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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 8


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 8

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I greeted the people, shaking the hands of those who deserves it but just nodding at few. My mind wasn't there anyways, I wanted to invite her, Bechira, but I was afraid she wouldn't even spare me listening ears. I sighed, this is boring, really. What should matter is me finding a way to apologize to her that she will accept, how though.

'Behold! Your Queen!' I rolled my eyes, we all know that the only person mad enough to do that in my present was Leslie. 'Adore me!'
'Leslie, can you be quiet?' Reginald asked chucklingly. 'Looking good Bechira,' my head automatically snapped to her direction, no wonder her scent was extremely strong. She was looking at everywhere but my eyes, intentionally avoiding my gaze. I let my eyes run down her body, beautiful in an extraordinary way, how am I suppose to concentrate?
'Thank you Reggie, where's Damon?'

'He'll be late, his mate was in pain,'

'Pain?' Leslie asked sneeringly. 'Or horny....'

'Leslie,' Bechira said quietly, nudging her.

'Ahem,' I cleared my throat. She finally looked at me, a thin smile taking over her beautiful glowing one. 'Hi,'

'Uhm,' she turned her head to Leslie. 'Can I get something to drink? I'm tasty.'

'Water is the only available thing now,'

'Fine by me,' I averted my eyes to the man walking my way. He was short with dark brown eyes and pale brown skin.

'Alpha,' he bowed. I took a long wheeze of his scent.


'Yes sir,'.

'Did I invite you?' I asked him but turning to Reginald for answers.
'Leslie, she thought it was wise to just invite all the heads in one place.'

'Werelynx are not amongst the list, they are weak, fragile....'

'I beg to differ sir, we can be of great assist...
'I'm sorry, I cannot endanger your kind, it's dangerous.'

'You invited a whole other wereanimals, isn't that unfair sir? We want to help, assist...'

'Just move around, I'll think about, a....'

'Sir, can I speak?' Reginald asked.

'We can have them watch the low village that was attacked three months ago, those poor dwarfs are still trying to build their village and can be of help. The lynx can protect them from the attackers.'
'Will you be okay with that job given to your clan?'

'As long as we can help,' he said grinningly. I nodded and looked at Reginald.

'Follow me,' Reginald smiled. He led the man away, I looked at Bechira again, what is she doing! She was giggling as she flirted with an elf. Seriously? Is she aware of whose mate she is? How dare her try to make me jealous!
'Aren't you going to do anything?' Jeff asked.

'I'll show her that I don't care,'
'You are doing it again, making things worse.'

'I won't care, not in front of everyone.'

'Aaron, why are you so hard headed? For Pete's sake! She's our mate and they deserve to know so they can back off.'

'No, I won't care.'

'She obviously wants you to, she wants you to try harder, prove to her that she matters....'

'She does,'

'Then prove it! Who do you think you are fooling? Noriel that already knows the truth or them that can't question you one bit? Stop being Aaron and be a mate.'

'Shut up,' I sighed. I looked at her again, he was holding her hand. 'That's it!'

'Better,' Jeff said happily. I rolled my eyes.

'Bechira,' I called, my voice echoed through the room. She averted her eyes nonchalantly to my figure. 'Come here,' I commanded, her body listened to the command and walked to me. 'Dinner is ready, all of you, move.' They listen to the command and walked through the door leading to the dinning.

'Can you let me go? I hate not being able to control my own limbs,' she huffed in a whisper.

'What do you think you are doing flirting with that elf? Do you want me to hurt him?'

'Do you care,' she scoffed. 'All you really want is to see me six feet under, you shouldn't care when I'm staying out of your way.'

'I will care because you are my mate,' I snapped. 'Do you think my lion will be very glad seeing you like that, do you think I can tolerate it!' My voice rose higher, I am sure many were hearing me but I don't care. 'You are not leaving my side again....'

'For fuck sake! Just apologize for what you did!' She yelled. 'Why are you being so stubborn!'
'I've been trying to do that for days but you won't let me apologize properly!' I yelled back.

'Maybe because just standing in front of me with hands in your pockets and looking sexily guilty isn't apologizing! You apologizing with your actions or words and not trying to compel me with your cuteness!' She yelled at the top of her voice.

'I'm cute?' I asked grinningly. 'And sexy?'

'Seriously?!' She squawked. 'Is that all you picked out of my long sentence!'

'It's the first time you admitted my good looks out loud, I'm flattered.' What am I doing? She stared at me with a frown, her neck and face red from anger or was it...

'You are impossible,' she whispered. 'Just apologize and promise you won't repeat it,'

'Ok,' I stepped closer to her, she pouted and looked up at me. 'I'm sorry, my beautiful mate....'

'And?' She asked still pouting. 'You are too tall.'

'I'm sorry you are short,'

'Hey!' She hit my chest. 'Don't insult...wow, your chest is hard.....apolog

y not accepted, you have to prove it.'

'Okay, will this help?' I acted on Jeff's instinct, cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead. She gasped, her cheeks going red. That wasn't why I kissed her head, it was to pacify the pain that she was bearing because of how much she had yell. She really is sick but for some reason, I can't heal her.
 Her shoulders sagged as another soft breath left her lips, her eyes shutting at the relaxing sensation my lips and fingers were giving her. I slowly removed my lips and smiled. 'Feeling better?' I whispered.

