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Sisters- Episode 21


Sisters- Episode 21


I rubbed my gun smiling at the kids. "Bye bye babies". I cocked my gun and point the gun at the baby boy. Was about to shoot when Becky walked in.

"Hey what you tryna do". I heard her ask.

"Wanna kill them since Evelyn and Jeff are being adamant to break up".

She laughed and I wonderer why. She notice the confuse look on our faces. "They broke up already, I told you am gonna do it".

"Wow that's great, another mission accomplished". I smiled.
"So what about the kids? ". Scorpion asked.

"Well maybe we should dispose them in the street". I said and shrugged.

"No that's not a good idea. Dropping them at the orphanage home is better". Amaka suggested and I nodded.

"But before then, there's something we have to do".

I sat on the couch crying bitterly. Everywhere in the house is neat including my room and my parent's room and it left me wondering how come?. The fridge had fresh fruits in it, even the DSTV was recharged.

Definitely Jocelyn was or is around. I was too tired to arrange my stuffs so I just dropped my bag. Since when did Jocelyn came back?. God, I can't wait to see and hug her, I regret not listening to her. I shouldn't have date Jeff.

The door opened and Jeff walked in.

"What are you doing here? ".

"Angel, what're you saying? You're hurting me for once, why dont you trust and hear me out please". He said in a sad voice.

"You did not talk when I needed you to, so why should I listen to you now? ".

"What if I told you, it all Jocelyn's doing, she's responsible for ev.......
"Just shut up Jeff, have you suddenly gone crazy?? Dont you think it enough already? First it was Amaka and now my twin sister". I cut him off angrily.

"Hmmmm...... I know you not gonna believe me". He said and left the house.

"Such arrogance, pride, foolish, jerk. How manage I fell inlove with him, he's so grumpy". I cursed annoyingly.

The door opened again. Davis, the detective, Jeff and the Cop walked in.

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"Evening ma'am".

"Hi ". I replied and looked away.
"You see miss Evelyn, we've been able to locate your sister and we're 100% sure she's behind everything. She has a link with Amaka, your maid". The detective explained.

"What have you done to my sister?!! ". I yelled at Jeff.

"He hasn't done anything to her. We found out she's living in the house of CEO of Origin company's son". The detective said.

The owner of Origin company. The man has links with different company all over the globe. He's freaking rich. What is Jocelyn doing in his son's house.

"What makes you think sister has something to do with the abduction of my kids?". Am 100% sure and I can bet with my life that my sister can't hurt me.

"She's a suspect because according to my findings. You guys were not on good terms because of Mr Jeff here".

I scoffed and hissed.

"I know you dont believe but there's only one way ti find out and that's meeting your sister". The detective said.

"Sure then let's do that right away". I said and stood up.

We walked out of the house and got into Jeff's car then we drive to where they assume my sister is.

I've never been to any of the CEO's house before. I look at the mansion before me and couldnt help but. "WOw".

"Actually this is not the CEO real house, this one is one of his mansions. And its for his only child ". The detective said. We proceeded to the gate and the cop knocked on the big Brown gate.

"How can I help you?? ". We heard someone say and we look up to see three men who I assumed to be the gateman. The gateman house is a storey building so they were watching from upstairs.

"Umm. We're here to see the CEO's son". Jeff said
"Do you have an appointment with him? ". The other one asked.

"No but we........ ". The detective was cut off by the Numerous cars that drive into the street. It about 9 of them, all is tilted so we couldnt figure the people inside. We move away from the gate as the gate was opened and the cars drove in.

Few minutes later. "You can come in, the boss said you should". One of the gateman said.

We left our car outside and walked in. People came out of the car, all dressed in black suit and I need no soothsayer to tell me they are bodyguards. They move to one of the Land cruiser and opened the door.

A very handsome looking guy dress in a white jacket and blue trouser came out. He's the CEO's son. I've seen him on TV numerous times. He helped a lady out of the ar. She's heavily pregnant. OMG. We both gasped.
"Evelyn "


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