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Sisters- Episode 24


Sisters- Episode 24


Evelyn P. O. V
The drive back to Jeff house is silent. I told him to take me to his house, I can't sleep in my parent house. Something kept telling me not to stay alone. Am scared.

I sniffed. I can't just stop sobbing while Jeff rub my hand softly, his other hand was on the steering wheel.

Soon we got to the big gate. Jeff horned and the gateman opened the gate. He drove in and parked the car. I came out and shut the door then walk into the house. First thing I saw is a mother playing with her baby on the TV. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.
 I left the sitting room and ran off to my babies room which happened to be the guest room before.

I opened the door slowly and walk inside. The room is in apple pie, everything is in order and still very beautiful. It filled with different toys. Chioma and I had arranged it together. I move to the baby cot. The tears kept rolling down.

My babies did not even get a chance to sleep inside. I pick the big teddy bear which lay inside the baby cot. Jeff's elder sister had got it for me. I clunged it to myself wetting it with my tears. I stared at the table where different toys lay. I pick the rocking horse and kissed it softly.

The door opened and Jeff walked in.

"Where is my Chioma? I can't find her? ".

"She left, I told you she's working for Jocelyn. She's just fooling us, think of everything she did in the past".

I took a deep breathe then dropped the teddybear and the rocking horse inside the cradle. I walk slowly out of the room.

"Where are you going? ". Jeff asked.

"To end it all". Before he could say Jack. I was out of the room running upstairs straight to the balcony.

I close my eyes. Am ready to end it all,Am going crazy already. I dont know who to believe my twin sister or Jeff my man. I was about to climb the rails when I felt Jeff hands around me.

"Put me down". I ordered trying to wriggle free but he just gripped tighter.

"What the hell are you trying to do, Eve? ".

"Leave me alone, let me kill myself ". I yelled still trying to wriggle free but he's stronger. "Whats my purpose on earth?? I dont even know where my kids are,are they feeding well. Are they okay?? ".

"Dont do this to me Eve.... Please I love you so much. I can't do without you. You're my breathe... Please I promise you. Am gonna get our kids back please".

I stopped wriggling,turned around and hugged him tight. I buried my face in his chest crying. "My breast are so heavy and they hurt so much. I wanna breastfeed my babies. I wanna see them, Jeff please get me my kids"

"I dont know how am gonna do it but i assure you, i'll get our kids tomorrow. I promise you Angel.... ".

I cross my legs on the chair sitting comfortable. Scorpion, stone and Becky sat on separate chairs too.

"Becky, you can't go to Jeff and Smiled at Evelyn again. They already know you're working for me".

She nodded as she light up a cigarette and put it in her mouth.

"I did a good cover today. I never knew am so good in pretending. They're so foolish to trust me". I laughed

"So when are we dropping the kids at the orphanage? ".

"Tomorrow..... We're ending it all tomorrow".


Ryan P. O. V
I stared at Jocelyn who is sleeping like a baby. I love her so much, I can't do without her. Ever since I set my eyes on her I fell Inlove with her. I never believe in love at first sight until I met Joe. My parent cherish and adore her. I can never allow anything hurt her. I can take a bullet and also shoot for her.

Immediately Jeff and Eve left. Jocelyn ran into my arms crying her eyes out.

"My sister thinks I kidnapped her kids even Jeff believes I stole them. Nobody believes me. I dont know anything about it, I swear".

"They may not believe you but I do. I promise you Joe, i'll get the Culprit and make them believe you dont have a hand in it. I know how much you feel bad right now. But am assuring you that everything will be fine. Am here with you".

Later I left to see some investigators.

I stared at the message on my phone. It from the investigators, I dont know whether to wake Joe and tell her or not.

"Hey.... Why arent you sleeping? ". Oh she's awake.

"Babe..... I received a text from the investigators......They've found out where the kids are. ".

She narrowed her eyes "Oh...........
"Why didnt you tell Evelyn the truth? ".

"What do you mean? ".

"It been a long time...... You have to let them meet.....

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