Sisters- Episode 23


Sisters- Episode 23


"How dare you walk into my house and accuse my wife". The guy who had helped Jocelyn down from car the other time yelled.
Jocelyn held his hand and he calm down.

"Mr Ryan Rex, you have to calm down, your wife is a suspect". The cop said.

"What insolence! How dare you just come and be saying trash about my wife. Do you realize am Rex Douglas son". He yelled. Wow so jocelyn is married to him.

"Mr Ryan, she's suppose to be in our station now but we giving you the respect by taking it lightly. We expect you to reciprocate that respect". The detective said sternly.

Ryan scoffed. He stood up looking angry but Jocelyn held his hand and he sat down immediately. Wow he must he really love my sister.

"Calm down Ryan please". Jocelyn said rubbing his arm. He look away trying his best not to get angry.

"Whose kidnap are we talking about here? ". Jocelyn asked turning to the detective. Her skin glow and I must say she has gotten prettier despite the pregnancy but who wouldn't. She's with a Rich man only child.

"My kids, your sister's children". Jeffrey said clenching his teeth.
"Evelyn has kids? ". She turned to me.

"Oh please.... Just stop the presence Jocelyn, we've had enough already". Davis said.

"What presence are you talking about? ". She asked looking confused. Whats going on? Why is she acting innocent?

"Shut the hell up bitch, stop pre...............

Boom!!. Jeff did not finish his statement when Ryan punched him hard in the face. It happened in a flash.

"I won't watch you talk to my wife like that ".

Jeff held his nose, he was bleeding already. He clenched his fist about to hit Ryan when I held him back immediately. "Then tell your fucking wife to provide my kids".He yelled.

"Dont use the F-word on my wife ever again. Stop accusing her, we just got back from Canada last week. So what the hell are you saying?!! "

"Stop!!! ". Jocelyn screamed and everybody turned to her. "Evelyn? You believe I kidnapped your kids? ".

I looked down at the floor, am so confused right now. I dont know whether she did it or not. "Jocelyn cant do it. We're sisters, she can't hurt me". I said and Jeff turned to me

"You trust her that much? ". He asked in disbelieve.

Am not sure but I dont think she can, Jocelyn came to me and held my hands.

"Am sorry for everything that happened in the past but believe me. I know nothing about the abduction of your kifs, please". She said looking sincere.
I hug her immediately. "Am so sorry Joe for the wrong accusation. I love you".

"I love you too very much Eve".

Everyone stood watching us. I know Jeff is mad but I believe my sister can't do it.

"I'll get my own detective to investigate, we gonna find your kids". Ryan assured and I smiled.

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