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Sisters- Episode 7


Sisters- Episode 7


Jeffrey P. O. V
I was eating my lunch of Bibimbap( a korean meal) when my phone beeped, I glance at my phone. It Evelyn. "oh my God Evelyn! Your number has been switched off since yesterday, I was scared! I dont even know your house"

I expect to hear her voice but it was sniffs, she was sobbing! I dropped my spoon immediately " Evelyn are you okay? I was getting scared already..

"Can we see, I really need someone to talk to please..... " Her voice was low like someone whispering

"Sure babe, but with the way your voice is, I bet you've been crying. It won't be nice to meet in a public place. Come to my house and please dont say No, am the only one at home"

"Okay.... Text me the address" with that she hung up. I texted her immediately,haven't eaten half of my food but I swear I just lost appetite so I just took the plate to the kitchen.

Few minutes later, the gateman came to tell me a lady is here to see me and I knew it was Evelyn. "Let her in" She came in and rushed to me clutching me to her weeping. I looked into her eyes. It was puffy, she must've been crying.

"Whats wrong with you, eve? What happened? "

"It Alfred....... He...... Broke up with me last night, I decided to go see him this morning, on getting there. I discovered he's getting married today. I confirmed it with my own eyes,Jeff..... I saw him". She bursted out crying again.

" That jerk! I clenched my teeth and my hands clenching into fists. Seriously I felt sorry for Evelyn. I know how it feels to be betrayed by someone you love, the pain of the person you love breaking your heart..... It reminded me of Hae So(my ex)..

" I swear to God Jeff..... Am not a bad girl at all, everyone thinks I break guys heart or I dont stay long in relationship, it not true. I wish to but they kept hurting me, have only met three guys who understood me, or so I thought but they only used me, I loved Alfred..... He's one of the best thing that happened to me but he deceived me too" She cried bitterly.

"It okay, stop crying...... He doesnt worth it, let's go to my room. I wanna sing for you" I said to her and held her upstairs, she was surprised I didnt tell her I do sing, well I do...... I have a great voice. Am not bragging here, trust me it the truth.

Evelyn P. O. V
I stared at Jeffrey as he sang playing his guitar, wow! He got a great voice... He never told me though. I forget my sorrow listening to his songs and I couldn't help but smile. He dropped the guitar on the table and came to me when he notice I was smiling.

Jeffrey P. O. V
" Trust me, you look so beautiful when you smile.... That's why you have to try all your best not to ruin that cute face of yours with tears ever again". I said to her as I caressed her cheeks with my thumb..

She looked into my eyes. " Can I kiss you Jeff? ". She broke the silence.... Wait! What? Did she just said she wanna kiss me? Did I hear correct that she just ask if she can kiss em? Is this a dream?...

"It okay if you dont want to".... She said looking hurt.

"No Evelyn, thats not it..... I mean....

She cut me off as her lips fell on mine and her tongue rolled into my mouth. I kissed her back passionately, she held my chin and deepened the kiss. I fondled her breast softly and I felt her hand run down to my trousers,I felt her hand on my crotch and I moan. I unbotton her blouse squeezing her breasts and she moaned. It drove me wild, I unhook her bra. Soon we were both stark naked on the bed devouring ourselves.

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