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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 6


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 6

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I chewed on my bottom lip as I fumbled with my fingers, waiting nervously for Leslie. She took me to the library to look for the big book where she found the picture of that princess, I needed real evidence. She was swiftly running through the shelves, so fast I could barely see her movement. What if really Princess Danika existed?
Does it mean am a thousand years old? What exactly does this make me? It definitely means I was the one who freed the sovereign, but why am I still alive? Does it mean....

'Found it!' My heartbeat accelerated, the moment I was waiting for yet dreaded. She walked to me with easy one legged strides, balancing the large book that would probably compress a six years old to death. She dropped the book on my laps, I swear, if it wasn't for the strength I had, I would probably be crippled for life. 'Help yourself,'

'Where are you going?' I asked as she headed to the door. She gasped and bent over on her knees.

'Didn't you see that hunkilious devil at the counter?' She whispered.

'Yes, why?' I asked frowningly, the memory of how she was shamelessly ogling the brawny chested man assisting the old librarian, replaying in my head.

'Hira, if I don't get that guy to lick me clean tonight, I'll commit suicide,' she whispered again.
'He's a weretiger,' I said with an eye roll.

'And I have two legs, a wet puss and he has got a dick, end of story.' She said nonchalantly with a shrug, like it was the easiest thing to say.

'Leslie,' I drawled.

'Shut up kid, I'm horny.' And like that, she was gone. I sighed and shook my head, a smile crawling up my lips, having a sister like her is cool. She's my sister now. Anyways, back to my heart attack mission, I opened the big book.
Record of the kings, queens, princes and princesses of Arundel and all their deeds.

Why won't the book be heavy, mtcheeew.

I flipped through the book, just kept flipping until I found the one I was looking for, staring at me with my identical smile was me...Princess Danika Elizabeth Richardson the first. It looked so real, it was me. I trailed my index finger on her picture, she looked happy, much more happier than me. I ran my eyes down to her history. "Princess Danika, the youngest daughter of King Orlando, first princess to become a Knight in Arundel." I skipped all the rest, nothing proved an island so I checked her father's record and yes, he did buy a island that later disappeared in a storm, a mysterious one just like Audrey said.

Now, the issue is why was I her? Definitely, dad watched me grow so I'm a reincarnation but the question is why was I reincarnated and ended up with the one I obviously freed....wait, I'm not even thinking about why the hell he was chained and a stone in the first place and two, who is the other one that actually called me and then killed my mother?

'This is all too much,' I whimpered, putting my hands on my head, what do I do? How do I get answers? He apparently won't tell me so I won't bother asking.
'Young lady,' I squeaked, jumping to my feet, the book fell down on the floor. I put my hand on my chest and looked at the old librarian, was he planning to kill me with an heart attack! 'Sorry, are you alright?'

'No, you gave my heart a jolt,' I said frowningly. He chuckled and walked closer with his walking stick, he was shaking. 'Don't worry,' I picked up the book and dropped it on the chair I was sitting at. 'You should sit down.' I offered politely.

'I'm good, I'm good,' he said with his cracked gruff voice. 'I can see you are bothered, worried and confuse,'

'Well, it's not everyday you get to find out that you are the reincarnation of someone from a thousand years ago,' I said with a heavy sigh. He chuckled and slowly lowered his body on a rickety old stool, used his stick to support his hands.

'Sit down child,' I pushed the book aside gently and sat down. 'I can see their aura hovering around you, one stronger than the other. What have your past self gotten you into?'

'I don't know,'

'Tell me everything that have been happening, to the best of your knowledge.' I sighed, all I want is Twyla, my cute fat cat to hug and feel safe but the way I see it, I won't see her again. I explained everything to him, the dreams, the feelings, illness and of course how the red one killed my mom without being there.

'That's everything I know so far,' I said softly, my elbows were on my knees and hands dangling down between my legs.

'Hmm, to the best of my knowledge, you were reincarnated for a purpose but what that purpose is, is what I don't know. With the way Aaron dragged you here and claimed his brother would kill you, there are only two possible reasons why. One, Noriel obviously led you there to free him but you freed Aaron, if he finds out you are alive now, he will kill you and Aaron showing a little gratitude is protecting you. Number two, Aaron is your mate and Noriel will get you to get back at him.'

'I dare say Noriel knows I'm alive,' I said softly, so softly I barely heard myself.

'Why would you say so?'
'He stopped my mother from killing me and in my dream, he spoke to me like he knew I was there, he don't want me dead.'

'True, however, he could have saved you to kill himself.'

'Aaron wouldn't be showing gratitude because he don't give a jot if I die or live,' I said with certainty. 'It has to be option two like Leslie said. The question now is why would I be reincarnated to be Aaron's mate?'

'That's a mystery, maybe by touching his stone, you were both bonded.'

'What use will that be to him?'
'I don't know, I cannot tell but I will advise you let it unfold with time.'

'You sure? I'm scared,' I sobbed.
'You don't have a choice,' true. 'Wipe your tears dear, go home and act like you know nothing yet, maybe he don't too.'

