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Sisters- Episode 18


Sisters- Episode 18


I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. "Arrgh". I cried out waking Jeffrey up.

"Whats wrong, Angel? ". He asked rubbing his eyes as he yawned.

"Ouchhh". I cried when I felt the pain again. Am feeling uneasy seriously. "I think it my baby, it coming".

"Shit!! ". Jeff cursed as he rushed out of the bed, he opened his closet and pulled a shirt on. The pain is becoming unbearable, I've never felt like this before.

"Hey Angel, let me change your nightie so you can put on something better". Jeff said as he came towards me with a blouse and skirt. I slapped his hands off me angrily.

Yeah am putting on a transparent nightie with nothing underneath but I can't even bear to wear a cap talkless of a dress. Am in pain
"Are you crazy right now?? Help me out of this bed. Am in pain!!! ". I yelled and suddenly felt something rushing down between my thighs. It my water.....

I paced around the hospital praying hard. Am not a devoted christian but I find myself praying hard. Am the only one here in the hospital, Chioma went to buy something outside the hospital. Mom had left with Siblings and our other maid to korea. She couldnt stay in the house, dad's memory keep coming to her.

I rushed to Davis immediately he stepped out. "How is my Wife?? ".

"Hey dude, calm down". He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes.

"You need to see your face right now". He chuckled.

"Common man, am not in for jokes please".

"Okay okay". He said raising his hands in surrender then he chuckled again.

"Davis, please am not in the mood... I swear". Am getting pissed off already.

"Why are you sweating like this, Evelyn is the one who gave birth but you the one sweating".

"Wow". I exclaimed with smiles all over my face. I gave him a warm hug and pulled out. "Thank you so much Davis".

"Hey common, you should thank your wife for giving you beautiful kids".

"Kids?? "

"Yeah she gave birth to twins. Boy and a girl". I carried him up immediately. "Hey common man, you're embarrassing me, I have to go.... She's in Room 63 third floor". I dropped him immediately, gave him another warm hug before running upstairs like an 8 year old boy.

I stared at my kids with smile plastered on my face, I can't still believe I just gave birth to white kids. Their hair is blonde and so smooth just like their grand mum. I've given them dimples already.

The door opened and Jeff walked in dancing happily like someone who won lottery... He pecked me.
"Thanks for being by my side, am so glad and blessed to have you".
He kissed me softly then move to our kids.

"Wow beautiful, adorable, cute, super, fantastic". Am a father!!!! ". Jeffrey danced, I couldn't help but smile. He kept kissing them. He took several pictures then we did video call with his family.

Everyone was happy for us.

Jeff came to me again. He held my hand and look into my eyes.
"Thanks for giving me beautiful kids". With that we kissed passionately.

We heard someone clearing his\her throat, we disengaged and saw Chioma smiling at us."congratulations madam, am so happy for you".

"Thank you so much". I said to her and she move to my lovely kids.
"Wow they're so cute, they look like madam Mirabel".She exclaimed and I smiled.

Soon I was discharged, Chioma and Jeff carried my kids and my bag while I carried a polythene bag containing my medications.

We got to the car and Jeff handed my baby to me collecting the bag from Chioma and the polythene bag from me. He opened the boot and dropped it inside. Chioma opened the door about to enter when I felt something cold on my neck I turned to see a masked man, same with Chioma too. For crying out loud, this hospital has securities. I look around.

"Hey listen, you dont have to scream else am gonna blow your head off". I heard him say and I was shivering.

"All we need is your little bunch of joys". The one with Chioma said pointing one of his gun at Jeff stomach and the other on Chioma's neck.

"No, you can't go with my kids". Jeff said and The one pointing the gun at me kick him in his balls. He groaned in pains, he almost fell but he held him back.

"Dont hurt him please". I cried.

They collected the kids forcefully from us. Jeff wanted to act tough but he stopped when I was hit on the head. I couldn't scream, I was already weak from labour stress.

They got into a red car close to ours and drove away in speed.

"What just happened, Jeff? ". I turned to Jeff who stood like a lifeless person.

"No!!!!!!! ". I screamed then everything went blank. Light out......

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