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The Heart Of An Assassin's 2 chapter11


The Heart  Of An Assassin's 2 chapter11

© Emmy Okeke

Spartacus drove as fast as he could, bumping into gallops and bushes, taking short cuts. Lady Aisha screamed and shouted as he drove carelessly all around. Soon enough, everywhere seemed to be cool as Spartacus thought that they have lost Danga in the chase so he slowed down and trickily drove into Cynthia’s house that the gate was still open. On hearing the rushing sound of the car, Cynthia and Natasha that were busy shuffling books everywhere looking for what they call important left everywhere untidy and ran outside. Natasha ran out first putting on her mask, Cynthia hesitated moving out as she sighted a small book that seemed useless. She picked it up, opened it and was amazed at what she saw. She quickly dropped the book and ran outside.

Spartacus quickly alighted from the car and dragged out Lady Aisha who struggled with him.

“What the hell is the meaning of all this” Lady Aisha asked angrily

“At first, you impersonated my men and them a bomb blast and now this” Lady Aisha said but then discovered that she was in Cynthia’s house and she was surprised.

“What is happening here?” She asked as Natasha and Cynthia ran out. Lady Aisha ran to hug Cynthia immediately she sighted her.

“What is the meaning of all this. Why are they on mask. Why am I here?” Lady Aisha asked several question which the silence of Cynthia showed her that she also was not clear about the happenings. Spartacus looked around tactfully as Natasha walked up to him.

“Please stay back” Spartacus said

“Who are they?” Aisha asked Cynthia as they held each other in fear.

“What is the matter Spart” Natasha asked

“Him!!!!!!” Spartacus exclaimed aloud and dived Natasha out of the way from the bullets shot from an unknown direction

“Go inside!!” Spartacus said helping Natasha inside and fear griped everybody

“Why don’t you show yourself Dragon” Spartacus said standing at the center of the compound.

“You know you can’t kill a fellow assassin hiding your identity” Spartacus added

“That’s the Assassins Code number one” Spartacus added

“Of Course, I don’t have to hide from a coward like you” Danga said walking in through the gate

“You haven’t changed a bit” Danga said walking closer to him

“But wait a minute, how did you know I was here?” Danga asked further

“I can never forget the pain I feel from your presence” Spartacus said angrily

“You haven’t felt pain Daniel!” Danga said calling out his real name

“Don’t remind me of my past Dragon” Spartacus said

“What past?? You do not have a past Daniel, I am your Past and will be your future” Danga added

“You still harbour hatred in your heart and its gonna swallow you man” Spartacus said looking at him

“Why not remove that mask let me see the scar face I am talking with” Danga said and Spartacus unmasked himself

“Still as fresh as I was then” Danga said

“You stole my pride!” Danga said again with a loud voice

“I didn’t mean to” Spartacus replied

“Really? I was the champion, the best among all, but not until you showed up in the scene that unlucky day” Danga said angrily walking more closer

“You have always been the winner, the talk of the school Danga, I defeated you once and instead of accepting defeat just like others, you chose aa deadly path” Spartacus Said

“I was expelled because of you Daniel” Danga said as Lady Aisha, Cynthia and Natasha fearfully listened from the window

“You were expelled because you broke the code trying to murder a fellow assassin” Spartacus said

“Oh Yes Daniel! Then I was doing it for just a revenge but now, I have been paid for my revenge and that will make it sweeter than earlier” Danga said and drew out his sword

“I’ll make it easy and slow” Danga said

“I don’t want to fight you Dragon” Spartacus said

“Of course you will” Danga said and attacked Spartacus. On a very close hit, Spartacus drew out his own sword and made a defence for the strike.

“You are still good man” Danga said looking at Spartacus in a close range

“I don’t want to fight you” Spartacus said again

“You just did” Danga said and the fight continued. As they fought, Spartacus sighted a beeping device in his waist and drew away

“What’s that?” Spartacus asked

“An easy way to die” Dragon replied and attacked but Spartacus smoked ran away from him. Few seconds later, Cynthia’s house got exploded

“Smart Spart… This is just the beginning” Danga said and walked away.


Spartacus recklessly drove all of them to a hidden area before he stopped the car. All of them panicked as they alighted from the car. Spartacus quietly came down also trying to calm them all down.

“What was all that back there” Lady Aisha asked with a lost breathe. The smoke from Cynthia’s exploded house floated in the air. Tears flowed down Cynthia’s eyes as she looked up. Natasha walked close to her

“Just be happy you are alive” Natasha said unmasking herself

“I have lost everything. My parents, house and now even my life is at stake” Cynthia cried

“Who are you?” Lady Aisha asked looking at the masky face of Spartacus

“That isn’t the question to ask now Ma” Spartacus said

“You saved my life and you need to be rewarded richly” Lady Aisha said again

“Even your wealth cannot save you from what has befallen you my Lady” Spartacus said

“I have a lot of men that surrounds me, I will double them, even triple them” Lady Aisha said proudly

“I will advice you to forget about your wealth and think of the best way to get over all these things” Spartacus said and Natasha looked at them

“But wait up, who are you, how did you know I’m in trouble?” Lady Aisha asked

“If you knew me My Lady, you won’t be standing here with me.” Spartacus said and Lady Aisha was surprised at his words

“What does that mean?” She asked

“Go home now Ma, I have my eyes on you” Spartacus concluded and walked up to Cynthia

“It’s alright, I started all this and I promise to end it all even if it’s the last thing I’ll do” Spartacus said and hugged Cynthia

“Its not your fault Daniel” Cynthia said and Spartacus looked at her knowing where she heard that name from

“You have to be going now Ma, use this car” Spartacus said and handed the keys to Lady Aisha. Lady Aisha looked at them as they walked away

“Where are you taking her to” Lady Aisha asked

“Somewhere safe” Spartacus said and continued walking

“If anyone ask about her” you know what to reply” Spartacus said not looking at her. Lady Aisha looked at them for some time and drove away.