'Thank you sir,' I said in a whisper and sniffed. I stood up and dragged my gown down properly. 'If I need anything, can I come back?'

'Sure,' I quickly walked out, wiping my tears away. The problem was finding Leslie, she must have succeeded because I couldn't see either of them. I walked outside, the library compound was empty, no one comes here often I guess. I walked back to her car to wait for her, there and behold! The car was bouncing, rocking side to side badly like it was gonna fall.

I sighed heavily. 'Leslie,' I shoved my hands into the pocket in the dress and stood there waiting for them to finish, geez! The activity is serious. I was certain the car would fall, there is no way I'm ever driving at that backseat again. Almost an hour, they were still busy, I decided to take a stroll.
 I walked ahead, not too far though, just around the big library. When I was returning, the wind suddenly swept against my skin, a familiar presence surrounding me.

I walked in circle, looking for anyone or anything but there was nothing. I shrugged and walked back to the car, Leslie was biding the tall guy bye with a cheesy smile. I rolled my eyes and walked to her. 'Bechira!' She squealed, she was hugging the breath out of me now. 'Best dick ever,' she whispered.


'Seriously, in all my long life, he's the best guy I've ever fucked and it was inside a car. Imagine us in a free bedroom area!' She jumped away from me and shrieked, twirling around like a teen girl. You'll think I'm older with the way she was behaving, and she's a queen.

'You're lost,'

'Whatever, I still had fun and I'm definitely riding that boy again in a bedroom,' she said with a affirmative nod. 'Anyways, let's get you home before your sweet mate comes looking for you.'

'Stop that,' I groaned. 'And there is no way I'm riding in that infected car,'

'Okay,' before I could blink, she kissed me, giving me a taste of what she swallowed in there.

'Ew! Leslie!'' I screamed, spitting violently. She laughed, again, she swept me into her back and dashed off on foot. This is bad for my health. 'You are nasty!'

'I know,' she laughed. 'If you ever need any tips on how to turn that hunk of yours on, tell me. I've got a huge book of how to give your boo the best fuck of his life.'

'Stop saying that! I'm not having sex with Aaron!'

'Yeah, you'll be making hot love,' she said in a singsong. Well, it's fair to say I can't defeat her in an argument.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<
I held my breath, meditating and shutting out my anger which Jeff (the lion, so you can identify it easier,) was successfully bringing out. I wasn't bothered about anything, why should I? The wind around me changed, eerie...Noriel. I opened my eyes, he moved with the wind, he was the wind, his red dust filling the air.

'What do you want Noriel? I'm busy.'

'It wasn't bad enough that you made her free you instead, now you want to keep her?' He whispered into my ear.

'I don't have a choice, she's my mate....'

'No she's not!' He roared, the books on my bookshelves fell down. 'I've protected her all her reincarnated life for a reason, you won't spoil that for me!'

'You want her to free you, calm down, you'll be free soon.' I mocked.

'Keep your hands away from her Aaron, don't hurt a hair on her head or I'll make your death more painful than I plan.' He threatened in a whisper.

'I'm terrified,' I chuckled. 'Get lost Noriel, your wind sucks, smells like skunk.'

'Don't mock me brother, I will take her back from you if it's the last thing I do.' Jeff ripped out a possessive growl out of my throat, Noriel's lion snarled back challengingly. I closed my eyes and breathe, easy Jeff, he can't take her.

'Stay away from my mate Noriel, if you touch her, I'll will break the law and come after you myself.'

'And if you touch her, I'll kill you!'
'Okay, challenge accepted. Watch me as I make her sick life miserable and kill the only hope of you breaking free before the time of battle comes, it'll be fun to feel your rage.'

'You just said she's your mate! Why would you hurt your own mate!' He yelled angrily, helplessness slipping into his tone, he shouldn't have revealed this to me, now I will surely make her suffer.

'I do whatever I like, full stop. Go away,' I waved my hand, sending him off.

'You are joking about hurting mate, right?' Jeff asked.



'Don't make me cast you in permanently,' I growled at him. He went quiet, damn! I stood up, I could hear her chattering or rather scream. I walked into the walk and teleported to her room, she was hitting Leslie with her pillow.

'Easy easy easy, such powers should be used to hump on Aaron,' huh?

'Stop saying that!' Bechira yelled.
'Can you shut me up?'

'Leslie, please stop it.'

'Whatever, we are going shopping tomorrow....'

'No,' I cut in, I didn't reveal myself but made sure they heard m...oh, she can see me. 'You are not allowed to step out of this house until I say so.'

'Why?' She asked churlishly.
'Z,' I walked into the wall again and hid in my shadow.
'That jerk!'

'Shhh,' Leslie shushed. 'He can hear you.'

'Trust me, I have much more bigger problem than than arrogant dickhead,' such insolence. I looked at her right leg, she screamed and fell on the floor.
'Aaron!' Jeff yelled. 'She'll be in pain all through the night!'

'Exactly,' I teleported back to my room. 'She has to fear me for who I am...'

'She's suppose to be the one person that won't fear us, as our soulmate!'

'Too bad.' If only she could just die.

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