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Sisters- Episode 6


Sisters- Episode 6


Evelyn P. O. V

We walked into the cinema holding hands and went over to the receptionists.

"Good evening sir

"Good evening ma'am. We're glad to have you here". One of the receptionist said smiling.

"Yeah....... We want to watch a movie". Jeff replied.

"Which do you want to watch, sir? "
"Hmmmm we dont have any in mind". I said
"Okay ma'am, you can take a look". He said and gave us a list of the available movies.

"Let's watch perfect match, it sound romantic". I heard Jeff say. "Or what do you think? "

"Yeah I love romantic movies, we'll go for it'. I said and Jeff booked our tickets.

"You look good together"The receptionist said and I smiled at him.

"Thanks dear, am about to propose to her". Jeff said and I hit him lightly.

We move over to the food section. I took popcorn and orange juice while Jeffrey collected mango drink and popcorn too. Wow same thing my sister love. He payed and we proceeded to the movie hall. It was filled up but we finally got a place to sit at the back.

"Stop eating my popcorn Jeff". I said and slapped his hand off while he just chuckled. I have my popcorn with me but Jeff seems to be more intrested in mine. The movie is actually a comedy and romance. My head was on Jeffrey's shoulder and you'd think we couples. It been two weeks since I and Jeff had become friends and we close that I hardly have time for Alfred though things arent fine between us lately.

Jeff is all over me and I think he likes me tho, am not sure anyways and even if he does it shouldn't pass mere friends because I love My boyfriend.

And about Jocelyn, she's been hanging out with one dude and according to her, she loves the guy so much, she's hiding the guy picture from me, said i'll snatched him. I mean why will I do such a thing when am dating Fred. I wanted to show her Jeffrey's picture that day but she hurt my feelings. Why on earth will I do such to her, now that she got to love again and she's my twinnie. For crying out loud, I love her so much. Anyways, am happy for her.

My phone beeped and I stared at it, it was a message from LOML(Alfred).

"Come to love garden now, we need to talk". It sound so unlike him, what could have happened. I shrugged it off, said bye to Jeffrey after explaining I had to leave. We were suppose to go for dinner after leaving the cinema but Nope, I had to leave.

Jeffrey P. O. V
I left the cinema immediately Evelyn left, I was heartbroken when her phone beeped and it was a message from LOML , I know she has a boyfriend but I still feel attached to her. I dialed Jocelyn and she answered immediately like she was expecting my call.

" Hey lovely, are you at home? "

" Yeah sure... Was about to call you, I prepared dinner..... I dont know maybe you'll like to join me". She said and I bet she's smiling..... That girl is always smiling, I smiled at the thought of that..

" Yeah sure, am coming over". I said and hung up, I got popcorn and a Mango drink for us to dine with after dinner.

I drove to her house, dont even ask me how I knew it.. I've been there like thrice I guess. We do play video games together, cook and gist in her house. She told me she has a sister but I've not met her before...... Trust me when I say Jocelyn is a good girl, she's a very good cook though I haven't tasted Evelyn's food because I've never been to her house and same to her, we just do meet at restaurants,parks,cinema and other places..

Brought to you by Authoress Khalee

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Evelyn P. O. V
I sat opposite Alfred in the love garden staring at him. He looks so nervous and it scaring me. We dis not even order for anything likewe use to. Something is not right here.

"Alfred...... Are you okay? You look nervous"

"Huh? Am fine...... Am fine". He stammered.

"Alfred, you not. Whats up with you?.

He took a deep breath. "Now or never..... Evelyn let's break up".

I was startled but soon burst out laughing. "You are crazy, I swear. Today is not april fool na". I chuckled again. He's so funny.

"Am not joking Eve, I love you but we can't go further".

I arched an eyebro. He looks serious. "Alfred, are you being serious here".

"Am sorry eve".

"What happened? Okay I know we do have little fights, arguments and stuffs like that but..... Okay listen, Am sorry about everything. We can start....

"No Eve, you've done nothing wrong, you won't just understand. Am sorry". With that he picked up his phone and car keys about to leave but I ran over him.

I held him. "Alfred please dont do this, you're the best thing that happened to me please". I cried. He shoved my hand offoff and walked out.

My legs went weak and I fell on my knee as tears drop from my eyes, soon it was rushing down.. Can't still believe Alfred just broke up with me... I mean Why!? Dont get the wrong idea, am close to Jeff but it Alfred I love... Am not saying Jeff is just a friend, he's more than a friend but am confused about my feelings towards him..... I love Alfred so much, I kept crying and the tears kept rushing down.

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