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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 9


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 9

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Riding a horse feels magical, at least to those who loves riding but have you tried riding an Alpha lion who is extraordinarily tall? Well, I am please to announce that riding one is an invitation to the mortuary after you die because your system went inside out and upsidedown. Don't try it if you ever get the chance, I warn you!
I bend over on my knees, holding my stomach as I threw up every single thing in my stomach for the tenth time. I had already thrown up too much that I felt like I was going to vomit my liver and lungs. The creator of the problem just sat there staring at me with an amuse smile. I really wish I can marry the lion side, he is much more caring and warm hearted than the stupid human side.

'I still don't see why you should be throwing up so much, I didn't even ran at my highest speed, that was lowest stage 2.'

'Lowest stage,' I coughed, wiping my mouth with the tissue he got me, the only thing he offered. 'That was as fast as a nitrogen powered car!'

'Should I have jogged? I don't know how to,' I glared at him.

'My head,' I groaned, touching my arching head. 'You have to be gentle with me, I'm not a fully healthy person,'

'Gentle,' he smirked. I rolled my eyes.

'Stop changing all the true direction of my words, it's annoying.'

'You need to move around Leslie more, you need lessons.'

'I'm fine the way I am,' I said with nose up. He looked at me smirkingly.

'You know, I would have marked you but....I will save you for later,'

'Because I'm a preservable bag of chocolate,' I said ironically. 'Can we go home now? I want to sleep.'
 We were on top of somewhere really high, a mountain or something.

'Stay for a bit,' he murmured. I sniffed the air, that strange wind again was around me. 'Grrrrrr!'
 Aaron growled. 'Get away from her!'

'Who?' I asked looking around,
'Bechira, come here,' he ordered. I was suddenly whipped into the air by something I can't see, something strong. 'Noriel! Put her down!'

'Aaron! What's going on!' I screamed in panic. 'Fine, just....' My body was tossed, far down the mountain. I screamed in fright with my hands crossed over my face to shield it from the wind. Before I hit the ground, long claws grabbed my hands, piercing into my skin deeply. I looked up at the heavy flapping of wings, a large bird, like one of those dinosaur black with big red eyes and feathers.

'Aaron!!!!' I screamed in tears, the thing was flying very fast, cutting through the wind hard. 'Put me down!' I screamed, the stupid bird listened and actually dropped me. I was heading down to a lined up spiky rocks. If I hadn't already thrown up and peed everything in me, I would have wet my pants.
The wind was too much for me, my body started reacting as my brain and eyes shut down. My hair flew across my face messier, I knew I was still alive but unconscious in a conscious way.
'Gotcha!' Aaron, he caught me. I couldn't open my eyes but I knew what was going on, he ran back to my room and dropped me on my bed. 'This is the exact reason I didn't want you, he'll hurt you,' I could tell from his tone that he was concerned. He snapped his fingers over my face, I jolt up with a gasp and coughed. 'I'm sorry, he blocked me.'

'Wh...w....w...' I tried to speak between my violent coughing.
'Noriel, my brother,' he murmured, folding his legs. 'You can speak in your mind, I will reply you.'

'Your brother?! How come?
'We were born from the same womb, by a werelioness.'

'Aaron,' I shifted closer to him. 'Tell me the truth, what is really going on? If we are going to do this, you are gonna tell me everything.'

'Only the important one,' note that we were having a telepathic conversation.

'One, am I really the reincarnation of Princess Danika? The one that freed you?' He nodded. 'Now, why were you a stone?'

'Because the impossible is in me,'

'I will rather show you,' he said lowly and took my hands. 'Don't freak out, when you feel yourself pulling away, just tighten your grip on my hands.'


'Close your eyes,' I shut my eyes, my vision was a whirl of pink light. My head started spinning, like a vertigo feeling. I clutched his hand frighteningly. 'Breathe babe, breathe,' I inhaled. 'Good, now let it out....' I exhaled, the spinning stopped. 'What do you see?'

'Nothing, just a white limbo,'

'You are going to fall, don't freak out, okay?' I nodded, expecting the fall. Like my head was dropped, I fell down. I whimpered, it wasn't easy not screaming. 'Where are you now?'

'In a black space, what......aaaaa
aaaaaaah!' I screamed out loud as two things flashed pass me, they were fighting. The lights moved so fast I barely saw them. They had no body, just burning energy. One emanated dark energy, black and red and the other was white and gold. They were like nuclear rage, breaking and destroying the empty space which healed immediately.

'Things are going to flash now, like a forward button. You will understand the moment you open your eyes,' I whimpered again. 'Ready?'

'No,' I sobbed. I saw it anyways, like my life was played in fast forward, things flashed around me, drowning me in pain and confusion. I covered my face but I could see it. 'Aaron,' I sobbed. 'Pull me out!'

'Hang on,' I opened my eyes sharply, panting like I just ran the race of my life. My entire body was drenched with sweat, serious one. 'Welcome back,' as he said that, all I saw started making sense.

'That days, my past self was called to that island by your brother but being an opposite person, she freed you instead of him. Is that why he is angry?'

'No, he won't kill you because he knows you are the only one that can break his chains before that day.'

'But on that day, the chains will be broken anyways,' I said shakily.

'And that won't give him enough time to explore himself, gain more strength.'

'You have darkness in you?' I asked, shifting away and looking around.

'I have more light in me than darkness, it is my dark side that makes me do things I shouldn't do.'

