Inspector Dave: Calm down Mrs Selena and tell us what you want.

Selena: I want a jet, some money and a document where the police will sign not to arrest or bother me.

Nigel: Selena please the baby is gonna die the way you're holding him. Please.

Selena: I don't care! You left me because of him, be fast with what I asked for or that's it.

Angel is crying, she decided to go into the car and dropped him there sitting beside him.

Nigel: What do we do now officer?

Inspector Dave: We need to be very smart. We're gonna pretend we agree to her conditions and also bring proof. Then we look for a way to catch her.

Nigel: Do anything but make sure my son is safe.

Back at Fred's hideout
Rose is digging everywhere in the room and creating holes.
She suddenly finds something that looks like a wood.

Rose: (Quietly) Mom... You need to see this.

Theresa goes to check.

Theresa: There's another door in this room? Well let's dig fast.

They started digging fast before Fred comes back, they pushed the door open.

Rose: It seems like there's a passageway or something.

Theresa: There's no harm in trying. Let's go in.

They started walking through the creepy passageway without light which is not easy at all.

At Fred's office
One of the men came to alarm Fred that the police are around area.

Fred: What is it John!.

John: Boss the police are around the area!

Fred: What?! How did that happen?

John: Selena brought them here... She led them to this place.

Fred: Start preparing. We need to leave as soon as possible.

John: Yes boss (leaves)

Fred: You will pay for this bitch. I swear you will.

The men start preparing by this time  Rose and Theresa are halfway through the passageway.

By the time they were done, Fred asked them to get the hostages but they discovered they're gone.
They rushed back to their boss

John: Boss... This is really terrible!

Fred: What happened now?

John: Sir your wife and daughter... They escaped!

Fred: what?!! No! How did that happen?

John: Sir we didn't know the room leads to a secret passageway. They found it and escaped.

Fred: Then look for them immediately! They couldn't have gone far!

John: But sir the police..

Fred: Go look for them now!

John: I can't boss, I'm sorry but I'm done.

The police are already close to the building and surrounding it.

Fred: I thought as much. You betrayed me

He shot John and rushed to the room to pass through the passageway.

Selena is still holding Angel who is hardly crying and getting sick hostage.
The police has ensured to provide a helicopter to take her to the airport.

They also prepared the document she requested for and the money.

Rose and Theresa ran as they came out of the passage way, they arrived at the rocky area.
They were on top and the road to the other side is narrow but they had to pass it.

They could see people on the other side, perhaps these people can help them.

Fred is still on their trail. Running as fast as his legs could carry him.

His main target is Rose. He wants to kill her before he goes down... She caused all this, if she had just obeyed him... He thought.

Selena brought the baby outside when she saw the helicopter landing.

Inspector Dave: Miss Selena... We brought what you asked for now let the hostage go.

Selena: (Scoffs) You think I'm that stupid? I am not letting this baby go until I confirm everything is ready.

Nigel: How can you do this to a poor innocent baby that has no idea what's going on?

Selena: Shut up Nigel! You're really the one who's saying all these? I showed you love, I stayed with you only for you to see baby boy and leave me? You think I deserved that ?

Nigel: But you married me under Fred Gonzalez command, and I know you were never pregnant so stop playing the victim here.

Selena: (Laughs) You think you know everything? You're a liar. Haven't you wondered why her ex is not bothering you anymore? Because we killed him. His presence will only draw you closer to Rose and you will want to protect her so we ended him.

Nigel: I can't believe this.

The police are recording everything she's saying without her knowledge.

Selena: And that kidnapping? Fred Gonzalez planned it, that stupid guy was gonna leak our secret so Fred hired someone to kill him. Someone in the police department.

The police started murmuring while officer Martin was looking for a way to escape.

Selena: Where do you think you are going Martin? Running away from your sins?

Inspector Dave: Martin! How dare you?

Officer Martin: You bitch! I save your ass and this is what you pay me with!
I have no idea what she's talking about sir.

Inspector Dave: We shall see about that. Arrest him officer.

The police arrested Martin who wants to strangle Selena and took him away.

Selena: You have five minutes to provide everything or this baby will get it.

Rose is shocked to see Selena holding her baby from afar. She started going towards her carefully.
Theresa looked back and saw Fred also struggling to catch up with them.

Theresa: You go ahead Rose. I have to stop something.

Rose: What do you mean mom? We're almost there. Look that's my baby she's holding.

Theresa: Fred is coming after you. I have to stop him, I can't let him hurt you.

Rose: No mom don't say that. We can still make it.

Theresa: Your father is General Damien Armando. He was a soldier and we loved each other very much, but one day he died through a plane crash. His family threw me out and I had nowhere to go... That's how I met Fred.

Rose: You don't need to tell me this here mom let's go!!! You're wasting time!

Theresa: No Rose, Fred won't stop until he sees you dead. You know that soldier I always call my cousin, that's your father.

Rose: (Crying) Mom please don't leave me... I'm scared.

Theresa: You have a man who loves and cherishes you, you have a wonderful child. Take good care of them and yourself... Be good. Be strong... I love you Rose.

Rose: (Hugs Theresa tight) I love you too Mom. You don't have to do this.

Theresa: Even if we escape, Fred will still find a way to escape and come after you.

Fred: Of course i will. I'm gonna make sure I kill you.

Theresa: No you won't... Rose Leave.

Rose: Mom no...

Theresa: Leave!

Fred: You're going nowhere!

Rose started running away, Fred tries to go after her but Theresa is determined to stop him.
She pounced on him, they started struggling. Fred pushed Theresa but she dragged him along and they both fell down the cliff.

Rose: Mom! No!!! (Sobbing) Mom... You finally left me alone.

She looked up and saw Selena almost throwing her son.

Selena: I don't care if I die but guess what. This baby is going too. Bye bye

Rose: Angel!!! No!!!

Selena dropped the baby, Rose jumped to catch him. She did catch him but she's almost falling off the cliff.

Rose: Nigel!!!.

Selena: I'm not going to jail.

She shot herself in the head and died.

Nigel and some officers rushed down to save Rose and Angel.
They were able to carry them out on time.
Nigel hugged Rose and Angel while she cried.

Rose: My mom... She sacrificed her life to save mine. She's not a bad mother... She suffered a lot... Now she's gone.

Nigel: It's okay Rose... I know how you feel.

Rose: Angel is not crying... He's not moving! Why is he not moving!

Nigel: Get the ambulance!

He collected Angel and gave to the doctors, they checked on him and quickly rushed him to the ambulance.

Rose and Nigel followed them sitting in the ambulance and watching their son.

Rose: Please save my son! My mom died... I can't lose my son too...


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