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The Wedding - Episode 24


The Wedding - Episode 24

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Continues at Nigel's Mansion

Selena: I don't know where you got this from but I don't owe you an explanation.

Nigel: You don't owe me an explanation? You're really saying that at this time that my son is missing and you're the main suspect?

Selena: Rose's son is missing? I... I didn't know. What really happened?

Nigel: You're really gonna pretend you don't know what's going on Selena?

Selena: What are you talking about Nigel? Why would I wanna harm your child? How could you think so low of me?

Nigel: Stop this Selena! You have no idea just how angry I am right now. Fred Gonzalez was seen going to that same area in that picture a few days ago. Now today you're seen going there to visit an old friend like you say, do you think I'm a fool?

Selena: I told you the truth Nigel, I don't care if you really think that I'd hurt your son. If you think I have some sort of connection with Fred Gonzalez you're absolutely wrong.

Nigel: You want me to believe that? This old friend of yours doesn't have a name or identity? He or she never comes out of their house?

Selena: I'm really fed up of this. I'm being blamed for something I know nothing about, just because I love you?

Nigel: You said Rose was a gold digger, what if you're even worse?

Selena: What?! Nigel How could you say that to me?

Nigel: I don't know you anymore Selena, I can't trust you. And I'm warning you, if I confirm you have something to do with my son's disappearance or you're involved with Fred Gonzalez... I'll make sure you never see the outside world anymore.

He walked out on her while she fumed in anger hating Rose more.
Nigel left the house, she made sure no one is in sight before she went down to the basement where she's keeping Cathy and Angel.

Cathy got up as soon as she came in, two men were there with them.

Cathy: You bitch! Do you have any idea how much you're endangering this innocent baby's life?

Selena: Why are you worried about a baby who is peacefully taking a nap?

Cathy angrily tries to attack her but the men hold her.

Cathy: You monster! What did you to Angel?

Selena: Like I said, he's taking a nap so leave it at that.

Cathy: If anything happens to Angel, I swear I'll be the one to kill you.

Selena: You and your stupid friend are in my way. Nigel is mine and you all are just making it too hard for me. I'll get you out of my way one by one.

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Cathy: Too bad cos Nigel loves Rose and will never love a psycho like you.

Selena: Shut up! If you annoy me one more time I will toss that baby out the window, kill you and that will be the end of this.

Cathy: Don't you dare hurt Angel... Nigel will have your head.

Selena: That's my problem and not yours, now one more word from you and I will make you have s*x with these rough guys. Try me.

Cathy spat on her face, Selena slaps Cathy and walked out of the basement only to bump into a maid who's cleaning the passages.
Selena flinched and glared at the maid who's now suspicious of her.

Selena: What are you doing here?

Maid: What do you mean ma'am. I work here.

Selena: Hey you better respect me. I'm the lady of this house and whatever i say stands.

Maid: But why are you sweating ma'am, and what are you doing at this side of the house?

Selena: This is my house and I can go anywhere I want whenever I want, get out of my sight you're fired.

Maid: But ma'am I didn't do anything wrong, why should I be fired?

Selena: Get out of my house before I call security to throw you out.

Maid: Alright then... I'll leave but I'm not going anywhere until Mr Owens himself gives the order, I'm sorry he employed me not you.

Selena slaps her in anger.

Selena: How dare you speak to me in such a disrespectful manner? I'm Nigel's wife and whatever I say will be final. I'm just your boss, our rights are the same.

Maid: I'll leave... But I'm gonna inform Mr Owens about what I just saw.

Selena: What are you talking about woman?

Maid: I just saw you come out of the basement... You got scared when you saw me, which means you must be hiding something. I'm gonna call Mr Owens and tell him everything.

The maid started walking away, 'you can't reveal my secret' Selena thought. She grabbed a nearby lamp and hits the lady on the head, the whole lamp shattered on the floor.
The woman fell flat on the floor without moving.

Selena: OMG! I killed her! You just killed a person Selena. What am I gonna do?

She quickly goes back to the basement to call the boys to help her carry the body away.
Luckily no maid came around that time.
She opened the back door and brings her car with the tinted windows.
They put the body in and drove away, she quickly cleans up the mess, the blood on the floor.
The boys threw the body at a roadside and drove off...


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