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Sisters- Episode 27


Sisters- Episode 27


Authoress Khalee P. O. V

Evelyn notice how Jocelyn had flinched and follow her gaze. She gasped immediately. Davis is actually holding a pistol pointing it at Jeffrey. Shocking the hell out of everybody especially Jeffrey, his cousin. He motioned Jeff to stand up from where he was sitting and he did. Davis took him to the center of the sitting room facing everybody with gun pointed at Jeff's head.

"Davis..... What the hell are you doing? ". Jeff managed to ask.

"My game is up so why should I still hide? ". Davis said smiling.

Everyone stared at him, Ryan held Jocelyn who was shaking in fear while Mrs James held Evelyn. Maybe Ryan should have allowed at least one or two of his guards to stay but unfortunately all were standing outside far from the building. Cos Ryan had ordered them to stay at the car park in the compound.

"I know you've all been wondering who's behind everything. You all thinks is Jocelyn. Oh oh sorry to burst your bubbles. It all my doing".

They all gasped, Evelyn kept shaking in fright. Seeing a gun pointed at Jeff scare the hell outta her.

"Hmmmm..... Where should I start from? Okay let's start with you Jeff. You see Jeff, Our grandparent divorced and Grandpa took your dad abroad leaving My own mom with Grandma. Despite the fact that Grandpa's wealth was split into 3 with Grandma taking two(70%) and grandpa one(30%) Grandpa still became successful than grandma. He had a company in Korea and willed it your parent instead of giving my parent.

Even though my parent were rich, the fact remains your dad stole everything from my mom. My mom is the first child, grandpa should've taken her instead of your dad and she would've been the owner of that company and I would've been a korean.

I was just 20 when my dad died of cancer and mom followed cos she couldnt do without her husband. I became an orphan, I wasted everything they left cos I dont know how to manage it. My paternal family took me in and I was maltreated, I was treated like a slave.

Your father couldnt come for me and take me with him to korea. Instead he sent me to a medical school and opened a private hospital for me. What should I do with that? ".

Davis laughed and continued. "Am not done yet, you see Evelyn here has been my crush for 6 good years. She's the reason why I dont have a girlfriend". He took a pause and stared at everyone who were watching him like he's acting a drama. Evelyn was confused, she dont understand anymore. "Ha haha haha....... I know you dont know but I've been stalking you for years, I actually can't face a lady that why I couldn't come to you". He gripped Jeff tighter on the neck, Jeff was weak already hearing all this things broke his heart. He loves David and took him like a brother he never had.

David took a deep breathe and swallowed his saliva then he continued. "Jeff, you're so selfish I swear and that's more of the reason I wanna kill you. You stole Everything from me, Eve and the properties. Wanted to overlook again, I went for Jocelyn but no she also want you. You made two sisters fall for you. Wait what are you anyway? Huh?" He pressed the pistol hard on Jeff's neck making him groan in pain.

"Just so you know, I planted Becky who you know as Chioma in your House, she tried countless times to poison you but it did not work. And that why I killed your dad myself". It happened in a flash, Jeff punched him hard in the face not minding the gun. Davis shot him in the arm, releasing two bullets in him.

Jeff fell down and groaned in pain as the bullet pierced into his arm with blood gushing out.

Evelyn gasped. "No, No No ".

Evelyn and Ryan wanted to rush to him but Jocelyn held Ryan back and Mrs James held Evelyn.

The gunshot alerted Ryan bodyguards and they tiptoped through the kitchen, some surrounded the house. Slowly they entered and tiptoed through Davis back and kick him hard in the balls making his gun slip off to a corner in the room. Three guards held him immediately while the other pick the gun with handkerchief.

"Come on guys, am not done yet". Davis laughed. "You see Mrs James, Jocelyn and my dear Evelyn....... There is something you need to know... You see when I was crushing on Evelyn and couldn't tell her, did you know what I did? Mr James always go to a bar so i started going there too. I became close to him,you know he's a nice man so he took me has friend and tells me lots of things not minding my age.

I pretend not to know Evelyn so I was checking his phone one day and told him I like Eve and he said No then I said how about Joe. But do you know what he said? He said No that he doesn't want me for any of his daughters. So I hired a guy who planted a bomb in the plane he board and boom!! He's gone!!, you lost him".

"Son of a bitch". Evelyn and Jocelyn screamed in tears.

Jeff not minding his arm that has been shot went over to Davis punching him hard in the face. He punched him endlessly and Davis bleed all over his nose. His whole face was bruised but he did not stop enduring the pain coming from his arm. "How could you, you betrayal!!".

The bodyguards held Davis allowing Jeff to punch him. They did not hold him back because they only take Ryan's order, they will only do so when Ryan said they should.

Evelyn and Mrs James held eachother crying, Jocelyn left Ryan and went to her Mom and sister crying too.

Ryan moved to Jeff and held him back. "It okay Jeff, it okay".
Jeff fell on his knee immediately crying. Who said Men dont cry? Jeff couldn't stop the tears. His dad was actually murdered. Evelyn ran to him and hugged him tight.
Ryan went to Davis and punched him. "You so gonna rot in jail, I swear. You've messed with the wrong people".

Soon the cops came in with Evelyn's kids and took Davis away.

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