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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 7


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 7

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I groaned as I turned on my bed, I had the most horrible night, the sudden pain at my leg didn't stop. It was hell! It was like I was being stabbed allover again and I know how that feels since I've gotten stabbed before. I cried so much, Leslie tried to heal me but it didn't work, she couldn't take me to the hospital because Aaron made sure I remained locked in my room. I put my leg in ice for hours to reduce the pain, it didn't help much but it was manageable until I slept off around 6am. The problem was that someone was tapping me, disturbing me from my sleep.

'Leave me be,' I groaned.

'Stand up,' I recognize that voice anywhere, Aaron. I opened my eyes and turned my head to my wicked mate, the evil being that dare exist. I hissed and him, wicked person. 'You aren't living in my house for free, get to work.'
'What work?' I grunted.

'You are going to be working with the maids, your duty have already been set out for you. You have an hour to get ready and find your way to the chief maid or you will get punished fairly.'

'You promised my father that you would take care of me, why are you doing this?' I asked in a helpless whisper.

'You can never be my weakness,' he said frostily. 'Get out, now!' I flinched to my feet, only to be greeted by another pain but this time, from my other leg.

'My leg,' I cried. 'Aaron, my l....'
'Don't ever call me by my name, it's Sovereign to you. Get to work, now...'

'But my l...'

'Bechira!' My blood went cold, the way he yelled my name knocked the breath out of me, it was heartless. I nodded and bowed, tears ran down my cheeks like streams. He walked out of my room with no care, I sat down on the bed, what is this?

An hour later, I was leaping to the kitchen where the chief maid was, Leslie and anyone who could support me was out, Aaron sent them out to suffer me. I dragged myself into the large kitchen, the maids averted their attention to me.
'Good morning,' I said lowly, the portly woman eyed me with disgust.

'You are late,'

'I'm sorry, my l....'

'Be quiet!' She yelled angrily. 'I will not take any form of laziness in my kitchen! The Alpha already gave me instructions. For coming late, you will clean this entire kitchen and handle the farm work on your own. This includes milking the cows, raking the ridges....'

'I can't, my health don't permit me....'

'You will do it or stand under the sun for the rest of the day after receiving thirteen lashes on your back.' She huffed.

'I am neither your slave nor his, you can't do anything to force me.'
'Now listen here you arrogant little human....'

'If I was your daughter, would you stand and watch me go through such wicked punishment!' I yelled angrily, anger from the pain I was bearing from my leg.

'Bechira,' he called venomously from behind me. I turned around painfully, my eyes watering again.
'Why are you doing this?! I didn't do anything wrong with.....' His golden iris turned black, I gasped and stepped back.

'You will do as you are told,' his voice was deeper than it normally was. 'You will not sit, not rest, eat or drink until your task is complete. Even if your body reaches it limit, you will keep working and your job must be finish before sunset, is that understood?' I couldn't control my body, I nodded and walked out. My legs walked without my permission, all my brain kept chanting was work work work.

Eventually, I spent the whole day working as told, I couldn't control my body, I was under the sun which wasn't good for me. I didn't feel anything, not until I finished all my work 10 minutes after 6 in the evening, then the sickness came with the force of a tornado.

It started with my legs, the unbearable pain came back followed by my signature headache, burning chest, violent cough and stomach pain. I was sweating terribly, my body shaking like I was cold when I was not. Blood rushed down my nose and mouth every time I coughed, I couldn't move. I laid on the floor in my room, hugging my stomach and praying Leslie returns from wherever she went to or even Damon or Reginald.

'I'm back baby!' My failing heart skipped with joy, I need my drugs. 'My baby! What's happening to you....'

'Help me,' I gasped. 'The drugs in my pocket, please...'

'No, we need to take you to the hospital, you are dying! I'll take permission right now...' She dashed out, I whimpered, my eyes were shutting as the pain became more unbearable. The room suddenly went quiet, the wind blowing my window open. That familiar feeling again. Voices whispered into my ears, like soft croons that slowly shut my brain down but before I slipped into the darkness, I felt the pain disappear.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I paced around my office anxiously, I could feel her pain and it was killing me, turning my inside upsidedown down. My body was drenched with sweat already from holding Jeff back in, he wanted out so he could comfort his mate. I had to be strong, it was to show Noriel that I don't care about her and she's not my weakness so he won't use her against me but what if she dies!

'I'm such an idiot! I yelled, how could I think of something so stupid. Leslie burst into my office, her eyes red with anger.

'You have to let me take her to a hospital, please,' she pleaded. 'She's in great pain....' I didn't let her finish, I flashed to her room. Noriel's was there, his wind surrounding her.

'Get away from her Noriel!'
'I'm ending her misery, isn't that what you want?' He asked mockingly.

'Step away from her!' I yelled snarlingly.

'For what it's worth, you are a terrible mate. Kill me if you can.' His red wind zapped out of the room as he took her last breath along with hom. I rushed to her, she can't die.... He killed her!
'No you bloody bastard! You did!' Jeff shouted. 'Save mate, please.' He whimpered. Her body had gone cold, her face stained with blood. Pang of regret ambushed my heart, regret and guilt. Her spirit rose from her body slowly, ready to leave, I wasn't about to let that happen. Golden electric charges sparked from my body, forming a electromagnetic field around us so her spirit won't get away. I raised my hand, gathering all the charges into that hand before slamming her chest with it. She sat up with a gasp, then a cough. I moved away from her, still feeling nothing but guilt and regret.

'Leslie,' she coughed.

'No, me.' She slowly raised her head to see my face, her eyes lowered immediately but I didn't fail to see the hate that flashed through it.

