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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter12


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter12

© Emmy Okeke

Spartacus went to the training and armour house behind the house. He looked at his building several times as he walked into the room.

“I know you will be very proud and disappointed dad” Spartacus said to himself

“Mum, I really missed you” He added

“Emilia my lovely sister, you were the best” he concluded and began to weaponized himself



“What are we gonna do” Cynthia asked looking at themselves. Natasha walked around the room they were in

“We will do what we have to do” Natasha said and drew off the bandages in her hands used to hold where she was shot. Before Cynthia and Linda could stop her, she drew it off and threw it on the floor

“What do you think you are doing?” Cynthia asked in shock of what she did

“Are you gonna follow me or are you gonna stay here and ask questions” Natasha said and ran out. Walking back in, she got a big wood and broke the door open. The force at which she hit the door affected her shoulders and she moaned in pain.

“Are you alright” Cynthia and Linda asked at sasme time but Natasha stood up carrying her arm

“I’m fine” She said and moved outside. Three of them ran to the back of the house where Spartacus was earlier on but the room was empty

“Hurry, he is gone” Natasha said

“How can you tell where he is now” Linda asked

“He is somewhere he always likes to start” Natasha said

“Take her away.. Drive carefully, be at alert.. Hit the green button if anything arises” Natasha said looking at Linda

“What about you?” Linda asked

“I have some unfinished business” Natasha said and entered a car.

“We can’t be left out in this, are we?” Cynthia asked looking at Linda

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Linda replied with a question and they looked at each other


Spartacus stood at the top of an uncompleted building looking up above as tears flowed down his cheek

“You thought I’ll allow do this alone?” Natasha asked from behind

“I told you not to follow me” Spartacus said not looking at her

“And you think it’s that easy.. huh?” Natasha asked and walked closer to him

“We have been in this.. You gave me a reason to live and you think I’ll forget all that” Natasha said and held him from behind. Spartacus fell on her in great unexplainable tears. Natasha lifted up his head and kissed him

“Its time” Natasha said and they walked down the building


The unsecured house of Chief Williams was so quiet; Mrs. Williams was away from home that afternoon. Chief Williams as usual under pressure and confusion was having sex with Amaka his house help. Both of them devoured themselves sexually on the couch in the sitting room as Spartacus and Natasha banged in. In shock, both of them stood up and starred at them

“You?” Chief Willliams asked rhetorically as he saw Natasha

“Can you ever be ashamed of yourself Chief” Natasha asked

“I thought you were….” Chief Williams tried to say but Natasha interrupted

“Dead” She completed the sentence for Chief Williams

“Of course not Chief.. This is me. The new me” She said and they walked inside

“You devil!!” Chief Williams said angrily looking at Spartacus. Amaka who was shaking used her clothes to hold onto her body in fear.

“This was what you used me do..” Natasha said shaking her head

“Please it wasn’t my fault” Chief Williams began to plead as he saw the tone of the music changed

“Yeah, it isn’t your fault, it’s the fault of Life” Natasha said and immediately, Mrs. Williams walked in. Initially she was shocked seeing armed people in her house. She tried running out but Spartacus called her back. As she turned around, she then saw her husband with Amaka her house help.

“What?” she exclaimed forgetting the fear

“Shut up woman” Spartacus barked at her

“Sit down” He ordered her and she sat down looking at them

“Natasha?” she asked as she saw the face of Natasha

“I can’t believe my eyes” She said

“But why are you with a gun.. What is all this about” Mrs. Williams asked unanswered questions. Before she could say anything else, Spartacus corked his gun and shot at the couch where Chief Williams laid

“Please… Please… I beg you, I’ll do anything you want” Chief Williams pleaded and Natasha held Spartacus’ hand and walked closer to them.

“You have been a good guardian Chief” Natasha said

“You taught me a lot” She added and immediately shot at him and Amaka

“Hey!!” Mrs. Williams exclaimed immediately she shot the gun

“Please ooh.. I didn’t do anything bad to you please” She pleaded and Spartacus headed Natasha

“No you didn’t, but you are a parcel of your husband. You say, he acts” Spartacus said and looked at her

“See you in hell” Spartacus said and shot her dead. On hearing the gun shot, Prof. Michael who was almost at the door mouth of Chief Williams rushed in immediately. Seeing Spartacus, he tried turning around to run away but he was shot dead by Natasha. Spartacus and Natasha looked at each other and walked out of the house

Immediately they walked out of Chief Williams house, Spartacus looked around in fear

“What’s that?” Natasha asked noticing his mood

“I fear about something” Spartacus said

“Where is Linda and Cynthia?” Spartacus asked immediately but before Natasha could reply, Spartacus phone rang, he brought it out, gazed at it for a while and placed it on his ear..

