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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 Last chapter


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter13

© Emmy Okeke


Lady Aisha was seen speaking with the Commissioner and Minister of Defence. They looked happy as they drank from the glass cups of wine served to them. Police officers and messengers were seen in almost every corner of the environment.

“I made sure he is kept in the most secured part of the cell Ma” the Commissioner said

“He has met his doom” the Minister added

“Has his identity been revealed?” Lady Aisha asked

“Not actually Ma, the mask on his face couldn’t be removed and he has refused to unmask himself” The Commissioner said

“Not to worry, even if he reveals himself or not, he has been doomed” The Minister said in assurance. Just then, a car hoot was heard on the gate, they looked at the direction of the gate as the gateman opened up the gate. A Lexus jeep drove in and they wondered whom it must be. Few seconds later, the car parked and Linda alighted from the car.

“Ooh.. Barrister” They all said standing up as Barrister Linda walked towards them

“Good day Ma, Good day all” Linda greeted and the reciprocated

“Please take a seat” Lady Aisha offered her a seat and poured wine into another glass to serve to her

“I’m fine Ma, don’t bother yourself Ma” Linda politely refused the wine

“Alright then, I am convinced that you came to sign for opposing that assassin tomorrow” Lady Aisha said the mind of everyone sited there and Linda looked at the eyes of them all

“On the contrary Ma” Linda said to their surprise

“What do you mean by that Barrister” Minister asked immediately

“You don’t have to prosecute an innocent Man” Linda began

“Are you out of your mind Linda?” The Commissioner barked at her

“What has come over you Linda” Lady Aisha asked very surprised at her speech

“You won’t understand what I am talking about Ma, if only you will listen to me” Linda said and they starred at her

“It is to my hearing that you haven’t known the real identity of the man behind the mask, but I do” Linda said showing a little emotion and Lady Aisha dialed the number of her Manager immediately, in few seconds as Linda was trying to make them see reasons, the Bar Manager arrived

“What is this nonsense I’m hearing Linda” he barked at Linda walking closer to them

“Take it easy on her Manager” Lady Aisha said and he sat down

“I see emotion in her eyes, she is driven by something” Lady Aisha added

“Like you said Linda, you know the true identity of this man, don’t you?” The commissioner asked

“Yes I do” she replied

“If you don’t mind telling us” The Minister helped the commissioner to complete what he had in mind

“My Lady this same man saved your life, not once, not twice and here you are trying to prosecute him. Is that how to show gratitude” Linda said

“How dare you talk to the first Lady in such manner!!” The Bar Manager barked at her

“Let her be Manager” Lady Aisha said thinking about what she said

“He has done more harm than good, he killed my husband, he must have been doing all this good just to cover for himself in moment s like now” Lady Aisha said but Linda tried to make more explanations

“This gathering is closed” Lady Aisha said standing up from her seat

“I’ll make sure someone else takes her place in court tomorrow my Lady” The Bar Manager said and left

“My Lady, I’ll do everything I can to make sure I pull him out of this” Linda said and left immediately

“My Lady, I know this Linda, she haven’t failed in any of her court processes” The Minister said

“Not when she has no tangible evidence” Lady Aisha said

“Let’s wait till tomorrow, you are dismissed” Lady Aisha said and walked out.


Linda walked into the police headquarters requesting to see Spartacus but her request wasn’t granted

“No one is allowed to see that devil Ma” The decker said. Linda pleaded with him but to no avail

“You better leave Ma, or I might do something rash” the decker said and Linda left often looking behind.


Linda got home, nothing was in her mind than how the next day would be. Her brother didn’t even come into her mind, despite the fact that she hasn’t seen him for almost two days. She walked in and fell on the couch confused. She looked around and nothing seemed as it was to her, unknowingly, she slept off in confusion..



Linda woke up aching all over, she yawned tiringly as she stood up to find herself on the couch, looking at the time, it was 7:12 am

“Oh God!!” She exclaimed and ran upstairs and downstairs, hurrying to meet up with time. Hurriedly, she got done and carried her bag, walking towards the door, she figured out the absence of Dave

“Oh no!!” She exclaimed, ran into his room but couldn’t find him either, she called his number but nobody was picking up. She exhaled, thinking he left due to her absence..

She entered her car and drove to Spartacus’ lair.



Linda looked around the building walking in and out back and front. She did this for a very long time without knowing the reason why she was doing it. At a point she stood at a place starring at the front view of the house with nothing coming to her mind.



