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Sisters- Episode 26


Sisters- Episode 26


"Evelyn....... ". She called and tears rolled down her cheeks. Now I know why the house was neat the day I came. I should've come back.

"Mom....... ". I called in shock. "You're Alive...... ". She nodded and smiled.

It was like magic, I was already in her arms crying.

"What happened to you mom....
We sat in the sitting room. Jeff and I sat beside my mom and held her hand like she was gonna run away from me. I dont wanna ever lose her ever again.


"Your dad and I held hands immediately it was announced that there is a bomb in the plane. I dont know how it happened. All I know is I opened my eyes and found myself in the midst of people. They surrounded me looking at me closely.

"She's awake". They murmured and i wondered where I was. Cos the last thing I saw was holding my husband.

"What happened to you? ". An elderly man among them asked. I tried to say something but I couldn't find my voice.

"Looks like she cant talk".A young man said and I kept looking around them.

"Take her to the man". An old man who seems like the eldest said.
I tried standing up but I couldn't. My headaches and my whole body, I felt so weak".

Two young men came to me and helped me up. They took me to a room where someone laid on the bed but he was covered with white clothe. They opened the clothe and my eyes grew wide when I saw the lifeless body of my husband. He has lots of wounds on his body.

"He couldnt survive".One of the men holding me said.

I screamed and tried to touch him but the men held me back. Even though I couldn't talk, they knew I had a strong connection with him.

He was buried in the village and I became a villager because I couldnt say a word. So I was unable to tell them where I came from. But I dont even remember where I came from, i know I have a family but I dont know where we were living.

Everytime I remember you guys, I will cry my eyes out. I couldnt talk. Years rolled by and u still couldn't talk.

Then one day, the son of the man I was living with came from the city.According to what I heard it been 5 years since he left the village.

"Who is she, father? ".

"We saw her by the river years ago with a man but he died two days after. We wanted to bury the man but since they were holding hands when we found them. We decide to wait till she regain her conscious. Fortunately she did that same day the man died but she couldnt talk".

"Have you tried to locate her family? ".

"She can't talk,times without number Emeka gives her pen to even write her location but she'll just be crying. So tell me how do you expect us to locate them? ".
"But you should've report to the police".

"Nobody talk about it so why should we bother to. Moreover we don't want to have anything to do with the police".

"Lots of people are out there, looking for their family. Take my boss son for a example. His only child that I told you about, that he's very nice, that he doesnt have pride despite being the only child of his rich parent, that he still love and treat people around him fairly. His fiancee parent died in a plane crash but he still thinks they may be alive. He hired lots of people to look for them and according to him, he's gonna provide A house, car and a job in his dad's company to anybody that find them. He's not ready to give up".

"Hmm that's serious". The man said. All through the time I just sat at the corner listening to them.
"Am gonna take her picture and post it on the internet papa".

"Since you said she can find her family then I dont have a problem with that".

The young man was about to snap me when his phone rang."Paap, it my boss son. The one I told you". He said before placing the phone on his ear.

Hello Oga Ryan....... Yes ooo.... Am fine.... Yes..... I travelled to the village, you know it been years since I saw my old man that why I came........... Wow.... You'll send me money...... Haaaa Oga Ryan.... Na human being you be. God bless you sir...... What of Madam Jocelyn..

My eyes grew wide immediately I heard the name. "J-jo... Joe-joecl.... Jocelyn Jocelyn ". I voiced out. The old man turned to me. "Jocelyn my daughter.... Jocelyn Jocelyn ". I kept saying, the young man was surprised.

"Oga Ryan... You get Madam Jocelyn mother picture...... The thing be say..... There is one woman who has been in my village for years now.... Yeah my people found her...... Exactly..... She can't talk but immediately she heard Madam name, she voiced out..... Alright right away sir.....


"Thats how I found her, I did not tell Jocelyn about. I just lied that my parent wants us to marry in Nigeria and not Canada like we were planning". Ryan said.

"You should've met the day you came but you did not come back". Jocelyn added.

"Thank you so much Ryan for bringing our mother back... Jocelyn am so sorry. I.......

I was interrupted by Ryan's phone.
He placed the phone on his ear.

Yeah...... Really..... Wow Bring them..... ". With that he hanged up.
"What happened?! ". Jeff and I chorused.

"They've caught the criminals and according to them. The mastermind is here with us".

Jocelyn flinched immediately......

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