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Sisters- Episode 19


Sisters- Episode 19


Sitting on the couch and lost in my own thought. It been 3days already and no sign of my kids. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I couldnt get their face off my mind. They are cute innocent kids, who could have done this to me. It definitely not Jocelyn, though nobody knows where she is uptill now but I know she's not the one. No We're sisters, she can't do that to me.

I felt someone touch me and I look up to see sad looking Amaka she has always been there for me.

"Madam, please you have to stop worrying, we gonna find your kids. I know that for sure. That why you have to eat up and be healthy so you can be fine when they come back to you please". She said squeezing my palm .

"Chioma, for how long?? I only breastfed them once. They did not even get a chance to know their home. My mother inlaw has been disturbing Jeff and I to get her grandkids back before she comes back to Nigeria. Who have I offended that is punishing me like this". I wept bitterly as I hugged Amaka tight, crying on her shoulder. She's the sister I lost in Jocelyn. She's an orphan though people call her Amaka but she prefer me calling her Chioma according to her,her mother gave her Chioma, it a special name that why she love it when I call her that.

"You can go now Chioma, i'll take care of her". I heard Jeff say, I disengage from Amaka and look up to see Jeff smiling at me. It not even a genuine smile. He's just trying to be a man.

Amaka stood up, peck me on the cheeks before leaving the sitting room. Jeff sat beside me and I clung to him. Wetting his shirt with my tears. "I want my baby back Jeff, I miss them. It not just one but two, please bring them back to me please".

"We gonna find them I promise. The cop and detective are working on it". He said and lift my head to him. My lips fell on his and he kissed me back. I just need to calm myself. Am not happy and I know it. I really want my kids back.

I stared at the kids as they suck onto the feeder in their mouth. Am feeding them with baby formular. Am gonna make a good parent(Lols). This kids are so cute and adorable. They're suppose to be mine and not that selfish being.

I smiled at myself. Happy with how I have outsmarted them. It was a sweet revenge but not without my friends. Scorpion and Stone who kidnapped the twins and Becky, who had disguised herself as Amaka or as Chioma which Evelyn calls her.who I planted at Jeff's home helping me with all the information needed. She's a good informant, we planned and had her in Jeff's house for a very good reason and it worked out because Evelyn was always telling her everything and that the fool Evelyn is.

Evelyn and Jeffrey must be very stupid to think i'll just sit and let everything go just like that. Of course not, I had my plans which I did not rush for months tricking them to believe I had forgotten everything...

I had Becky to poison Jeff and Evelyn but unfortunately one stupid puppy ruined everything. I killed Jeff's dad myself, getting in was not a problem at al. We had Becky who had told us they went out for shopping. So we came and truly, they were not. The gateman and the other maid was fast asleep due to the pill, Becky had put in food for them.

I met Jeff's dad in his library and since he was an asthmatic patient, I already had my handkerchief which I had sprayed with huge amount of strong perfume. I came to him through the back and forcefully had him inhale it with the help of Stone who held him down.

Becky had informed me the day Evelyn was rushed to the hospital to give birth and our plan worked.
 I dont still understand why I haven't killed them yet.

"Get me your gun, scorpion".

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