Who wants to miss such a court proceeding, the court was filled with multitude, big and small, rich and poor, the crowd was an overflow. Spartacus was drove in with the escort of the, everywhere was tightly secured. People starred at them as he was dragged into the court room still on his mask. The judge (The Bar Manager), the Opposing Lawyer (Barrister Stephen) and the Defending Lawyer (Barrister Linda). Spartacus was dragged into the dock with chains in his hands. He was surprised to see Linda standing in the defence deck. He looked at her as Linda also looked at him.

“Court!!!” The Court Secretary called out and everyone stood up as the Judge stood and sat again. Immediately, Lady Aisha walked in and she was led to her seat almost beside the Judge. As Lady Aisha sat down, everyone in the room sat, men of great influence and affluence, every single leader was there to see everything.

“Good Day everybody” The Secretary greeted aloud

“You are all welcome to the court proceeding of a high frequency. The weight of the law has fallen upon this assassin known as Spartacus” he continued

“On the Opposing side is Barrister Stephen and on the other hand is Barrister Linda as the Defence Lawyer. Let it all begin” The Secretary said and sat down. Lady Aisha and Linda starred at each other often saying or making no facial move.

“Barrister Stephen, you may begin” The judge said

“Thank you my Lord” He said and stood up looking at Barrister Linda

“This shouldn’t be what will waste much of our precious time my Lord, we all know that this man is guilty, I don’t know why we all are here my Lord” Barrister Stephen said and Linda stood up immediately

“That is not it my Lord! You have to prove him guilty before saying anything else my Lord, is among his rights as a human being, you can’t judge him with no proof” Barrister Linda said and everyone starred at her. As she sat down, she starred at Spartacus

“Barrister Stephen, what’s your proof against the young man standing here” The judge said looking at Linda and Barrister Stephen walked to the judge with some papers in his hands which he kept at the judge’s table

“Now my Lord, if you will permit me Sir, I’ll like to ask this young man some questions

“Permitted” The judge said

“Mr. Spartacus, what’s the name of your parents?” He asked and Spartacus looked at him

“Of what use will it be to you if you know” Spartacus replied with a question

“Alright, can you please tell us your real name” He requested but Spartacus was quiet

“My Lord, please compel this man here to reply my every question as to know what next to do my Lord” Stephen said and Spartacus looked at Linda

“Do you have any family or relative living?” Stephen asked further

“Not until aa day before yesterday” Spartacus replied

“And who might that be?” Stephen asked

“you don’t expect me to answer that do you?” Spartacus replied slowly

“Objection my Lord, he is going to personal and not on point My Lord” Linda objected

“barrister Stephen, please go straight to the point” The judge said and he looked at Linda

“Alright My Lord” Stephen adhered

“Did you assassinate the President?” he asked

“Yes I did” Spartacus replied

“With what reasons?” Stephen asked

“None to tell” Spartacus replied

“I heard of recent that Chief Williams and the wife is dead, are you guilty of that?” He asked again

“Yes, I am” Spartacus replied

“These weren’t your only victims of assassination, are they?” Stephen asked

“No they aren’t” Spartacus replied

“And in all this, you weren’t assisted in any manner” Stephen asked

“No, I wasn’t” Spartacus replied

“That will be all for now my Lord” Stephen said and sat down as the judge called on Linda

“Thank you my Lord” Linda said as she walked towards Spartacus

“For how long have you been an assassin” Linda asked him

“Since I was 9” Spartacus replied

“Your parents, what happened to them?” She asked

“They were assassinated” Spartacus replied

“And you took revenge instead of running to the law” Stephen interrupted rudely

“My Lord, if I should, Stephen should leave me with my questioning” Linda said and Stephen sat down

“No doubt, it was painful. But for the past few months, what have you been doing” Linda asked

“Mending what I spoilt” Spartacus said

“Mending? How did you do that?” Linda asked

“I don’t have to say that. Its rather not useful” Spartacus said and Linda went to her seat

“That’s all for now my Lord” Linda said

“My Lord, nothing has been seen with what she asked him now, she has no proof” Stephen said

“She is only emotional” Stephen said

“The first Lady here, thee paper and you yourself are my evidences against this man here, what’s her evidence against this!” Stephen said and Linda stood up with tears in her eyes

“I have no evidence my Lord, but you and the First Lady were victims of the change of this man” Linda began

“He had no one to run to at the age of 9. None consoled or showed him the way. What would you have done if it was you” Linda asked and began to say a lot of things

“Nonsense My Lord. Don’t tell me you are listening to all this. This is emotion not defence my Lord” Stephen said

