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Sisters- Episode 9


Sisters- Episode 9


Evelyn P. O. V
I sat on my bed strolling through my gallery deleting pictures of Alfred and I. I stared at a particular picture and smiled remembering that day.

It happened to be our birthday. Jocelyn and I wished eachother a happy birthday and did prayers then she left for her room. She barged in all smiles.



"Guess what?

I rolled my eyes. "Am very bad with that.

"Common dont be a kill joy".

"But you know quite well, am not good in guessing na".

"Okay, I just received a call from Alfred that we should come over so let's get dressed".

"What are we gonna wear now". I said looking at the big closet full of my dresses in front of me.

"Hey wait.... I'll be right back". She stormed out of the room and soon came back with a shopping bag. "Surprise!!!!! "She brought out two short gown. OMG the one we both saw online last week.

"Wow you got it". I exclaimed happily. "I also have a surprise for you. I brought out a bag behind my dressing mirror.

"Wow, you got these shoes". Jocelyn exclaimed and hugged me tight.

We always make sure we buy gifts for ourselves and it must be a pair for both of us, same thing just colour difference. She loves white, silver and blue while I love gold, red and black.

"We have to make it snappy, okay? Let's go bath". Jocelyn said and we both bath in my bedroom, changed into our birthday dress and did a light makeup for ourselves as usual.

"Okay good to go? "

"Nope am ready, more than ready spongebob". I chuckled.

"Aye aye captain".

"I can't hear you"

"Aye aye captain". We laughed out loud.

"I should not have had you as a sister, you're the worst. In a good way though. Jocelyn laughed.

"All my ways are good, witchy witchy ". She said we both chuckled and did a high five. "Let's go paint the city RED!!!! ". We screamed.

With that we left the house and jocelyn drove to the beach. Soon we got there and we came out of the car. I saw Alfred coming towards us.

"Happy birthday cuties". He flashed us a smile before pecking us.

"Thank you so much". We chorused.

I watch him brought out a little box, he opened it revealing a bracelet. No it was two. He took jocelyn's hand and lock a bracelet on her wrist.

"Thank you so much Alfred". She said and hugged him.

He went on a knee before me. "Evelyn, ever since I got to know you. I can't get you outta my mind, i kinda like you. I wanna be the reason behind your smile, I want to be yours. I want to be able to say that's my girlfriend! She means the world to me! Evelyn I dont know if you like me but am telling you now that I love you and wanna be your boyfriend? ".

I was dumbfounded, I was crushing on him too. "You had a crush on me? ".

He nodded. "I love you too Alfred and am ready to be your girlfriend". With that he lock the bracelet on my ankle. I so much love ankle chains. He stood up and we kissed for a while before jocelyn cleared her throat.

We chuckled."so let's go ladies".
He said holding my hand as he led me to a hut opposite the beach. We got in and OMG. The table was full of assorted foods and drinks.

"Wow!! ".Jocelyn and I exclaimed. I hugged him tight. "You're the best Alfred, am so lucky to have you". We kissed before settling down.

We had lot of fun that day and took picture.

I can't delete it. I left the gallery and strolled to music.
Jocelyn is busy in the kitchen, she's been in the kitchen for long. Said her man is coming over and she told me to leave the house, at first I wanted to but when I called Jeff.He told me, he's wants to go see a friend and I dont know why I can't go with him. So i coudnt leave, Jocelyn was mad at me, we almost got into a fight. I dont understand this whole thing.Have never hide anything from her but since she's hiding her man, am also gonna hide Jeff from her. Soon I heard a car drove in, I guess it her man... I laid down on my bed, I need to sleep.....

Jeffrey P. O. V
Jocelyn and I sat in the sitting room playing game, we just finish eating and I must say, she's a very good cook.

Talk of Evelyn, Ever since we had something between us, I grew fond of her. I always want to be around her. It was like a dream come true when we made lov. Dont get the wrong idea, I dont lust for her but rather am ready to marry her. She had called me today that she's coming over but I just had to tell her I wont be around because I just gets stuffs to settle.

Jocelyn confessed her love for me two days ago and even kissed me but I resisted her immediately.

I turned her down after I explained that am Inlove with someone else which annoyed her. She was mad and cried but I just have to be sincere with my feelings.Evelyn is the woman I wanna spend the rest of my life with even though have not told her anything. I just discover that I can't get her outta my mind, I was crushing on her before we had something but after we did, I realize am inlove. That why am here to make things clear between Jocelyn and I because she still called last night crying that she really love me.I dont want to hurt her so it better if we just settle things. My parent are already disturbing me to marry Evelyn because they've met her and really love her.

"Jocelyn.... There is something I wanna tell y... " I was distracted by the sound of the water dispenser, I turned back and my eyes met with those brown eyes...

"Evelyn! " "Jeffrey! " we both called at the same time, the glass cup she was holding fell and shattered on the tiled floor, my mouth went agape.

"Whats going on here?" Jocelyn asked confused.

"Jeff, what are you doing with my twin sister? Wait Jocelyn, is this your man that you've been talking about?". Evelyn asked facing Jocelyn and I. Wait Jocelyn and Evelyn are twin sisters. Wow.... But what does Evelyn mean by calling me Jocelyn's man.

"Yeah and where did you know him from? ". Jocelyn half yelled looking angry at Evelyn. Wait why is she mad?

It happened in a flash as Evelyn ran out of the house in tears.
"Evelyn! ". I called running after her, she rushed out of the compound running so fast that she didn't notice the coming vehicle. "Noooooooo............

Jocelyn P. O. V
I was playing games with Jeffrey when I heard Evelyn taking water from the dispenser, what the hell is she doing outside. I warned her not to.. That bitch is so dead, I dont still understand the drama that just took place.Jeffrey and Evelyn knows eachother .... How? Where?? When??.. Anyhow it is I dont care, all I care is that Jeff is mine and mine alone. I won't watch Evelyn take him from me.
She stole Alfred from me, I met Alfred first but he fell inlove with my sister and even proposed to her being his girlfriend in my presence when I thought he was gonna ask me out instead. No it not happening again I swear....

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