“I can see you are becoming too soft, but maybe this will bring back the Spartacus I know” Danga said from the phone as Cynthia screamed in pain

“Don’t hurt her Danga…. Danga!!!” He exclaimed and Danga laughed at him heavily

“You know where to find me” Danga said and hung up the call. Spartacus anger boiled up and he ran out immediately and Natasha followed him.



The Commissioner of police ran into his office and grabbed his car keys holding his phone in his ears

“Yes Sir, she was sighted few moments ago” he replied on the phone showing that he was talking with the minister of Defence

“Good!! I’m on my way now.. take all units, no units should be left out.. this must end today” The minister said and the commissioner hung up the call and banged the alarm bell alerting all units for action..


“This must not get past today, today must end this.. I don’t want stories Minister.. Make sure that Cynthia isn’t harmed and that idiot is brought to book” Lady Aisha ordered walking out of her house


Linda ran into their director’s office immediately panting heavily

“What is it Linda” The director asked her walking out of his chair

“Sir, its time” Linda said as the director held her

“I know it’s hard to do but you have to Sir.. I’m pleading” Linda said breathing heavily

“I have been thinking about this Linda but I can’t stand by the side of a criminal who has a governmental trace” the director said trying to explain to Linda

“But you earlier agreed Sir” Linda said recalling the day she inversely delivered the message of Spartacus to their Director. Just then Stephen walked in

“Sir, there is news that the assassin has been spotted and the Police and other forces is on him now. He has Cynthia in custody according to the press Sir” Stephen said not minding the presence of Linda

“Alright Barrister, we all shall see in court” The barrister said and started preparing in a Judge attire. Linda stood staring at him with eyes red in tears as she thought that her evidences can’t make any difference in court to free Spartacus. The Director looked at her and Linda slowly left the office followed by Stephen who wondered about the mood of both of them. Linda walked straight to her office and placed her hands on the table with her heads down. Great tears flowed down her cheek.

“It’s all my fault!!” she hit her hand on the table

“I should have taken her on the same car!!”

“How stupid could I be…!” She continued as she packed some things into her bag


Dave has stayed for hours waiting up for Linda but hasn’t seen her. It was so unusual to him. He gazed at the time as he sat on the couch. Even her number wasn’t going through. On a second thought, he stood up and grabbed his car keys being more motivated in panic as he heard the news on the television

“I can’t sit here and watch or keep quiet” He said and closed the door. The fast running wheels of his car was heard a loud as he drove out


“I knew you will come” The voice of Danga was heard echoing from nowhere as Spartacus and Natasha walked in to the open isolated area

“Who’s she?” The voice asked as Spartacus looked around to figure out where the sound was coming from

“She has nothing to do here, leave her out of this” Spartacus said

“Haahaha.. You brought her here not me” The voice said laughing aloud

“Stay back Natasha” Spartacus said looking at Natasha who hugged him and walked slowly away from the arena

“It’s just me now Dragon, show yourself” Spartacus said and Danga jumped down from a bit high ground

“Welcome to my abode Daniel” Danga said

“Let her go” Spartacus said as his eyes got red

“You mean her?” Danga said as Spartacus saw Cynthia tied upside down in a very high place

“Cynthia.. No!!” Spartacus exclaimed

“Dragon, let her go, this is between you and I” Spartacus still looking at Cynthia who doesn’t look alive to him

“Not yet Daniel” Danga said and Spartacus looked at him with more anger

“I don’t want to fight with Daniel, I want to fight with Spartacus” Danga said

“You have grown so weak Daniel, your heart is becoming soft and you can’t hurt anyone” Danga said

“Till I see Spartacus, she will be up there” Danga said and walked closer

“I’m warning you Danga” Spartacus said walking closer

“Bring back the spirit Spart!” Danga said with a loud voice and Cynthia’s rope drew low

“Stop this Danga!!” Spartacus said and drew out his sword

“Not yet Spartacus, she’s gonna be dropped into what she can’t survive from” Danga said.


