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Sisters- Episode 20


Sisters- Episode 20


"Hey Angel ". I look up to see Jeff who sat at the edge of the bed.

"Hi". I replied sarcastically.

"Uhmmm babe, there is something you seem not to notice in this house".

"And what could that be? ".

"It Amaka".

"And what about her? ".

"She's been acting strange... I think she has som......

"Cut the crap. What nonsense are you saying? Why are you trying to cover your shameful acts? ".

He arched an eyebrow.

"Jeff. For Christ sake, stop being a jerk. Why will you say such about my chioma". I shot at him angrily.

It been a week already since my kids were abducted. I had received a text earlier from a strange number today.

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself young lady. You're just a young girl and you living with a man who you aren't married to. He did not even propose to you Thinking who abducted your kids? Have you think of his fiancee doing that? Oh you dont know(Lols). He has a fiancee and it because of your kids that is delaying our marriage. So baby girl, I'll advice you to leave my fiance if you want your kids".

And now he has the guts to accuse my Chioma. Saying shits about her. Chioma is not just a maid. She's now my sister.

"For God sake Evelyn, I know what am saying.... That girl is always making strange calls and leaving the house........

"Shut up!!! You're a coward. Nothing but a coward. Everytime I see you now, I feel like strangling you. What sort of man are you? You were right there when my babies were kidnapped yet you couldn't do anything!!"

"Babe.... He hit you and you saw what he did to me, I was.....

"Just shut up!!!! He kicked you in the balls, so what? Why dont you just stop already. ".


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"Cut the crap!!! ". I yelled at him cutting him off. "Why not check yourself out, you Man whore!! ".
"What are you talking about, Eve? ". He asked looking innocent and that annoyed me the more.

"Stop giving me that look, you're a man whore! An animal in human form. Instead of you to help look for my kids, you go around sleeping with bitches. Maybe you've tried sleeping with my chiomw and she rejected you that why you decide to frame her up.... Listen and listen clearly. I regret ever meeting you in my life, better tell your Fiancee to give me back my kids. Cos am done with you I dont have anything to do with you again o. Not like am married or engaged to you.Get me my kids ooo". I screamed yelled at him as I move to the wardrobe pulling my stuffs out.

I heard Jeff storm out of the room and i felt hurt. He did not even come to me. At least he should've lied to me. I packed few of my stuffs and drag my bag out of the room crying. As I climb down the stairs to the living room, Amaka rushed to me and I cried unto her shoulder. Imagine Jeff accusing this nice lady.

"It okay, you did the right thing... You have to leave him if you really want your kids back". She said rubbing my back but one thing, I dont understand is why she said everything I side the text. Am kinda confused but No, Amaka can't do that. She must've heard me and Jeff the other time.

I got out of the mansion, Amaka helper me with my bag as she put it in the boot. "I'll check on you later dear". I nodded and got unto the driver's seat. Waved at Amaka before driving out of the compound. At least am not homeless, all I have to do is call a technician to help me open the door since I dont have the key.

I hate Jeff for hurting me and for putting my kids life at risk.

BECKY(Amaka or Chioma) P. O. V
I smiled. Yeah this exactly what we wanted and it all worked out. Am so glad that I was able to break them apart with that text.
Evelyn is the biggest fool I have met, She's just too blind to see whats written on the wall. And talking about Jeffrey I need to act fast. He's suspecting me already, I need to inform other about the latest update. Yeah I have to I rushed into the house and pick my bag. I've been packing my stuffs out for days now. I carried it and got in the street. I ensured I was not been follower before I got a cab.

I stormed out of the room angrily. How could Evelyn accuse me like that. She called me different names nobody has ever called me.
 She rained series on insults on me.
Am so fucking mad that she didn't believe what I said about Amaka. I did not follow Eve purposely because I want to prove to her that Amaka has a hand in the abduction of our kids.

I watch her smile wickedly immediately Evelyn left
Am sure of my suspicion I put a call to Davis immediately.

"Hi Davis".

"Hey Jeff, whats up? '.

"My suspicions are right, Davis. That girl knows something.

"Wow thank Goodness bit wait, how sure are you? ".

"100℅ sure". Another call came in."I'll give you a call later. Just said I should inform you, bye".

With that I hunger up and answered the call.

"Hello Detective".

"Hi Mr Jeffrey".

"Am okay, I got a clue already".

"Okay..... So whats it?? "

"It my maid, she knows something".

"What did you notice? ".

"She always receive strange call and stuffs like that".

"Okay Mr Jeffrey, I got a good news that why I called".

"What good news? ".

"We found the suspect".

"Suspect? Which suspect? ".

"We found miss Jocelyn ".

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