'The reason for your cold heart,' I said, he nodded. 'Why me?'

'You are my mate, you are connected to both of us in a way.'

'How long have I been in there? It's day already?'

'Sunset, you have been there for long.' I was seeing things for almost a day, wow
'Two,' he corrected.

'Two days!' I screened. 'How come?!'

'It takes a while to take in everything, your father is gone,'

'How then have you been ruling?'
'Leslie,' he looked at my body. 'You need to bathe,' before I could blink, I was in the bathroom. He carried me delicately, looking around for what to do.

'You can drop me down, I will take it from here.'

'You can't walk,' he whispered, I seriously couldn't feel my legs. 'I'll bathe you....'

'No!' I yelled, completely flushed. 'Please, just send Leslie over,'

'I can do it,'

'It's not about you knowing how to, it is about what will happen if you do,' I said sheepishly.

'What is wrong if I do? I am your mate,'

'No, I am not ready Aaron,' I said shaking my head. 'Please,'

'I don't plan on touching you yet. I cannot touch a woman until my purpose is complete. However, if Leslie will make you comfortable, then I will send her over to help.'

'Thank you,' he nodded and dropped me on the bathroom counter. My eyes widened, blood was running down one of his nostril. 'You're bleeding!'

'Huh?' He touched his nose and looked at the blood. 'Hmmm, most strange.'

'Are you alright?' I asked panickingly.

'Yes, this must be an effect, perhaps from using up so much energy.'

'You shouldn't have shown me...'

'Your illness, the two genes fighting inside you,' he said, wiping off the blood.


'I silent both,' my mouth fell open. 'You will no longer feel pains, you can do whatever you like now but, one of them will emerge soon and that determines your emotion or how it comes out. I cannot help any....' I threw myself on him, tears running down my cheeks.

'Thank you! Thank you!

'Am I fully forgiven now?'

'Seriously?!' I laughed, I pulled back from the hug and locked my lips with his. He stiffened, unsure how to react. I tugged at his hair, demanding that he kissed me back but he didn't. I pulled back with a pouted.

'I'm sorry, it will take a little time,' I nodded happily, I'm free! Well, almost. 'I'll get Leslie.' He ran out, I shrieked happily, no headache!

Leslie and I went mountain hiking, I always wanted to do that. Aaron couldn't come, he had to attend to something far at the northern part of earth. At first, we went to a human town where I was able to contact Leaf, he was with Twyla. We spoke for a while, I assured him I wasn't dead and that I was with my dad's family for now. He was pretty shocked by the dad family part but he was okay anyways. A week with Aaron after my discovery, I was still searching for answers with the help of the librarian; something is missing.

After hiking, Leslie had me run, tapping into my speed which was cool! I think I might be a werebear but I can't be sure. She was mind linked about something important so she ran off after I assured her that I would be fine. She was going to send someone to get me because she wasn't going home, all I had to do was wait by a stream. I heard footsteps, probably someone was coming. I could hear heavy breathing, like a dog's.

'Hello?' I called. My legs moved me, I sprinted as the big tiger jumped towards me. A Siberian tiger, regular one. 'Oh boy,' I ran, using the new speed I had acquired but it was fast enough. 'Aaron!!!'

₱₱₱₱₱₱₱₱₱ Narrative ₱₱₱₱₱₱₱₱₱
His chest burnt in anxiety, why? He didn't know. He huffed, why was he in pain? What the hell was....then it dawned on him, only one could make him feel pain. He searched the earth, found her running away from a tiger, his brother was far away and stuck in meditation mood. He wasn't going to let her die after protecting her since the day she was born. Due to the last stunt he pulled, blocking his brother from saving her when the bird was there, he had grown awful weak and almost powerless.
'Aaron,' he tried to reach out to his brother, nothing, he was deep communicating with his light. He closed his eyes, there was only one thing he could do, one that might either shut him down until the day or just temporarily blind him. She was more important. In a burning rage of smoke and spark, his spirit rose from his body and dashed to her location, she mustn't die.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I screamed as I tumbled down the cliff, I missed my footing and viola! I was falling. The tiger wasn't giving up, he jumped from rock to rock to get to me. I used my last strength to run to a tree, I was bleeding but that would be little to what he would do to me. The tiger reached me, determine to have it kill. I closed my eyes, a loud strike made me scream. I opened my eyes, the tiger was dead with a big smoking hole in the place where his heart should be.


'Did you do that? No, I did,' I flinched and looked at the person. It was a tall man with snow white skin, deep red long hair like an elf's. His eyes were entirely white, with bright red sparkle. The lower part of his body was a statue....okay, description over and time to drool.

Oh my fucking Rod! Did I say Aaron is handsome? I am stupid! I repeat, I - am - stupid! Gosh! Who created him! His locks stretched down to his knees, covering his face like a gorgeous anime prince...oh my...my heart was beating faster than....he smelt so nice!

'Hi,' I said dazedly.

'Are you alright?' His voice, his voice! Aaron's voice was deep, not that deep bit sexily deep. This guy's was light, sounded like heavenly melody. Flee me oh ye temptation. 'You should be careful,' he body flickered. 'We will meet again...'

'Noriel....' I gasped, he smiled....oh kill me now, cupid kill me now!
'I will get you soon princess, soon.' His body dashed up in a flaming orb, lightning flaming orb while I gaped at it with my heart beating abnormally.

'Noriel,' I muttered shyly and sighed dreamily. 'Whoa.'

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