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Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 10


Sovereign Alphas-Chapter 10

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron <<<<<<<<<<<<<
I flipped through the files meticulously, I was concentrating on what I was doing but Jeff wasn't, he was bothered. He kept lamenting that Bechira have changed, ever since she went to town with Leslie. He claimed that her emotions was wavering but what could make it waver? He's talking nonsense.
'....I'm telling you Aaron, something is different about our mate. Before when we stand close to her, I could feel her excitement, her spirit reaching out to us but not anymore. All I feel now is confliction, undecidability....'
'Jeff, she's fine. She probably is that way because she went into a human town and remembered her life, missed it and feel like going back. I am certain she is torn between loving us or going back. She will definitely stay because loving us is better.'
'Aaron, I feel her way better than you do, I know what I'm talking about.' He insisted.
'Okay, what do you suggest I do for my peace?'
'Good question,' I rolled my eyes. 'Mark her.'
'Mark what! Jeff! I thought we agreed that I would consider loving her if only we mark her after the war?!' I yelled at him.
'We don't have to mate with her, just mark her to ensure that she is ours forever.'
'Please, don't push this. I'm not marking her,' I said irrevocably.
'Please, so I can feel better? Why don't you want to mark her?'
'Jeff, this topic is not up for discussion, end it.'
'No buts, end it!' I yelled angrily, he huffed and went silent. I sighed, do we always have to fight because of her? She's trouble in beautiful clothing. The soft knock on my door brought me back to reality, I looked at the door and smiled, she rarely visits. 'Come in,' I tilted my head and waited for her to finish her short nervous prayer, something she does all the time before seeing me. She finally finished and opened the door open a little, stuck her head inside and grinned. 'What brings Her Majesty here?'
'Ha ha, very funny,' she entered the office and shut the door gently. 'Hi,'
'Mm hm, what are you doing here?'
'Is it a crime to come see my boyfriend at his majestic place of work?' She asked with a playful smile, twirling around with arms spread. I chuckled.
'Yes, that sounds far more appropriate than mate, or don't you think?'
'I prefer we don't refer to ourselves with such human terms, it's sickening.'
'So what should I use? Two days ago, you said I should refrain from calling you mate. I can't call you anything cute, why?'
'It's sickening,'
'Everything sickens you,' she huffed. 'What exactly are you gonna call us? You won't kiss or let me kiss you, you won't touch me and most of the time, you find it difficult to play with me even though you know I'm a kid at heart.'
'I'm sorry,' I sighed, closing the files. 'This relationship thing isn't use to me, accept my sincerity.'
'Apologizing all the time won't help, have you tried making effort to actually change for me?'
'You are the only one I let speak to me with such disrespect, isn't that enough?'
'Yeah, I salute, Methuselah's cousin.' She said ironically with an eye roll. Jeff chuckled in my head.
'Don't be like that, I'm not use to people talking to me anyhow, it's rude and disrespectful.'
'Well news flash, you are my mate, not my commanding general.'
'I'm sorry,'
'Don't you get it Aaron,' she said exasperatedly, throwing her head back. 'I want you to be a man who can apologize and actually change your behavior, that is when I...'
'Enough,' I snapped. She scoffed.
'Remind me not to pay my ancestral mate a visit again. Enjoy your miserable evening His Imperial Majesty.' With that said angrily, she stomped out. Wow, that was rude.
'Now I'm realising why she's changing, you are the cause.'
'Be quiet Jeff, she's overreacting. Women are usually like that, overemotional and dramatic, always demanding for more time....'
'And how many percent of your time have you given her?' I kept mute. 'Cat got your tongue?' He taunted. 'Trust me when I say and will keep saying this;, even though Noriel is wicked and dark, he is far more considerate than you.' That's harsh coming from someone you have shared a body with all your life.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bechira <<<<<<<<<<<<<
There I was thinking I was being unfair to Aaron by dreaming about his brother all time, thinking I should fix things and rebuild my feelings for him and there he was acting like a jerk. I stomped back to my room where Leslie was waiting for me, she gave me the idea of the visit and eventually as Damon predicted, doom for failure. I pushed the door to my room open and huffed, Damon chuckled knowingly.
'What did he do?' Leslie sighed.
