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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 4


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 4

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Oh my God! This shit is getting real! The man in my dreams, the one whose golden stone I touched as a little princess was standing right in front of me staring with a gaping mouth. My heart had quickened, he was real, even more prettier in person. He had big golden eyes with black shade, just like the locks of his hair which went down to shoulder length and had razor cut ends. The razor cut provided a jagged, soft textured appearance which he easily brushed forward so his bangs could cover his left eyes. The spikes lay at the side of his head rather than sticking out, it was gorgeous and gave him a boyish look. Now, to admire his lips, it was red, brick red and glossy, the way it parted ringing a bell in my head.

Why is he looking at me like that? Does he know me too? Have the dreams been disturbing him before like it has been disturbing me? His scent was the only thing I could perceive, my fingers were itching to reach out and cup his face. I raised my hands and stared at my palms, shaking and sweaty, what's this?

'No,' I averted my eyes back to him. 'It can't be,' he shook his head negatively. 'This makes no sense.'

'I know you, I've seen you in my dreams all my life,'


'In my dreams, I was a princess, Princess Danika and I wandered into a cave under a mountain, your cave....' His eyes widened with shock. 'Do you know what I'm talking about? Have you been dreaming about that too?'

'Someone is playing games with me, Noriel, is this another means to find my weakness, it won't walk.' He snarled to himself, the wind gushed on my face, causing me to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, he was gone.

'Bechira, you are freaking me out!'
 Audrey yelled, I turned around with confusion written allover my face. 'Are you alright?'

'Where's Donnie?'

'Went out to find your dad because you are going nuts, who were you talking to?'

'I don't know,' I admitted, shaking my head dazedly. 'I don't know.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I stopped at a tree and rest my hands on it, what the hell does Noriel thinks he's doing! We agreed to fight fair like we have always done, pulling out this stunt is out of the line!

'You are not as clever as I thought Aaron,' my lion chuckled. 'How is it possible for him to manipulate me into thinking she's our mate?'

'The same girl that set us free! What exactly are you trying to achieve? Get us killed by giving us a weakness!'

'I did not make her our weakness, I did not choose her, we were matched.'

'Why her? The reincarnation?'

'How would I know? I'm just the beast inside of you. Listen, it is not our place to decide, she's already ours.'

'I can't let her live,' I sighed. 'Once her existence is known, Noriel will stop at nothing to seize and use her against me,' I shook my head disapprovingly. 'I cannot be subjected to mortal emotions.'
'You want to kill our mate? Are you okay?'

'Unlike werewolves, our mate bond isn't strong, it will do little effect to me if she dies. Only few gets mate, it's not entirely necessary.'

'And that is why you think killing her will make sense? In case you don't know Aaron, werelions don't have mates, especially their royals but if eventually they do get blessed with one by the sun god, it is hold sacred. Killing your blessed mate is spitting in his face.'

'Who is he compared to me? What right does he have to give me a mate! I am over him! What the hell was he thinking giving me a mate!'

'Why don't you calm down, I will ask you this Aaron, will you kill an innocent soul because you don't want a weakness? What difference does that make you from your brother?'

Damn his wisdom!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
Dad was pacing my room, don't know why but he kept pacing. I was more concerned about me, what is happening to my almost normal life? Everything is changing drastically. Audrey was still with me, clearly as confuse as I am because she didn't understand what was going on.

'Audrey,' I called absent mindedly.


'This sovereign Alpha, have you ever seen him? Do you know how he looks like?'

'No, but I heard he's absolutely dreamy with gold and black hair.' I turned my head slowly to her, that's the same colour.

'Tell me more about werelions, the things you know.'

'Hmmm, it's pretty long, the info is long but I'll summarize. First, werelions are the strongest breed of werecats, dedicated to the sun as werewolves are to the moon. However, unlike werewolves, they don't base their lives completely on it, most of them don't care about the sun god. Like an average lion will do, they operate in prides, each king with his pride and they do have telepathic connection, not as strong as a werewolf's but strong enough. The one thing cool about their mental link is that if they come in contact with another pride, once physical contact are made, they can connect telepathically as long as the pride isn't too far away. That will come in handy in face of an ambush.'

