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Sisters- Episode 22


Sisters- Episode 22


Jocelyn P. O. V
I gasped immediately I saw her. What is she doing here? Has she found it?. No it not possible.

"Hello sweet sister". I flashed her a smile.

"Jocelyn........ "She called out.

"Yeah sister, it is me".

"Your sister? ". Ryan asked.

"Yeah she is, my twin sister that I told you about".

"Wow that's great, nice meeting you, Eve". Ryan smiled.

I stared at Jeff and smiled at him but he had this stern look on his face.

"Come in". Ryan gestured them and held my hand as we walked in. He helped me into a chair and sat beside me. Evelyn sat with Jeffrey. Three other guys were there too but I only recognize one and that's Davis.

I know you guys are wondering what's going on or what happened over the months.

I sat in the bar as usual when Ryan came in and sat opposite me.

"Hey beautiful ". He smiled.

I rolled my eyes and gulped down my drink.

"Common babe, when will you ever be nice to me, huh? My precious? ". He winked.

"Listen..... I dont know who you are or what you want. All I care is that you should stop stalking me with your dogs". I said angrily.

"Please just be nice to me for once... Please". He pleaded.

I took a deep breathe. "Am sorry for been rude all this time, am really sorry".

"It fine. I know you're a good person, just facing something.
Mind sharing with me, I have all the time to listen. A problem shared is half solved, please".

I felt a tear roll down my cheeks then I wipe it off. "The thing is am having issues with my sister".

"What type of issues? ".

"She stole my man".

"Huh? You're married? Or you were dating the guy? ".

"No the gut loves her but he's suppose to be mine. He's friend with my sister and I but he chose my sister over me. That why have been drinking, I feel so horrible. I punched my sister and fought her because of man". I cried. He came to my side and pulled me into his arm while I cried my eyes out soaking his shirt with my tears.

"It okay, you'll be fine". He said rubbing my back.

"I can't believe I actually did that because of man. We don't even have parents. We're the only one left for ourselves.

"Common dear, it okay".

"Ryan? ". I called looking at him. "Do you also think am a bad person? ".

"Of course not, you have a good heart".

"How did you know? ".

"My instincts told me so".

I sniffed. "You know, my whole life. I've always experience heartbreak, nobody seem to love me. All the guys always fall inlove with my sister, nobody loves me".

"But I love you". I looked at him with startled eyes. "Yeah I love you and am sure of my feelings. Am not a bar person but I dont know how I end up in the bar the first day I met you. Since then I always look forward to see you and that day you slapped me, that the day I've been dreaming of you"

"Listen Ryan, you can't possibly love me. It just like am cursed, nobody loves me. Am sure you'll fall inlove with my sister too". I said sadly.

"Whats your name? ". He asked and I felt hurt somehow cos he changed the topic.


He stood up and went to his guards, said something to one of them and the guard left the bar. In a jiffy he was back and gave Ryan something but I couldn't see it clearly. He went over to the barman and said few words to him then he came towards me.
A romantic music came up and everywhere was quiet. "Hi ladies and gentleman, we're having a special event tonight". The bar man said and I notice everyone turn to me. They were looking at me. And I was confused until I saw Ryan in his knee holding a glittering ring.

"Jocelyn... I love you without knowing how or when or from where. I love you simply without problems or pride. I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you. So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand. I know it sudden but if you let me. I promise to hold your hand through thick and thin.

 To make you laugh when you are sad and to take care of you when you're sick. I love you so much and I promise to forever care for you. Please.... Will you be mine?? "

I couldn't hold back the tears, am not sure if I love this stranger. I dont know him but right now, the only thing I can do to get out of this mess is accepting the proposal. He might be a good person. "Yeah i'll marry you". Everyone cheered as he slip the ring on my finger and pecked me lightly.

Few minutes later.

Ryan held my hands softly smiling at me. "I'll be very glad if you an travel out of the country with me next week". God.. I dont know this stranger and everything is happening real fast.

"Yeah i'll go with you. I really wanna stay from my sister right now. Am too ashamed to face her and........

I was interrupted with the news headline on the TV
.CEO OF ORIGIN SON PROPOSE TO LOVER IN A BAR then a video came up showing when Ryan had proposed to me earlier.

I gasped and turn to him. "You're Mr Rex's son?? ".

He nodded. Oh my God. I've slapt him in the past, am in trouble.

"Am so sorry, I did not know y.......

"Common Joe, am sorry for hiding my identity from you. Girls that have met my whole life were after my money that why I hide my identity. Am sorry".

All through the months, I found out how much he really loves me, he healed my wound and brought me back a treasure I thought I've lost. Our wedding will be holding after I deliver my child. He wanted us to visit Eve and Jeff but I wasn't ready to face them but now they're actually here.

"How did you know am around? ".
 I asked looking at Eve.

"Actually ma'am you're a suspect of a kidnap and that's why we're here". One of the men with them said.

"What? ". Ryan and I exchanged looks.

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