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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 5


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 5

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I stared at my hands sadly, I had been kidnapped away from my own family, for two days we had been on the road, he drove all the way so his partner could rest, I only got down to pee and used that opportunity to stretch my legs and breathe well so I won't collapse. I even stuck my head out of the window sometimes so the wind would blow on me, I'm not healthy you know. What did I eat? For the pass two days, I've been nibbling on a miserable bag of banana chips and warm bottle water. One thing was sure, after the trip, I was going to faint, good thing I always carry my drugs in my pocket, that was the only thing I brought along.

'Hey, you okay back there?'
Reginald, his partner asked softly, he was really caring, like an older brother. 'Do you need to pee again?'

'I want to go home,' Sovereign groaned warningly at my words. 'Don't groan at me, I'm away from my father who I have lived with all my life! What do you expect!' I yelled. 'I get sick all the time, little things get me sick so can you handle that?!'

'You are a werebear, they don't get sick easily,' he scoffed.

'And I would have thought you being all power and all, you would know a preternatural when you see one,'

'Don't speak to me with such insolence mortal, I can easily disconnect your head from your body.' He threatened, like am afraid of death.

'Why don't you do that already, do you think death scares me,' I scoffed. 'Try something else more terrifying.' He swayed the car to a stop, he is going to kill me? He stepped out of the car, literally yanked the backseat door open and yanked me out. I screamed at the sharp pain in my hand, threw me on the floor and returned to his car.

'You'll stay there until I'm ready for you,' he got into his car and drove off, seriously? I sighed and stood up, more fresh air for me. I walked to a tree and sat down under it shade, the wind was heavy here.

'Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Pray you take that broken wings
And learn to fly, all your life
You've only been waiting for this
Moment to arrive....' I sang, I continued singing random songs, drumming my fingers on the grass. We were deep in a thick forest, like Amazon but I know it is not Amazon. I heard ruffling of leaves, I didn't bother getting up, I just wanted to sit down and wait for anything that would come up.

'Miss Bechira?' I flinched at the voice, standing to my feet. 'You are her, right?' It was a tall guy with jet black hair and gray eyes. I nodded with a beating heart, he nodded. 'Alpha King Reginald mind linked me to get you, that you were left here.'

'Reggie? You're a werewolf?'

'Yes, Alpha Damon, I'll take you with me.'

'Wait, Alpha too?'

'I'm an Alpha of my own pack, Alpha King Reginald is the supreme Alpha of all werewolf alphas. Hope you can manage height?'

'Yes, I can,' he walked closer to me with light step, he looked really young. He scooped me into his arms and flung me on his back. 'Hold on,' before I could answer him, he dashed off using his incredible speed, he was still in human form if you are wondering. I closed my eyes and buried my face into the nape of his neck, the wind was too much for me. He ran for about ten minutes before he stopped. 'We are here.' I raised my head, a gasp left my mouth, how do I explain what I was seeing? A structured city, like in the olden days, like old Egypt in a sort of fancy way.
Different men trooped here and there, some people training, some just sitting and laughing over something. I could see some ladies flirting with some heavily built men, cars and truck went to and fro like in a regular human city, it's hard to explain.

'Are we back in old Egypt?

'They didn't have cars then, did they?' He asked chucklingly as he piggybacked me to the beautiful mansion with bright golden colour. Some bowed to him, wondering what an alpha was doing backing a girl.
'Does this place have a name?'
'Nope, we just call it base.'
'Where do you live?'

'Being an Alpha, I live in the manor, main manor at the east wing of it with other Alphas.

'Like three to a room?' I asked gigglingly.

'No,' he laughed. 'Each man to his own room, that's how it works.
'And your beta?'

'In the second in command zone, south wings.'

'So, there are only werelions and werewolves here?'

'See that,' he jerked his head to the right, I turned my head and marvelled at the werecheetah lifting a big log on his back. 'There are others here,'

'Werecats aren't that organized, are they?'

'Not at all, if it wasn't for the Sovereign Alpha, they won't be working together. The only cool thing about them I love is their ability to shift at any age, right to choose what they want to do with their lives and the fact that when they shift, their clothes don't shred.'


'Yup! It's like a magic trick, when they shift, their clothing disappears, when they return to human, their clothes return. Cool huh?'

'Really,' I smiled. 'So how old are you?'


'You stopped aging?'

'At 18,'

'Cool,' I looked at the two wolves wrestling. 'One more question, do you know the Sovereign's real name?'

'Aaron, but no one dares call him that.'

'Got it,'

'Anything else?'

'Do I get to explore later?' I asked almost pleadingly

'I am not sure but I will send the queen of Monarch Pride over to you, she's the only one Sovereign won't snap at.'

'Is she nice?'

'I wouldn't send her to you if she wasn't,' I kept quiet from there. He walked into the gate of that house, walked straight to the door. There was a woman standing there and smiling at....Damon warmly. She had short pixie cut light brown hair and fierce green eyes. She looks really beautiful, very beautiful and sophisticated. 'Leslie, just the girl I wanted to see.' Damon chirped as he walked closer.

'Damon, Reginald already filled me in, is she the one?'

'She's on my back, what do you think?'

'Very good with the sarcasm, are you now?' She asked chucklingly.
'Heh heh, sorry, I can't help it. Leslie this is the girl, Bechira, Bech, this is the woman I was telling you about, Leslie.'

'Nice to meet you,' I said politely, sliding down from his back.

'Come, I'll take you to your room,'
'Where's Aaron? That jerk?' I asked frowningly, they both looked at me with mouth opened. 'What? I call him whatever I like.' It's funny, I'm usually not bold at all, what's up?

