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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter7


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter7

© Emmy Okeke


”There is a rough chase going on at the Abuja main Line Express way.. Everyone out of the way.. Out!!” The News caster exclaimed as choppers flew above the air

”Every vehicle out!! Now!!” The voice echoed from several choppers.. Police car Sirenes were heard all over the Place..

Spartacus drove with a furious speed leaving great dust behind in every corner bending he made..

The Pursuit went on and Whyte and his men saw that they can’t catch up on Spartacus in a straight race, so they separated themselves in three different ways.


”Ouch!! Arrh!!!” Natasha exclaimed in Pain

”Hang On..;” Spartacus said looking at her and increased his speed

”My God, let’s take her to the hospital” Cynthia said seeing the blood gushing out from her shoulder not evening wanting to know who they are

”We can’t risk that” Spartacus said

”Why??” Cynthia asked

”You’ll die if we do” Spartacus said

”I don’t care who dies or not!! Pull this car over.. She is dying!!!” Cynthia yelled and a chopper missile hit their car lifting the back side up

”Oh My God!!” Cynthia yelled but Spartacus held the Steering very tight

”What was that” Cynthia asked looking back

”That’s what I am talking about” Spartacus said and looked at Natasha..

”Can you drive??” He asked Cynthia

”Yes I can” Cynthia said

”How fast?” Spartacus asked

”I don’t know” Cynthia said but before she could relax on her reply, Spartacus left the steering and carried her to the driver’s seat immediately

”What??” Cynthia asked

”Drive as fast as you can” Spartacus said and placed Natasha’s head on his laps.

Cynthia dragged up the gear immediately and zoomed off.. Bullets from the choppers and Police car hit their car unstoppingly..

”Watch out!!” Spartacus yelled at Cynthia looking forward

”I know” Cynthia said with her heart pounding heavily..

A Police barricade was in front on them and Chief Williams men were in a hot close motion into them from behind. Cynthia pulled Over immediately and rolled the steering vigorously creating a great dust. Just then she dragged the gear backwards reversing the car in an opposit direction

”Heads down!!” She shouted as she bumped on the Police barricade with a great Speed.. The Police officers shot at them with a shout trying to stop them.. Seeing that they won’t stop, they entered their car and joined the chase..

Chief Williams men saw that they can’t continue the chase, so they drew back..

”What the hell did you just do?” Sparatcus asked

”I drove” Cynthia said and drove ahead

”We are close in” Chief Williams men said driving in from their from

”Shoot!!” Patronizer yelled and they shot shattering the front screen of Spartacus car making Cynthia to scream holding the breaks immediately and Spartacus who already has removed the bullet from Natasha’s shoulder tied it up and stood..

”He pulled the seat which Cynthia was seating and the seat laid down making Cynthia to lie down

”What are you doing” Cynthia asked but Spartacus said nothing as the bulletes kept poping in.

Spartacus managed and placed the car on a straight forward automatic drive and he picked up his bazuka gun.. Opened up the roof of the car and exploded the car of Patronizer. He drew back into the car immediately and reversed the steering as not to hit the exploded car

”Oh My God!!!” Cynthia yelled.. Natasha didn’t move her body as she couldn’t feel her strenght..

While standing, Spartacus whinned the steering and drove into a narrow road but the Police kept up the chase… Keeping a steady speed, him and Cynthia exchanged Seat

”On your right in 30 Seconds” Spartacus said with a phone in his ear. Immediately he dropped the call.

”Her breathe is getting low” Cynthia said feeling the pulse of Natasha and Spartacus looked at Natasha not knowing what to said. His heart became heavy remembering the people he has lost since his birth. Tears rolled down his eyes

”You are crying” Cynthia said looking at him

”Open the door on the count of 3” Spartacus said not replying her last statement

”1,2,3….” Spartacus counted and Cynthia hurriedly opened the door. Spartacus sharpenly held the breaks as a black Range Rover sparts car stopped in front of them. The lady in the Range Rover Sports Car opened up the doors and Spartacus carried Natasha into the car.. The Police were gaining on them, but before they got close, they drove off in a hidden area that even the choppers couldn’t find them, then they joined the main express way loosing the chase…

”Everyone.. On deck.. On deck!!” The chopper said and every Police check point and Patrol were all active checking every car strictly

”Don’t let them get away….” The Voice from the chopper said again and everywhere was tight in Security…



First Lady Aisha ran down the stair case with her phone in her hand dailing Cynthia’s number..