'Not just what he did, what he said and how he fucking reacted!' I yelled, slamming the door shut. 'The guy don't know how to take care of a woman. The topic of this time quarrel is "don't call me boyfriend, the human term of endearment because it's sickening." Everything sickens that man! I keep trying to build up reasons why I should love him but he keeps destroying it with his attitude. He is making me sick!' I threw myself on the bed right beside Damon and covered my face with my palms.
'You just have to give him time,' Leslie said calmly. 'He's not use to such feelings,'
'And am I? I didn't ask the universe to reincarnate me and force me to be his destined mate,'
'Reincarnate?' Damon asked confusedly.
'Scratch that,'
'No, speak.'
'Everybody is a reincarnation dude, go read a book.' Leslie said with an eye roll. She was speaking on her own term, not that I told her anything.
'Whatever, forget about it, he will get use to you with time.'
'Yeah right,' I scoffed and dropped my hands. My stupid lips smiled as I remembered Noriel.
'Why is this one smiling?' Damon asked drily.
'Do you think there is anyone who can be hotter than Aaron?' I asked turning to Damon.
'How would I know?'
'Never,' Leslie said disapprovingly. 'The day I see any being sexier than Aaron, I'll strip naked in a human mall and twerk.' I have, his brother that have been driving my heart crazy. Oh my gurl! His voice was still in my head, turning me on like I'm some crazy nymph of darkness.
'Why are you smiling like you just had s....fuck girl, have you and Sovereign done something?' Damon asked amusedly. Is it me or is Leslie the only one that dares pronounce Aaron's name? Odd.
'If they had, wouldn't you see his mark,' Leslie replied derisively. 'You need to download sense, you need one.'
'I have sense Leslie, don't insult me.'
'Or what?' She smirked. 'You will call your wife to come cane me?'
'That's n....' Someone hammered on my door furiously, who's that one? 'Oh crap,' Damon muttered. 'Come in.' The door flew open immediately, Damon's fantastic mate has arrived. She was kinda short and should I say chubby or stocky? She's just round with a head that qualifies for baseball. Everything about her is bad, her flatwise face which she bathe with excessive but insufficient makeup wasn't even pretty. She's approximately hairless, at least I think because she's always on wig. There is nothing on her chest, not even something as close as a mustard seed and her character is completely bad, F9. The only good thing about her body was that she was heavily loaded at the behind, enough backside to crush an elephant.
'Hi babe,' Leslie sneered.
'Don't even interfere witch,' she snapped at Leslie, her name is Cynthia by the way. 'You,' she turned to Damon. 'You are here while I struggle with your baby in our room, huh?!'
'I'm sorry love, Bechira wanted my help in...'
'In what! Are you are mate?! You throw yourself at this stupid human girl like she's the queen of beauty when you have me....'
'Waou,' Leslie laughed.
'Shut up. Haven't I warned you to stay away from women? This girl is just a kid...'
'Shit men,' Leslie said between her laugh.
'What are you laughing about you prick!'
'I don't have a dick babe, how am I a prick,' Leslie laughed. 'Geez! I just said your husband should download sense but now I think about it, his senses expired and needs upgrade, serious one. You however, you don't just need to download the sense, but upgrade and configurate your entire setting because obviously, you were built with 30kb internal storage.' I burst into laughter with her, that was hilarious and you know what's more funny? Damon was trying to hold his laugh, he dare not talk back or Leslie will finish his life.
'Ma?' He asked with a laughing tone.
'Are you hearing what she's saying?'
'I can hear,'
'Won't you do something about it!'
'What do you want him to do, wrestle with me for a bag of boiled beans like you?' Leslie mocked. 'You even called her ma, Damon you should stretch it like the foolish goat you her to exaggerate your obedience. Damon! Maaaaaaa!' She said, calling the "ma" like a goat would. Damon frowned while she glared at Leslie, I was laughing well. 'What? Fight me if you can Cindy, I dare you. Only one pregnancy and you want to kill your idiot with commands and nagging, are you the first pregnant woman on earth?!' Yeah, Cynthia is pregnant, not yet given birth but so annoying. Damon said she have always been like that, even before the pregnancy.
'At least I am pregnant and have a mate, what do you have oh Imperial Majesty,' Cynthia mocked. 'And mind you, it's Cynthia, not Cindy.'
'What do I have? Let's see,' Leslie stroke her chin. 'Slenderness, beauty, boobs, I don't have character like that but I'm better than you. Hair, hips, money, authority. When I speak, people cower, men chase me like the queen I am. I don't need a mate bond to tie me to a man because they will beg to be tied to me.....'
