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Sisters- Episode 8


Sisters- Episode 8


Jocelyn P. O. V
I stood in front of the big dressing mirror admiring myself. I had a light makeup on my face and my lips sparkling. I smiled at what am actually seeing, I had the curve at the right place.

The door flung open and Evelyn walked in. "Hey beautiful".

"You should learn to knock, I've been telling you that for 24years now.

She rolled her eyes. "Not like have not seen everything, nothing special there".

"Shut up little witch".

"Are you going somewhere?. She asked scrutinizing the way I dressed.

"Yeah baby girl". I smiled
"You look very hot, I hope you not planning to seduce someone's son tonight? ". She winked.

"Well well.... Maybe I might". I winked back.

"But Jocelyn.... Do you really have to go? It 8pm please".

"I dont get you love, Why shouldn't I?

"I wanted to come and play with you". She said and look down dejectedly.

I pulled her into a hug, ever since Alfred broke up with her. She's been so quiet somehow.

"Common baby, i'll be back around 10pm maximum". I said and pecked her hair.

"Promise you coming home tonight, because your dressing is not saying that".

"Hey common, are you kidding right now? You know we never spend a night outside, no matter what, common".

"Okay mummy, I love you". She smiled and hugged me tight again.
"I love you too daddy". I returned the smile and we both chuckled. I release myself from the hug and left for Jeffrey's.

He's at his cousin's place. Davis. Actually Davis asked me out but I turned him down. I love Jeffrey even though he's not making any move which am actually gonna make today.

"Hey come on in". Davis said smiling. I returned the smile and entered the house.

"Hey beautiful, you look takeaway. Am afraid I might steal you tonight". Jeff said immediately he saw me.

I blushed. "Thanks for the compliment dear".

"You dont have to thank him. It the truth babe". Davis said.
I sat beside Jeff on the sofa. "What type of doctor, are you anyways? ". I turned to davis.

"You mean I should not have time for myself because am a doctor? ".
"Not really but you spend more time at home". I replied.

"She's right Davis". Jeff said.
"Whatever guys, am going to sleep". Davis said.

"Alright dear, sweet dreams". I smiled at him, he nodded and left the sitting room.

"Are you sleeping here, tonight? ". I asked Jeff.

"Yeah, my family is still back to the country so i'll be here with Davis till they are back.

"Your gay lover". I grinned.

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"You crazy jocelyn I swear". We chuckled. "Remember I told you, Davis is an only child of my aunt.
 He's my favorite cousin". He added.

"Oh I see.................... ". My eye caught something in a foil paper on the table which I picked one.
"Oh that's Gimbap".

"Gimbap? ". I arched an eyebrow.
"Yeah it a korean seaweed rice roll filled with a variety of delicious fillings". He explained.

"Oh ummmm...... Can I try it? ".

"Yeah sure, go ahead".

I took a bite and OMG "it so yummy". I said enjoying every bit of it.

"Yeah it one of the best dishes".
"So who made it or where did you got it?.

He smiled. "I made it".

"Wow, you know how to cook? ".
"Yeah alot".

"Who taught you how to, I mean you're a guy so hmm. You know".

He chuckled. "Actually I learnt it from mom and my elder sister.
But 85% from my elder sister, she's a chef and I have passion for cooking".

"Wow, can I take home for my sister? ".

"Yeah sure you can, ummm you never talk about your parent".
I dropped the remnant of the Gimbap on the table. "They're died Jeff".
"Oh am sorry about that".

"Why? Not like you killed them".
"Yeah but you know....... So was it am accident or illness?".

"Jeff, please I dont wanna talk about it".

"Am sorry about that...... Tell me about your sister then".

I smiled. "My sister is the best that's all I can say".

"Wow you must love her alot".

"Of course, we share a strong bond, we love eachother so much".

"That's great, so you guys have never fought or maybe get jealous of yourselves".

"Hmmm we've fought in the past.Couple of times, I was jealous of her sincerely. She always have good things coming her way uptill now.And you? Your sisters? ".

"My sisters, I love them alot.
Actually my elder sister is my favorite. But soon she got married. And I became close to my younger sister and I must say she's the best too. I cherish both of them because lots of times when we were kids, I always made sure I beat anybody that comes their way, maybe bully or so".

"Jeffrey? ".

"Yeah? ".

"What am I to you? ".

He smiled. "Of course you're my best friend just like Davis.

"Best friends , just friends? ".

He hesitated for a while before nodding..

I felt broken, I was hurt. "You dont love me? You dont have any feelings for me? ".

"Of course I love you as a friend.......

"Just shut the crap, stop calling me your friend". I cut him off angrily. I moved closer to him and held his hands. "Jeffrey, okay maybe you dont know this, but am Inlove with you".

"You can't be, please. I dont wanna hurt you... I love someone else". .

I stared at his pink lips and before he could say JACK. My lips crash on his.

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