'Baby!' Leslie squealed, she was hugging her before I could blink. 'You are okay, I'm so glad.'

'I'm sorry,' I apologized softly. 'I let my need to avoid weakness make me almost take your life, I'm sorry.'

'Please, leave my room.' Bechira groaned.


'Don't interfere Leslie,' she snapped. 'You should have let me die. You won't let me live in peace and yet you also won't let me die. You dragged me here and made me go through physical and mental pain, for what reason? What stupid reason!'

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'I'm sorry,'

'Stay away from me!!!' She screamed, all the glasses in the room shattered to pieces. 'I don't want to see you, get out!' I walked out of her room, shit! Is this how rejection feels like? It hurts, I'm feeling emotional pain, that's new.
'Mate hates you now,'

'Us,' I corrected with a painful chuckle. 'What do I do?' I asked sadly, staring at my vibrating hand. 'Why is it vibrating?'

'You are hurt, it's a new feeling for you so your body reacts to it by hand vibration.'

'Well, make it stop.'

'I can't, you have to do it yourself.'

'The question should be how? Give her time for now, she needs to rest.'

This little pain hurts, what about the one I made her feel?

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
How stupid can a mate bond be, it makes you miss the other person badly even with any bad thing he or she has done. It eventually was five days since I literally died and resurrected again. Aaron stayed away, saw him some few times but he ignored me which hurts even though I was the one who initiated that act. Is he an idiot? Doesn't he know that women don't mean anything they say at times when angry, I expected him to own up and apologized. Why was he proving stubborn!

'Bechira,' Leslie chuckled. I rolled my eyes her way. 'Leave the poor paper plane alone, she did nothing to you.'

'Urgh!' I screamed, tossing the paper plane I was strangling away. 'Why can't he apologize already so we can make up! I want to ask him a lot of questions and....'

'Make out with him,' she completed smirkingly. I rolled my eyes, she was in my room looking for what I would wear for the day. 'It's easy you know,'

'Leslie, in case you haven't noticed, we have been quarrelling since the very day we met. What kind of relationship is that?'

'One of a kind,' she said winkingly, I sighed and plopped back down on the bed.

'I just want him to talk to me, treat me as a mate instead of a stranger.'

'Do you really want that? I can help initiate a way,'

'I'm not seducing him Leslie, forget it.' I said dismissively.

'You don't need to, just slay for him, make him jealous.' I sat up with curious eyes, interest rather.


'The association of good vampires and faes are coming, there will be a little dinner tonight for them and the rest heads that have joined the alliance. Some other heads will be coming too to join, your father is likely to be there....'

'Really?' I squealed.

'My point is as his mate...'

'No one knows that,'

'Exactly. You are coming with me and you will dress so irresistible, that other males will wow at you. Make him jealous, flirt with them like he don't exist, do what you must do to get him to expose the truth himself.'

'Are you sure?'


'Hmmm,' I rubbed my arm nervously. 'What if he reacts badly?'

'The worst way he can react is kill them or carry you to his room and.....' She left her words hanging with a suggestive wiggle of her brows. I laughed sheepishly, that is if I don't die. 'So, you in?'

'Yes, just reduce the dress, not slutty.'

'Trust me, I will do you just fine.'
Eventually, there I was staring at myself in the mirror, it was the first time in my entire life I was wearing a dress, the first time I was attending a party. I wore a light purple dress, the dress stopped almost to my knees. It was a sweetheart neckline dress with diamonds decorating the chest to the waistband area where the lower part to the hem was in ruffles, glassy like ruffles, almost like a short bouffant dress. She wore me a Marie Antoinette necklace, seven purple bangles with diamond stones on both hands and high purple clear double ankle strap heels. My lips were glowing with dark purple shimmering lip gloss, shimmer blush and I know my eye-shadow was purple too. It was my first time wearing makeup, don't know much but I looked transformed.

I chose the dress myself after rejecting nineteen others.

'Ready,' Leslie announced as she walked out of the bathroom, she was smiling ear to ear. She wore a tight purple one shoulder dress that stopped mid-way down her thighs. The one hand stretched in it split flutter glory to her palm, the back completely swallowed but front still visible. The dress had a large gaping C at each side, exposing her smooth white skin and half of her back. She decided going for something called a white tractor platform shoes was good with long pearls decorating her neck down to her chest and finally, her pearl bracket and earrings. She went for purple makeup too but my purple was slightly lighter than hers.

'Wow, you aren't wearing a bra,' I stated the obvious.

'Strapless,' she said and pulled the chest part down a little so I'd see her lace bra.

'Isn't this iris perfume too much?' I asked, uncomfortable with what I was wearing. I only wore armpit and ear sprays.

'Stop finding faults baby, let's go.' I smoothened my hair which was high in a neat upsidedown braided bun and inhaled. She stretched her hair simply and added more gloss to it, simple.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<<
The heaviness of his chains were getting lighter, the stiffness in his body breaking. He could feel again, he could see with his eyes now. A satisfied smirk crawled up his lips as he looked at the stone called his legs cracked. His unsuspecting brother had no idea he was breaking free and would soon gain enough power to get the only person that could break his chains and grant him the freedom he deserves. He looked up at the high endless space, the place he had been trapped in for thousands of years.

He must be free.

'Listen all you who dwells under me, unto you all I give this decree. None shall rest, none shall mate or feast until they find a way to return what is mine. The lady, Bechira Jastun, my brother's suppose mate, bring her to me unharmed and safe. Whosoever can bring her, will be blessed by my will, but if one strand of hair on her head is touched, you'll have me to answer to. I, Sovereign Alpha Noriel have spoken.' His words flowed in the wind, rushing off to deliver to those who it intend to deliver to.

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