'Can you call him that never, if he finds out I told you his name, be ready to comfort my mate.' Damon said seriously, I twisted my nose and nodded.

'Alright, I'm very tired and need to sleep, carry me,' I said babyishly stretching my hands to her.

'Can't you walk?'

'I'm the human and you are the super strong one, I'm tired.'

'Okay baby, come here,' she laughed. I ran to her and squealed as she carried me bridal style. 'My new daughter, how old are you?'

'You are human? How come?'
'Mom was a sorceress, dad a werebear, both genes refused to mix well so here I am, suffering for it. Which is, any water around here? I need to take my drugs.'

'There's no water, we drink urine.' She said laughingly, I laughed too.

'How old are you?'

'I look 37, right?' I nodded. '271,'
'Wow,' I breathe. 'I was wrong, you are not my mom but my grandma,'

'Don't you dare,' she laughed. She flashed to a room, making me squeal but it was over before it started. We were in a royal room, pink to the core. 'Here's your room.'


'Don't like it?'

'Please no,'

'Okay,' she swift to another room, light blue and white. 'Like this one?'

'Yes,' I jumped down from her arms and ran to my bed, very soft looking and cool. I jumped on the bed and shrieked, this bed is so soft! 'This bed is so soft!'

'You should see my bed, softer.'

'Not as soft as this one, come sit on it.' In a flash, she was on the bed, she moaned and stretched her legs.

'You're right, this bed is definitely softer, good for heavy fucking....'

'What?' She laughed. 'Maybe I can borrow your bedroom anytime I want to seduce Damon again,'
'You have a thing with Damon?'

'Not really, I love flirting with him to annoy his mate, she's annoying.'

'Lion and wolf can't mate, right?'

'We're half humans, we can have sex with anyone we want.'

'Leslie, that's gross!'


'Ha ha, I am not a prude. I am still pure because if I have sex, I die.'

'Serious sickler, graduate of Die n Resurrect University speaking,' I said chucklingly.

'That's bad,'


'How sick?'

'Too sick,' I said lowly. 'Anyways, what's for dinner? I'm starving and I need something new to wear, I was kidnapped here.'

'Why did he carry you anyways?'
'I dunno,' I said with a shrug. 'I was abducted, you don't know why when you are abducted, you just find yourself abducted, you just are.'

'That was almost confusing but I get it. So, what's up?'

'Hunger, sleep, can I get something else to wear?'
'I'll lend you my dress to wear for the night, we will go shopping tomorrow.'

'Okay, thank you Leslie. It's nice having a grandmother watch over me,' she smacked my stomach, causing me to laugh.

'You are insane, I am your big sis, I'm too old to even be a mom....I mean, too young.' I chuckled. She stood up, she's too fast, she was out of my room.

Welcome new life!

Drugs! Yes!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
'Did you seriously have to leave her there!' My lion kept shouting. 'Aaron, go geT ourmate!'
'Blah blah,'

'She could get killed there, Aaron please.'

'Still blah,'

'You are acting like a child,'

'Whatever,' I said nonchalantly, flipping through my files.


'Not gonna move Jeff, you know I won't if I don't want to.'

'Grrrr,' I ignored him. 'You are just like him, Noriel.'

'Don't compare us! I am nothing like him!'

'So you claim, this is the reason why I kept shut for hundreds of years. You are egoistical, arrogant and wicked! You think you are good but you are not one b....'

'Fine!' I yelled out. 'Reginald!!!!!!' I yelled furiously, stupid beast. Reginald ran in, he wiggled his nose with a knowing smile.

'Don't worry, I already brought her here. Leslie is attending to her.'

'Get out,' he nodded with a smile and left. He acts like my best friend when we aren't even friends. 'Happy now?'

'You are still like him,' argh!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Leslie took me out, I joined her and Damon to have dinner at a fancy restaurant deep in the town, turns out the deeper town looks like a civilised town. I was wearing Leslie's floral dress and sandals, the dress was slightly bigger because Leslie is fatter than me. It was okay though. I was devouring my food with pleasure, never in my life have I felt so much peace being around someone. They were like my protective big siblings, chasing away those with curious eyes.
'Take it easy on the fries,' Damon chuckled, I nodded. He took a napkin and wiped my mouth. 'Don't eat too fast,'

'Okay,' I slowed down, Leslie thankfully fed me with protein shake every three minutes, so I won't choke.

'I better get home, my mate will be waiting for me,'

'Yeah, run along pup, your wife needs you.'

'Leslie, don't call me a pup, you know I hate that.' He groaned.

'Can you beat me? Go,' she commanded. He chuckled and used his speed to ran off. 'Hey! You forgot to pay the bills! That goat! Leaving a woman to pay his bills.' She huffed.

'You asked him to leave,'

'But pay,'

'Still the same,'

'So, Aaron's your mate?' I choked on my fries. 'Sorry,' she chuckled. 'I'm thinking you didn't know.'
'Mate? I coughed.

'We werelions don't get mates but few times when we do, we treasure them.'

'We aren't mates,'

'Hmmm, I will let him explain that.'

'What kind of mate abandons his mate alone in a forest,' I scoffed.

'Simple, Aaron.' She chuckled.

'We aren't mates, just....I don't know.'

'You know, you look a lot like Princess Danika, if I remember the history book well, you look a lot like that princess from a thousand years ago.'

'Princess Danika is real?' I asked stunningly.

'Yes, you know about her?' She's real? Which means......no.....

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