'Leslie, that's enough,' Damon cut in warningly.
'I am tall, if I actually get a mate, I won't kill him with excessive whining, nagging and attitude. I don't need makeup to cover up my ugly flat face or actually wear a bra when I don't have any reason to wear the bra. I'm not fat and insecure and when I eventually give birth, my children won't look like tubers of yams....'
'Leslie!!!' Damon roared, his eyes were black as his wolf was about coming out to fight her for insulting their mate. She snapped her head to him and hissed challengingly, her own eyes turning deep orange.
'What! I'm saying the truth! I hate your mate and there is nothing you can do about that!' She yelled and then turned to Cynthia. 'Do you think your marriage will last with your bad character?! With how you keep showing off when you are nothing but a weak ugly hybrid who was lucky enough to be mated to a handsome.... Ugh, wrong word, hideous dog like him?! Even with your shitty flaws he still loves you but you make him feel like living under water is better! You just....'
'Leslie that's enough,' I said calmly. She sat down back immediately and folded her arms. 'Damon, please take your mate out of my room and tend to her needs.'
'I'm sorry,' Damon sighed. 'For yelling....'
'Why!' Cynthia yelled in tears. 'She insulted me! Is it because I'm not as beautiful and attractive as other girls that's why you choose to stay away from me! Why are you apologising!'
'I stay away from you because every fucking minute with you is suffocating!' Damon finally yelled out his mind. 'All you do is nag, nag, nag and nag! Accusing me of cheating and that when you know I will never cheat on you!' I looked over at Leslie, she had her legs folded as she ate from a bowl of popcorn excitedly.
'Seriously?' I mouthed at her. She sibilated for me to shut it while she enjoyed the show.
'I get that you feel insecure because you know that if it wasn't for the bond, I wouldn't have mated with a woman like you but you are already my mate and I love you nevertheless. Your attitude, characters is what keep me away because it sucks. You can't cook, can't work, I do everything but all you do is find fault after fault. What is it I haven't done to make you happy....'
'Oh please,' she scoffed. 'You are a man and I know you have eyes on other ladies because you think I am not beautiful at all....'
'You are not,' he said unequivocally. Her mouth fell open in shock. 'But that doesn't stop my wolf from loving you. I accept you just like that....'
'Oh pelease, you guys should take your cheesiness out of here,' Leslie interrupted. 'Tell her to her face,' she dropped her legs. 'Cynthia, you are the kind of woman that will make a powerful Alpha go naked on his knees every midnight and lay curses on his wolf for choosing you. If I was your husband, I would pray you die during parturition....'
'Leslie!' I exclaimed.
'It's not entirely a bad wish,' Damon muttered loud enough for us all to hear. She burst into tears yet again.
'You want me dead Damon, seriously?'
'I didn't say that....'
'I don't blame you!!! I blame this useless Leslie and this pathetic human girl!!!' Damon's eyes widened, I didn't realise what until I saw who was standing behind her. 'At least I have a mate, Leslie don't even have one. She's a whore who jumps from one bed to the other, a goddamn prostitute! And very soon, she will initiate this one into it. No wonder the Sovereign sees you as trash, just his....'
'Cynthia be quiet!' Damon yelled while Leslie laughed manically.
'And who are you to speak to my mate with such disrespect,' oh it wasn't a question and Aaron was raging. Her blood went cold, her face pallid with immediate effect. I stood up for Damon's sake. 'Turn around,' he barked. She turned around shakily while I dragged myself to them, she needs small scolding. 'How dare you raise your voice at MY MATE!' He roared into her face and bataboom! She fainted.
'Cyn....' Damon wanted to call but he glared at him. 'Please, pardon her, I beg you,' he pleaded, going on his knees.
'Take your mate and get out,'
'I don't want to see either you or your pack members in my premises again,' Aaron gave his verdict. Leslie's eyes widened.
'Damon, Leslie, leave us,' I said calmly. They didn't ask questions, Leslie took her bowl and ran out through the window. Damon just carried his mate and carefully walked around Aaron who never stopped glaring at Cynthia's body. 'Continue staring and she will have complication at birth,' I said chucklingly. He sighed and walked into my room since he was still at the door. 'You know I'm mad at you, right?:
'I know.'