”My God!!.. It isn’t going through”

”Sergent!!” She yelled and three Police Officers ran in immediately

”What’s going on?” She asked as her mind wasn’t at rest although she has heard the news

”There is a mad chase Ma.. But the Police are on it Ma” They replied and Aisha dailled the Minister for defence number

”Alhaji… What am I hearing… Make sure you get to the edge of all this!!” Lady Aisha said

”My Lady.. We are..” Alhaji tried to reply but she hung up the call and dailled the Commissioner of Police number

”Mr Commissioner!!:” She called out aith a loud voice

”Shut Up and listen to me” She said before the Commissioner could exchange pleasantries with her

”I don’t care how hard it’s going to be.. But I give you few weeks to stop all this mess in my country!!! Or else!!!” She threatened and the Commissioner stammered in shock on the phone

”And again.. I want you to send a large squad of men to Late Vice President’s house and check on her immediately.. If anything happens to her, you are gone!!” Lady Aisha said and hung up the call immediately

”What are you looking at, you lazy bones!!!!” She yelled at the Officers standing in front of her

” Go out there and do your work!!” She yelled and ran up immediately

”Oh God, please nothing should happen to her” She prayed with a low voice and ran upstairs.. Getting up, she called back the Officers she chased away

”Come here!!” She said

”Get the car ready, we are moving out immediately” She said

”Is it the three of Us Ma” One of the sergents asked

”You Must be stupid to ask me that” Lady Aisha said and they kept quiet



Spartacus car drove on a normal speed with the lady driving the car

”Thank You” Spartacus said but the Lady didn’t reply rather she shook her head not want them to see her face.

Just then they got to a Police check point. The Police waved them down and she slowly pulled the brakes

”Good Day Officers” She greeted the Officers

”Arrhh… Barrister” The Office close to her said

”Sergent.. I heard the news.. Please keep it tight” She said

”We surely will Ma..” The Officer said

”You can search my car also” She said but the Officer refused

”Hmmm.. Barrister.. You wan sue me to court for tresspassing?” The Officer said and they laughed as she drove out giving them some money and they hailed her.. As they drove past the check point, Spartacus and Cynthia raised their head up.

”Barrister, do I know you?” Cynthia asked

”No you don’t my dear” She replied and Cynthia tried looking at her face but she hid her face from the from mirror..

”Errhhmm.. I don’t know what to say” Cynthia began after a moment of silence

”I really thank you for saving my life” Cynthia added but no one seemed to be listening to her

”If you don’t mind, I will like to know the ones that saved me” Cynthia said

”I reveal myself to people who loves the life they live and not wanting to join the dead” Spartacus said

”What does that mean?” Cynthia asked

”I shouldn’t have done this, I made a mistake doing it because you already have decided to die” Spartacus said not looking at her

”Sorry, but I don’t understand” Cynthia said

”Please be plain in speech” She added and Spartacus removed the facial mask he wore and Cynthia was shocked

”I told you but you didn’t listen, now see what you have caused” Spartacus said pointing at Natasha who laid almost lifeless and Cynthia regretted all she has done

”Can’t we take her to the hospital?” Cynthia asked and the lady driving pulled over at her gate

”Get down” Spartacus said and Cynthia reluctantly alighted from the car not knowing what to say, seeing that some one is dying because of her..

”Don’t you think we should take her to the hospital?” Linda asked as they drove out from Cynthia’s gate

”This is a Casualty that can’t be handled, we can’t” Spartacus said and Linda exhaled understanding what Spartacus was talking about..


”I really appreciate” Spartacus said

”Anytime… I think it’s time to turn a new aspect of my Barristership just like you did” Linda said smiling and Spartacus carried Natasha inside. Linda looked at Spartacus, even as Spartacus closed the gate, she still starred at the gate for some minutes before she drove out..

”I’m sorry I failed you” Spartacus said to Natasha laying her on the couch

”I’m sorry you won’t see the smile that will be on my face after all this is done” Spartacus said again and tears rolled down his eyes.. Just then, Natasha coughed weakly opening her eyes a little and Spartacus rushed her

”Spar.. Spar..” Natasha tried to say but she coughed with words hanging in her mouth.. Spartacus rushed to get water for her..

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