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Sisters- Episode 5


Sisters- Episode 5


Jocelyn P. O. V

"Madam get up". I heard eve say as she tapped me. I opened my eyes slowly then close it back continuing my sleep.

"Do you need me to smack your ass or pour you water" I heard eve say. I did not answer her. Slowly my expression changed and I tilt my head to one side. Evelyn quickly touched my nose and tried to feel my breathe which I had seized. She frozed.

"Jocelyn! Jocelyn! Are you okay? "She panicked

Shaking me gently. Suddenly she put her two palms on my chest and pumped. There was no reaction. "Jocelyn?! " Her voice has become hoarse.

I couldn't hold the laughter in me again as I started laughing loud.

"It not funny jocelyn" Eve glared at me. I pulled her nose and she jerked back.

"Stop it jor, dont ruin my pretty nose"

"Why did you have to come and wake me, witchy witchy. I almost kissed my man"

She rolled her eyes and hissed. "That your anonymous boyfriend. Am sure he's not handsome o". She said chuckling.

I thought for a while, what can I do to this girl. I notice her hair was packed in a fine style, she must have done that this morning.
 PERFECT. I pulled it, she tried to struggle but I was fast enough so everything scattered.

"Oh my God Joe, it was not easy packing it, I learned it from YouTube this morning".She yelled and before I could say jack she was on top of me giving me a jab in the ribs.

"Stop....... Eve.... Please....
Hahahha"..... I couldn't stop laughing, I manage to escape and quickly picked a pillow and throw at her. We started playing pillow fight.

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She suddenly stopped and stared at into my eyes. "Jocelyn, I love you so much". I smiled at her, it a custom everyday so always tell eachother how much we love ourselves. I opened my mouth to talk but she covered it immediately with her palm.
"You dont have to talk, your breath alone stinks, just get out of the bed and go wash your teeth, am off to the kitchen". She said and laughed then came out of my bed while I adjusted myself.

"Silly girl". I smiled at her and she winked back and turn to leave. I pulled her wrapper skirt, it loose revealing her pant.

She glared at me and covered her herself, I kept laughing. "Am not a lesbian, durh. I fuck real men". She grinned and storm out of the room.

"Naughty girl". I got out of the bed and headed to the bedroom to wash up.

Evelyn and I share different room it we always come to eachother room to say hi before anything.

"What are you cooking? ". I asked eve who was busy chopping carrot.

"Fried rice". She muttered focusing on what she was doing.

"Oh....... I dont feel like eating that today, i'll just go for noodles". I said to her.

"Your wish ma'am".

I picked a pot, rinsed it and cooked my noodles, just five minutes and it was done. I finished it in the pot right there.

"Mind you, you just ate your noodles alone. Please and please dont make attempt in sharing my rice o. Cos I won't give you"She said while I just smirked and left the kitchen.

I sat in the dinning with cross legs waiting for Evelyn. She came out of the kitchen and glared at me.
"I hope it not what am thinking, I won't share with you. I already told you". Evelyn said as she placed her plate on the dinning table and sat down. I did not reply her, I picked a spoon and try eating but she hit me with her spoon.

"Ouch Eve, why na? ". I pouted.
"Dont ask me silly question, you said you don't wanna eat fried rice today".

"But I want to eat now please"

"I knew it big head..... Yours is in the kitchen".

"Awwn baby... Thank you". I stood up and gave her a peck while she rolled her eyes.

"I have a date today". She said and sipped her orange juice.

"Am seeing someone today too".

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