“There is no need wasting time on me” Spartacus spoke up

“I have always known that aa day like this will come” Spartacus added

“Thanks to everyone who contributed to every aspect of my Life” Spartacus continued

“I have done all I did, but haven’t known the assassinator of my parents.. I guess..” Spartacus tried to say but was interrupted

“I guess I’ve got all the evidence you need in this” The voice of Cynthia was heard from behind as Dave helped her and Natasha to the front of the court. Everybody was surprised, mostly Linda and Spartacus. Immediately, the first Lady ran and embraced Cynthia

“I thought you were dead” She said

“I would have if not for Daniel here” Cynthia said and everyone starred at her

“His name is Daniel” Cynthia shouted smiling at Linda

“If I had known the real identity of this young man here, I would have done all I could not to bring him here” Cynthia continued and handed a note to the Judge

“That was a note written and signed by my father and you My Lord is holding the will of my father, so I think you should have it read here. It has a lot to do in this matter” Cynthia said

“What are you talking about Cynthia?” The First Lady asked

“He knows what I am talking about” Cynthia said looking at the Judge and everybody looked at him

“That’s nonsense, Daniel Maxwell died over 20 years ago” The judge said standing up

“This is Daniel Maxwell, the son of Chief Maxwell who was assassinated by my father Chief Wilson” Cynthia said.

“My Lord, please read everything aloud” Cynthia said

“I won’t, it was said to be read in the presence of Daniel Maxwell” The judge said. Just then, Linda stood up and walked up to Spartacus, she starred at him and unmasked him

“That’s not possible, that mask couldn’t be removed” The commissioner and the Minister said together. To their surprise, it was Daniel and they all exclaimed

“Over 20 years and you still have that look” Lady Aisha said

“This scar is as a result of the gun spark on his face.” Linda said and all looked at the Judge who was forced to read both the note and the will.

“The International Law Programmed has signed this that no matter the crime committed by Mr. Daniel Maxwell in reference to his past is pardoned!” The Judge concluded

“You knew all this but still sit there to judge him” Cynthia said angrily. Immediately, the police officers unchained Spartacus

“You never knew because you never wanted to know, take him away, all of them” Cynthia said and the International Law Agency walked in to arrest them

“Please, don’t do this, I beg of you.. I cherish my job please” The Judge and Barrister Stephen pleaded

“It’s not my doing, the consequence of breaking this law was stated there” Cynthia said and Lady Aisha pleaded with her

“Stop” Cynthia ordered

“Only Daniel was given the power to undo the consequences” Cynthia said and they all looked at Daniel who was shocked. Daniel looked at everyone feeling speechless

“I order their release immediately” Spartacus said and everyone applauded. The court procession ended immediately with Spartacus set free with full respect. Natasha, Cynthia and Linda hugged Spartacus immediately happily and everybody was excited. The multitude murmured as they all walked out.

“I’m so sorry, I was blinded by the death of my Husband” Aisha said and Spartacus walked towards her

“It’s alright, I know how it feels, I’m so sorry for being blinded by my past” Spartacus said and Cynthia held him tight

“I remember everything” Cynthia said and kissed Spartacus

“My brother” Natasha said and embraced Spartacus

“Your family?” Dave and Aisha asked at same time

“Yes, her name is Emilia Maxwell” Spartacus said and they all thanked Dave as he narrated how everything went

“That was courageous my dear” Aisha said and Linda hugged him immediately

“I won’t forget this at all” Spartacus said

“Well, I don’t know how you will feel, but I think you should replace your father by next week” Lady Aisha said and Spartacus starred at Cynthia who nodded her head positively. They all happily walked out, but Natasha and Dave waited for Linda

“I know how it feels” They said to Linda

“I understand, this happiness is what I needed for everyone before anything else.. Fate has better things in store for me” Linda said and the hugged each other again

“I pray you find someone that will Love you more than you did for him and sacrifice more than you did for him” Natasha said and held Dave.

“Wow!! You never told me” Linda said seeing the Love in their eyes and they laughed and hurriedly joined everybody outside…


Everybody was happy… Everybody found happiness with each other

The Bar Manager was removed and Linda was made the National Bar Director

Daniel Maxwell was later elected as the new President with full candidate support through election.

Daniel Maxwell married Cynthia Wilson and Dave was engaged with Emilia Maxwell

They all lived happily ever after….


*****THE END*****


I thank you all for being with me through the Long Run.

For those that never gave up on me, I thank you all

You all are such Darlings and Angels..

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All Rights Reserved

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