Natasha walked confusedly a bit far away but unknowingly, she bumped into David, Linda’s brother who followed the Police but outran them following the same route they took immediately he saw Linda driving out of their office

“What??.. You?” Dave said

“You?” Natasha said also

“What are you doing here?” Dave asked

“I should be asking you that” Natasha said

“The Police and all sorts of security agents are on their way here” Dave said

“You better leave now” Natasha said

“No, I can’t. Not without you” Dave said

“I am not who you think I am” Natasha said

“What do you mean by that?” Dave asked and Natasha starred at him..


“What are you waiting for Spart? Come on and fight” Danga said laughing

“I don’t want to fight you Dragon” Spartacus said and Danga laughed

“You haven’t returned” Danga said and Cynthia’s rope fell with a great speed

“Bye Bye to Love Spart” Danga said and Spart attacked him angrily

“Yeah, come on Spartacus…” Danga said and drew out his sword and the fight began.

Cynthia fell as she was unconscious, to an extent the rope cut off. Just as she almost fell off eye sight, Dave ran and dived her, with all his power, he held her but the cliff cracked and Dave couldn’t hold on. Before he could give up, Natasha held his feet and managed to drag both of the up. Dave held Cynthia very tight and checked her pulse

“She is alive” Dave said

“We have to take her to the hospital immediately” Dave said

“Go on, I have an unfinished business” Natasha said looking at the fight

“No, you can’t” Dave said

“I told you this is my life and my destiny” Natasha said but before Dave could say anything else, Natasha ran off the hill and Dave ran out with Cynthia as the sound of the rushing police squad was drawing closer

“I can see you called reinforcements” Danga said as he heard the sound of the Police officers

“That wasn’t me” Spartacus said

“Let’s see who will go with them alive” Danga said with both of them not knowing what happened at the hill. As they continued the fight, Danga wounded Spartacus heavily. His body was filled with cuts and blood everywhere. Spartacus lost a lot of blood and his sight blurred. He couldn’t fight effectively anymore

“What’s wrong Spartacus?” Danga asked

“Are you tired? You are so weak Spart” Danga said and cut Spart by the side making Spartacus fall on the ground on the breach of death

“No!!” Natasha exclaimed running fast towards Danga, she shot at Danga but Danga used his sword and hit back the bullet at Natasha

“Nath!” Spartacus cried from the ground

“No!! Not again!” He cried bitterly as Natasha fell lifeless on the ground

“You always loose Spartacus” Danga said and walked towards Natasha looking at her

“You shouldn’t have killed my friend” Spartacus said struggling to stand up with the help of his sword ad Danga looked at him. He walked towards him

“And what will you do about that?” Danga said and tried piercing Spartacus with his sword but Spartacus held it with his two hands. Blood gushed out but he held it firm enough that Danga couldn’t move the sword

“This is for Cynthia!” Spartacus said and twisted the sword and Danga was surprised

“For Natasha!!” He said and broke the sword into two, his eyes turned all bloody red

“For all the evil you have done” Spartacus said hitting him with his elbow

“You want Spartacus? Have him!” He said and pierced his heart with the two broke swords

“Dan…iel…” Danga’s voice broke as he choked to death

“You will never hurt anyone.. Not anymore!!” Spartacus said and ran towards Natasha, he carried her on his arms shaking her vigorously

“Please stay with me” Spartacus said and Natasha slowly opened her eyes

“Da..Daniel” She called out with a low voice and Spartacus stared at her

“I’m here… It’s all over” He said and Natasha’s eyes blinked as she smiled with her mouth filled with blood

“I haven’t been faithful and honest to you.. I think this is the price I have to pay” She said

“Please don’t say that” Spartacus said holding her closer

“I’ll get you out of here” Spartacus said

“No need Spart” She said and Spartacus paused

“My name is Emilia.” She began

“I am your sister” She continued

“That can’t be” Spartacus said

“Yes, I can’t believe it either” She said

“My family died years ago” Spartacus said

“I am surprised myself, I just figured it out recently” Natasha said

“I couldn’t stop the fun I have with you, so I hid it away” Natasha said

“You should have told me” Spartacus said as tears flowed down his cheek

“I’m sorry. Hate me for it” Natasha said and Spartacus dried his tears

“I Love you Spartacus” Natasha said unmasking him

“Never!!” He said and carried her up. Her body weakened and went off as he carried her up showing no sign of life left in her. Spartacus cried greatly kneeling still holding her. Just then the Police and a great squad of armed men led by the Commissioner and Minister arrived. Spartacus dropped Natasha and raised his hands…

Story continues…

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