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The Wedding - Episode 21


The Wedding - Episode 21

Theme: Can I Love You

© Sherry


Rose: Dad what are you doing here?

Fred: (walks inside the apartment) You've got a nice place daughter.

Rose: I asked you a question, what are you doing here?

Fred: Relax darling. I don't bite, I just came to say hi to my beautiful daughter. After all I'm still your father.

Rose: You don't even deserve that title, I want you out of my house now or I'm calling the cops.

Fred: Oh. Don't worry. I'm leaving now. I just came to show you something.

He brings out his phone and shows Rose a video of her mother in a cage suffering.

Rose: OMG! Mom! What did you do to her dad?!

Fred: (Laughs) Nothing my darling. You are in my way you know.

Rose: What are you talking about?! I left the city for you.

Fred: I know but you're still the main obstacle. You and that thing you call your child.

Rose: Leave my son out of this.

Fred: Then stay away from Nigel. I'm giving you three days to cut all ties with him or even leave and I will spare your mother and son.

But if you don't, I will kill your mother then your little bastard. I can't let you get in the way of my plans.

Rose: Why dad? Why Nigel? You're rich dad, he has never done anything to you. Why don't you leave him alone? I thought you loved mom, how could you do that to her?

Fred: I'm not here for your sermons Rose, you're not a saint either. You couldn't do what I asked of you so don't you dare stand in my way. I won't spare you this time around.

Rose: I can't leave Nigel.

Fred: Then prepare to see your mother die in three days.

Rose: I don't care what you do to her, she's not important to me.
Fred: Really? We'll see about that. (Leaves)

Rose closed the door with a racing heart as she fell on the floor crying. Her father is the worst person she's ever met for him to do that go her mother.

His own wife, she decided to tell Nigel everything. What's the point of hiding it if it's all about him

Selena walked into the house still thinking about the horrible things Fred is doing. She never knew he could be so mean as to even make his own wife suffer.

She suddenly doesn't want to leave Nigel or dupe him anymore. She only thinks of how to get Rose away from him so she could have him all to herself.

Selena: I have my own plans too Fred, don't think you're the only one with ambitions. We'll see who wins.


Rose went to Nigel's office after taking permission from work. At first she wasn't allowed in but after calling Nigel they let her in Immediately.

She went to his office with a long face while some of the employees were busy staring at her and whispering to themselves.

Nigel: Hmmm.... You missed me too much that you couldn't wait till I came back.

(He hugged her. )
What's wrong Rose? Why the long face?

Rose: (Sobbing) Nigel...

Nigel: Hey calm down, no crying. Tell me what really happened.

Rose: My Dad is in Florida Nigel and he has my mother.

Nigel: But isn't he her husband? I don't get you.

Rose: No. He's a beast. He's hurting my mother and he threatened to hurt my son too if I don't leave you.

Nigel: That's it. I don't care if he's your father anymore Rose, I'm gonna kill him once I get my hands on him. I won't sit and watch him lay hands on you or my son.

Rose: Please help me Nigel. We have to save my mom.

Nigel: I'm going to contact my trusted friend who's a cop, we're gonna rescue your mom my love. Don't cry anymore.

Rose: I'm  so scared for Angel. I don't want anything to happen to him, I can't survive knowing that my son is hurt.

Nigel: Nothing's gonna happen to our son Rose, I'll do anything I can to make sure Fred pays for everything he's done to us.

Rose: I can't believe dad could turn so cold and evil, he  used to be so sweet and we were a happy family until he asked me to marry you. He was so ambitious, sometimes I wonder if he's really my father.

Nigel: Fred has always been like that Rose, you guys just didn't know it. My dad told me everything about him, he's ambitious and very dangerous.

Rose: I feel so bad for my mom, she always supported dad. I don't think she knew my dad was this evil, I'm so ashamed to be his daughter.

Nigel: It's okay dear, we don't really decide for our parents. They just decide to be who they want to be, if we could really decide, I'm sure I'd have never met you. I'd never be able to experience love so pure and profound, I love you no matter what Rose. That's what matters.

Rose: I love you too Nigel. So much.

Nigel: I'm glad you made the right decision by coming to tell me and not deciding to leave.

Rose: I can't do that. What's the difference, both ways is like death for me.

Nigel: This is all gonna be over soon.

The door suddenly opens as Selena barges in.

Rose: uh-oh spoke too soon.
Selena: What the hell! Nigel What is this slut doing here huh?

Rose: Hey don't call me that fat ugly poo looking face!

Nigel: Selena stop this immediately. What are you doing here without telling me?

Selena: What? I'm your wife Nigel, I have the right to come here anytime I want.

Rose: Yeah we've heard that story before.

Nigel: Selena please, I told you already. You're only gonna hurt yourself more, just let me go.

Selena: I won't. She can't have you if I can't, because like it or not you're stuck with me forever.

Rose: You know what? I better leave you guys alone, I have things to attend to.

Selena: You're gonna regret it bitch.

Rose: Call me that again and see if your face doesn't trend on Facebook.

Selena: bitch.

Rose: That's it. I've had enough of you.

Rose lands a very hot slap on her face and a fight breaks out. They fought and pulled each other hair until Nigel separated them.

Nigel: Get out of here Selena.

Selena: You're still gonna support her when she started it. You're so mean Nigel. You'll pay for this I promise you bitch.

Rose: You've not had enough huh?

Nigel: That's enough Rose, Selena please go. I'll see you at home.

Selena scoffs before storming out of the office, Rose also takes her bag to Leave.

Nigel: Hey why are you acting so mad?

Rose: I'm not mad. After all she's your wife and I'm just an intruder.

Nigel: Stop doing this Rose, do you know how hard this is for me? I never wanted this to happen but look now, this last thing I need is to be rejected by my love.

Rose: (Sighs) I'm sorry. I got so angry I completely lost it, but I really am sorry.

Nigel: It's okay Rose. I love you.

Rose: I love you too Nigel.....

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