Men of great importance in the country, more than thousands of police officers, military man and all sorts of security has filled the Presidential suite all pondering where to find Lady Aisha. Already, every streets and road where flooded by police officers. The commissioner and Minister of Police where confused on what to do. Both of them on their police attire. On hearing the bomb blast, rescue and fire squad has already reached Cynthia’s house to put out the fire and check for survivors. Soon enough, there was news of no living being found in the house.

Not long enough, Lady Aisha drove into the presidential suite and they were surprised to see her. She came down from the car saying nothing to anyone.

“Where have you been My Lady” They all asked at same time and she looked at them

“Are you going to keep your asses down there asking stupid questions or are you all going to move out there and get that idiot that almost killed me, if not for an unknown savior today” Lady Aisha said

“Ma, Cynthia, the daughter of Late Vice President got exploded” Commissioner of Police said

“What are you doing about that now?” She asked as a reply

“Rescue team has gone there Ma, but no life was found” The Minister replied

“Get on to your jobs, she is fine..” Lady Aisha said and walked in as every minister, commissioner and executives followed her. She paused and turned around

“I give you both till next week end to get that assassin or else…..” she made a threatening incomplete sentence and continued moving into her house. The press surrounded her but she ordered the police officers to chase all of them out of her house.


“You failed!!” Chief Williams barked at Danga

“How could you have failed” He added walking angrily around the sitting room

“Now that witch Lady Aisha is still alive and knows almost everything. Everywhere is tight now and you stand here saying nothing” Chief Williams said hitting Danga on his chest

“Careful Chief” Prof. Michael said looking at Chief Williams as Danga held the hands of Chief Williams

“You must have been doing whatever you want with Spartacus or whoever was working for you earlier but dare not try that with me or I’ll kill you personally” Danga said and Chief Williams got shocked as Danga left him. Immediately, Chief Williams called on all his thugs, but before they could rush in and attack Danga, he killed all of them with just one strike of his sword

“Dare not to call me again” Danga said

“My business with you is over, I got better things to handle” Danga added and Chief Williams and Prof. Michael shivered in fear. Just then, Danga left the house.

“Did you see that?? Can you imagine” Chief Williams said pointing at the door as Prof. Michael stood up looking at him

“Next time mind the way you talk to people, I am out of here. You are on your own Chief” Prof Michael said and walked out

“No…. No…. This can’t be happening to me” Chief Williams said and walked upstairs in anger

“This time, I got to do it by myself.. I’ll end this my way” He said as he walked upstairs.


Bella walked worried and disordered in the hotel room where she lodged. She looked at her bed and starred at the briefcase on the bed as tears flowed down her eyes

“She told me… She warned me.. She trusted me” She said as more tears flowed down her eyes

“Now she is dead.. Her house gone and it’s all my fault.. Just because of this!!” She exclaimed and threw the briefcase towards the door and laid on the bed, her heart judging her and tears rolling down her eyes.



“Who was that?” Natasha asked as Cynthia looked around the building feeling surprised that such a building is hidden in such a place.

“Danga.. He is deadly called Dragon” Spartacus replied

“Why is he here, why does he know your name?” Natasha asked and Cynthia placed interest in their conversation

“After my parents died, I swore revenge and travelled to Japan to learn martial arts but ended up in what my heart always wanted. Being an Assassin” Spartacus replied

“Why.. How could you?” Cynthia asked

“There is always hope even in a tunnel, there is always light at the end” Cynthia joined the conversation

“You can never understand, I have done a lot of things that I don’t want to remember” Spartacus said and unmasked himself with tears in his eyes

“What about me?” Cynthia asked him

“You killed my parents, but here I am standing with you” Cynthia said

“I had no one to turn to” Spartacus said and more tears ran down his cheek

“Its alright, lets forget about the past and hold unto the present and future” Cynthia said and Spartacus looked at her as she dried his tears with her fingers.

Few minutes later, Linda madly drove in to them, on walking in, she was shocked to see Cynthia standing there. She stood in shock and unknowingly ran and hugged Cynthia.

“I heard what happened and rushed immediately.. Thank God you are alive” Linda said and looked at Spartacus

“What happened?” She asked but Spartacus didn’t reply

“Have you done what I bided you do?” Spartacus asked not replying her question

“Yes I have” Linda replied

“Better, lay low till I give you the signal” Spartacus said and walked towards the door

“Where to?” They all asked at same pace

“To finish what I started” Spartacus said

“No, we can do this together” Cynthia said

“No, this is my fight” Spartacus said

“No it isn’t, we are all in this together and we will all end it together” Linda said

“I won’t bear the pain to lose any of you. Not anymore” Spartacus said

“You won’t leave here.. Stay in.. If I didn’t come back, you know what to do” Spartacus said looking at Natasha and he left immediately. As he left, they tried opening the door but it was locked

“It’s stuck” Natasha said and they starred at each other…

Story continues…

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