'They are listening,'

'Let them, feeling better now?'
'Yes, thank you.' She whispered sadly.

'What is it?'

'My dad, I thought he would come.'

'He will, he's probably running l...' Speak about the devil, he ran in panting.


>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I stayed in dad's arms, happy to see him again, it felt like forever. I was happy that he was there, I needed to gist him. 'So, how are you? Hope he have been treating you well?'

'Yes,' I lied. 'You are late.'

'I had to run here, bad traffic.'

'Okay,' I said smilingly, he took my hand and led me back to Aaron.
'Alpha,' he bowed.

'Welcome,' Aaron said calmly. 'Bechira,' he stretched his hand to me, I took it sheepishly and smiled at confuse dad. 'Let's go,' he said. He wrapped his hand around my waist, I felt so proud of myself as he led me to the dinning room, head up high. Dad followed us quietly, obviously worried and confuse. Finally, we were in view of hundreds of people, all already waiting to see if what they have been eavesdropping on was right. They were all standing.

Leslie winked at dad, seriously? Is she crazy?

He pulled out my seat for me, right close to his and close to dad's. 'Thank you,' i blushed, taking the seat elegantly.

'You may all sit,' he said with a soft tone, he sat down first before they sat down. 'Let the feast begin.' He said and snapped his fingers, the maids standing by went to work. Leslie leaned closer to my ear, her lips three inches away from mine.

'Congratulation Queen Bechira,' she whispered. I giggled and smiled. 'Now, who was that hot man behind you? He's fuckable...'

'Leslie, that's my dad,' I whispered yelled.

'Ooooh, sexy. Can I have him for the night?' I glared at her. 'Sorry,' she zipped her lips up and threw away the invisible key.

'Leslie, what am I suppose to eat?'
'Just order for something,'

'Okay, what?' Aaron snapped his fingers, two maids ran to him.

'Get her a plate of Chateaubriand and Dutch black. I'll take a plate of chicken breast, pecan sauce, sundried tomatoes and basil.'

'Yes, Alpha,' they bowed.

'Get me something that looks like a dick and taste like one,' Leslie said nonchalantly, making many choke on what they were eating or drinking.

'Chicken salad with mango sauce, keep alcohol away from her.'
Damon who I didn't notice before sitting there said.

'Who are you ordering that for? If you don't give me alcohol, I'll drink your blood instead.' Leslie threatened the maid.

'What will I get you ma'am?'

'Black general....'

'Leslie!' Reginald yelled.

'I'm a werelion! I don't get drunk easily,' she exclaimed. 'I'm not a baby, I've been drinking before you were born.' He glared at her.
'Just because you are 5 years older doesn't mean you are 59.'

'Birdbrain, get me my food.' She snapped at the maid.

'Leslie,' Aaron called, she bowed.
'I'm sorry,'

'Can we eat in peace?' I sighed.

'Hey,' she whispered again in my ear. 'When are you gonna seduce him like I plan and make me a godmother?' And there, the golden question. The mother of questions, the question to end all questions. The mother question.

I pushed her head away, glancing at Aaron who was chuckling silently because he heard it. I straightened myself, just as he leaned closer to my ear. 'Do you have what it takes to seduce me?'
'Is that a challenge?'

'Can you meet up?' He challenged. I chuckled deviously, I don't have the liver to. I looked away, that sucks.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I stretched on my bed, wiggling my toes as I yawned, I was busy reading a book. The book sucks but I was hoping Aaron would come say goodnight. It was late, three hours late and he wasn't coming.

'Bechira,' I flinched, jolting up to look at him. 'Sorry, are you sleepy?'

'No,' I slurred, adjusting my nightdress.

'Good, come with me,' he said and walked to the window.

'Am I jumping?'

'Yes,' he jumped down from the window. I chuckled, funeral time. I stood up nervously and walked to the window, I looked down at him. 'Trust me,' I whimpered, trust the guy that want me dead?
'Seriously? I thought you have forgiven me?'

'Don't read my mind,' I whined. Here goes nothing. I threw myself over the window, the wind rushed against me, my heart beating fast. He caught me right before I hit the ground. 'Nice catch,'


'Where are we going?' I asked tightening my hands around his neck.

'For a run,' he zapped through the town and into a portal that led to a forest, like far away. He dropped me on the ground gently, a sweet smile on his face.

'You should smile more often, it suits you.'

'Nice try, Jeff wants to play with you.'

'Who's Jeff?'

'My lion, hold on.' He stepped back, way back and went on all four. I looked away, I'm not that use to this. I could hear born shifting, breaking and popping, low groans escaping his mouth. My mind was wondering what he would look like, how tall he would be. I heard a roar, I crossed my fingers and turned to look at him.

'Whoa,' my mouth fell open, my eyes rising up. He was black, a deep black lion with black mane with golden streak, golden eyes and golden lightning running down his head to his eyes and wrapping around his mane. His nostrils glowing gold, wow! He is tall!

He purred lowly, he walked to me, his steps making the ground shake. I'm talking 16ft tall! Jesus! He lowered himself on the ground, he's too tall. 'You are tall!' I shouted. He moaned, before my very eyes, golden lightning raged down from the sky and struck him. I was terrified, is he dead? 'Aaron?' The smoke died down, he wasn't that tall again, 8ft is manageable.

Wait, I'm the first to see his lion!

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