'I don't have anything to say to you, just take back the verdict you gave on the innocent Alpha. Dismissing him is stripping him off his title and pride, don't do that.'
'And if I don't?' He asked with raised brow.
'Will you say no to me?'
'She insulted you,'
'Me don't mind,' I smiled, sitting back on my bed. 'Call it off, for my sake. Damon is my friend....'
'Is that why he was in your room? You let another male into your room just like that?'
'Cut that jealous shit, he's mated.'
'And you're still beautiful,' he murmured. I folded my arms and looked away to the window. 'This us isn't working out Bechira, even if I badly want it to.'
'You don't badly want it enough because if you do, you would put in more effort to us. What do you want from me Aaron? Just say it now so I can prepare myself for what will happen.'
'I cannot decide until after I serve my purpose....'
'Well I might not be here after you do,' I fired. 'Just leave me alone,' I huffed and laid on my bed. He sat down on the bed, dropped his stupid hand on my leg. I was wearing a yellow camisole and black bum short, that wasn't even enough to turn the dude on.
'I'm sorry Bechira, I really am but you will have to wait.'
'Can I go home? Get enough chance to think?' I asked looking at him over my shoulder as I hugged my pillow.
'Not now.' I sat up, this is too much. I stood up and wore my fluffy yellow slippers.
'I'm taking a walk, by the time I return, you better decide on what you really want to do with me or I'll kill myself and be far away from you.'
'That's final.' I concluded and walked out of my room. I just kept walking not minding the way eyes were staring. What is wrong with him! Why is he so mean and....I get that he needs time but he is so focus on the war that he doesn't think of anything else. What does he want me to do? Keep longing for his attention and touch? The worse was my new feelings for his brother and not just because he's abso-goddamn-lutely fucking handsome. I felt that pull towards him, even stronger than the one I feel for Aaron.
I got myself when I bumped into a tree, what the....I had ran all the way into the forest unknowingly. I sighed and rubbed my head. 'Bechira,' I flinched and turned to Leslie. 'You okay?'
'I'm fine, just upset.'
'Come,' she smiled and walked behind another tree. I shrugged and followed her, she just kept walking. 'What did he do?'
'Nothing serious, we just argued.'
'Humph,' she kept quiet and hugged herself sadly. 'I was never this promiscuous, never this wild. I fell in love and had my heart broken beyond redemption. It's surprising how possible it is that you are here, how I still love him.' She stopped walking as we crossed a barrier.
'Who?' I asked curiously. She wiped the tears off her cheeks and looked at the sky.
'I love you Bechira,' eh? 'You are the one person that I've grown fond of, you remind me so much of my little sister before she died. I care about you, I really do, I love....'
'Leslie,' I coughed. 'What is the meaning of this shit you are saying?'
She chuckled 'I'm not gay if that is what you are thinking. I love you as a sister but I can no longer contain my lion's rage and jealousy, her pain and betrayed feeling.'
'I'm in love with Aaron, my lion loves his and I love him more than my life.' I stepped back stunned.
'I hope you will forgive me in the nearest future,' as she said that, shadows loomed from around. Soon some people stepped out and circled us. 'Goodbye Bechira, hope he treats you better than Aaron will.'
I should have screamed Aaron's name knowing that the vampires and faes that surrounded me were going to take me to Noriel but deep down, I wanted to see him again and this was my only ticket. 'Leslie,' I sobbed. She stepped out of the circle, her eyes turning deep orange again. 'Don't do this to me, he'll kill me...'
'Noriel will rather die than hurt you because unlike Aaron, he loves you more than his own breath.'
'What are you....'
'As you are Aaron's mate, so are you his. You are mated to both brothers Bechira, a really lucky bitch you are.' She smirked.
'I'll let him explain to you himself,'
'Taking me won't mean Aaron will ever love you back!' I yelled. A look of hurt flashed in her eyes before she smiled.
'I know, but it will definitely save you from the heartbreak he gave me and satisfy my lion's rage. If I can't have him, you won't either.'
'S...' Something stung my neck, I immediately slouched down. One fae caught me.
'Take her away fast, my debt to Noriel have been cleared and tell him to fuck off my dreams, I don't owe him again.'
'Whatever,' the fae scoffed and lifted me up upon his shoulder. Without wasting any time, he dashed into the sky, fleeing from Aaron's premises. Before I fell into unconsciousness, my mind called out to him and hoped he would hear.

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