'I know they don't have mates, right?'

'Not regularly and most times, not at all. Their Alphas are allowed to have as many wives as he can take care of, no questions asked.
 Sometimes when the queens no longer see their husband fit, they dethrone him and care for their pride themselves....'

'That's harsh,'

'Werelions culture are far more complicated than werewolves or other werecreatures of the canid family. They mostly live in Africa, ordinary werelions not born into royalty are free to choose whether to live in a pride or amongst humans. They appreciate humans but do not mate with them as frequent as werewolves do. Their males human form are easy to detect, mostly broad chested with ginger, red or brownish hair and eyes. Their forms are quite like normal lions, just larger than werewolves. They are immune to most things, injuries don't easily get to them, you barely see them sustain wounds. Silver and mountain ash is bad for them but the effect isn't that strong and their shift comes at any age, most times after puberty but mostly when they are in danger. They shift easily at day than at night, superhuman speed, agility, senses, dexterity, healing factor, reflexes and gold kills them faster. Their powers work with their emotions and sense of duty, their females are more faster because they don't have any heavy mane to slow them down. That's pretty much what I know.'

'They don't mingle well with other werecreatures, right?'

'As long as you don't challenge them, you won't lose your head. They are super strong.'

'How come the sovereign guy is commanding everyone? And what are they all doing here not in Africa?'

'What part of he's very powerful beyond knowledge don't you understand,'

'Bechira,' dad called lowly, I averted my gaze to him. 'We are leaving.'


'Don't ask, just stand up, we need to leave now.'



'Sorry,' I stood up reluctantly. Donnie ran in breathing heavily.
'The Sovereign Alpha is leaving, he's asking for Bechira.'
'What!' We shouted.

'Me? Why?!'

'I don't know,' he said panickingly. 'He just walked up to me and said, "the Bechira girl, get her for me." I ran here as soon as possible.'

'That's not possible,' dad protested.

'Tell that to him,' I stood up, he wants me? Who's he? It has to be him.

'You are not going anywhere Bechira, sit down.

'Dad, do you want to anger him?' I sighed. He huffed and walked out first. I bit my bottom lip, this is either bad or good. I followed him out, my feet were itching to run but I had to control myself before I did something stupid. I followed them out of the house to a big clearing where he stood with another man, it was definitely him. His eyes weren't leaving my body, it was like my existence sickened him.

'Alpha,' dad bowed grouchily. 'You asked for my daughter....'

'Pack your things, you are coming with me.'

'Me?' I asked dazedly.

'Yes, you. From now on, you will live with me, this is not a decision to be made, I have concluded.'

'That's not possible,' I said frowningly, folding my arms under my breasts. 'You can't just waltz in here from nowhere and tell me to follow you, things don't work that way. I don't know you, so what's your problem?' Everyone was staring at me like I just said my last words.

'Are you talking to him?' The other tall guy with intimidating face asked.

'Yes, I'm confuse already as it is to be suddenly aware that your kind exist, now I'm moving again to live with a stranger? Give me one reason why I should follow you? One reason.'

'If you stay here for two more days, he will come after you and you die,'

'Who's he?'

'You talk too much,' he sighed. Before I could ask again, I was whipped on his strong shoulder... Wow! He smells so nice..... I mean, this is outrageous!

'Hey! Put me down!'

'I'll take my leave but be rest assured that your daughter will be safe with me,' the sovereign guy said softly to dad.

'Please, I do not aim to disrespect but by him, do you mean that Noriel is coming for her?' Dad asked almost like he was going to cry. Sovereign nodded. 'Why? She has done nothing wrong t....'

'That is for me to know and for you to shut up,'

'Okay sir,'

'Hey! Don't talk to my father like that! He's old enough to be your.....'I paused, remembering the guy is over three thousand years old. How is it possible that he is still young? How is any of this even possible! 'Please, leave me alone,' I pleaded as I was bundled to the car. I knew he won't listen, my complicated life was about to get more complex.

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