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Sisters- Episode 25


Sisters- Episode 25


"Listen guys like I said yesterday, we will be ending everything today. Jeff and the twins must die today but the twins will die first". I said and gulp down water. I can't drink Alcohol somehow.

"But you said we are to take them to the orphanage. Why do you want to kill them now? ". I was shocked by what Becky just said.

"What do you mean?? Wait I hope it not what am thinking? Dont tell me you love them already". Scorpion turned to Becky.
"They're just innocent kids, we dont have to kill them they........
"Just shut the hell up. This not the first time you're doing a dirty job. You've done lots of in the past. You've killed lots of kids! ". Stone shouted slamming his hand down on the table.

"Listen guys..... I've done this in the past.. Yes but seriously I dont know why I feel attached to this kids, the...........

"Becky!!!!!! What the hell has come over you?? Am the one related to them, you dont tell me what to do with them and mind you. Am still the boss and you be the one to carry out that operation". I barked shaking my head in annoyance.

"First of all, I will do no such thing! Secondly you've helped me in the past but you're not my boss.
 And lastly Everybody here knows you're being selfish, you just jealous over nothing. You already have your own life why not let them be! But No you're selfish, self centered, you..............

Boom! Stone shot her in the stomach and she gasped holding her stomach. Blood gush out of her mouth. "You all gonna regret it. Nemesis will catch up with you all, you........

Scorpion released three bullet in her head making blood splash everywhere and she fell down. "Bastard!! ". He cursed.

"We getting it done right away". Scorpion said.

"And her body? ". I asked referring to the lifeless body of Becky who laid in pull of blood and her eyes wide open.

"We'll dispose it in the river with the babies after killing them". Stone said.

"Are you sure you'll be able to dispose them right now in broad daylight? ". I asked.

Scorpion and stone laughed and I wondered why. "This is not our first time, we're expect in this. Only cowards dispose corpse in the night and we're not cowards".

"Okay, what about the kids, have they eaten this morning? They should eat something before dying".

"Yeah, Becky fed them this morning not quite long and they slept off". Stone replied inserting a cigarette in his mouth.

"Right then. I need to go before they start suspecting me. I already performed a good drama yesterday in covering myself. It won't be nice if I ruin it all now". I said to them then I left the house. I made sure nobody saw me before entering my car and sped off.

Jeff, Davis and I sat in the car on our way to Jocelyn's place
She had called earlier today that she wants me to meet someone and am so curious. Who could it be..

Jeff sat in the driver's seat while Davis sat with me at the back.
"You gonna find your kids, dont worry". Davis said rubbing my arm and I nodded.

I must say Davis is really a nice person and I appreciate him alot. He has been there for Jeff and I. He's the one that got the cop and the detective for us.

I heard horn and I realize we already at Ryan's house. The gate opened and Jeff drove in. We came out of the car and walked into the house.

"Welcome sirs and Ma'am". The maids greeted bowing.

"Where is Jocelyn? ". Jeff asked sternly and I held his hand.
"They're at your home ma... ". One of the maid said to me.

What game is Jocelyn playing... "Home? What home? ". I asked
"The house you shared according to madam". Another answered.
"They're at my home but what are thy doing there? ". I turned to Jeff.
"We'll only find out when we get there". Davis said. Jeff nodded in agreement.

We left the house and drove to my old house. My home. All through the drive i kept wondering why we were going there. After 30 minutes drive we got there, immediately the gate opened and we drive in. Five elegant cars were parked in the compound. Ryan's guards are there too. Lots of them. Jocelyn abandoned car is still at where it was parked.
Jeff held my hand and we walked in. None of the guards were inside, just Ryan and Jocelyn who sat watching movie, they sat in a romantic way. Ryan is playing with her hair while she focused on the TV.

I smirked. Really.. What Nonsense! Am starting to believe Jeff that Jocelyn has a hand in it. If not why will she still have time for romance when my kids are missing. She stood up immediately she saw me, coming towards me.

"Hey sweet sister, welcome". She smiled while I hissed in annoyance and walk towards her too. Am not gonna be her fools anymore. I grab her hair immediately, it a new braid so it gonna hurt her big time.

"Leave her alone". Ryan yelled as he tried getting my hands off her but I gripped tighter. "Talk to your wife, she's pregnant for Christ sake! ". Ryan yelled at Jeff when he realized there's no way he could break me apart from Jocelyn without hurting her.
"Leave her Eve". Jeff said trying to calm me but am not ready to listen.
"Please leave me alone.... I dont know about your kids please... You're hurting me..
"What's going on? ". I heard the voice. I recognize that voice very well. I can never forget it. I left Jocelyn's hair and turn around. My body went weak immediately I saw her. I covered my mouth with my palm as I gasped.

To be continued

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