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Sisters- Episode 17


Sisters- Episode 17


"Good morning beautiful, how was your night? ". I whispered into Evelyn's ear. She rubbed her eyes to its root and opened them.

"Morning Nae sarang(my love) I had an awesome night as usual. Hope you had a blissful night??.

"Of course Beautiful, ever since you moved in. I always have a blissful night. Waking up next to you, seeing your beautiful face before sleeping and waking up to see that beautiful face had made my life awesome and made me more handsome". I replied giving her a flirty wink then I pecked her forehead.

"Oh please please..... Who the hell is deceiving you that getting handsome?. She teased sitting up, I quickly help place a pillow at her back for support.

"My mirror and mind you, it not deceiving me. I've been using it for years before bringing it to Nigeria".

"Oh common, it can start betraying you now. Dont be fooled please".

"Seriously Evelyn, am not cute again". I asked making one funny face for her.

"You've grown so ugly over the days, old man.My baby is gonna mistake you for grandpa".

"God... Evelyn that was too much. It not funny please.. Okay about we check who is more cute? ". I grinned.

"Okay let's do that". I helped her down from the bed and we move to the full length mirror in the room. I stood at her back holding her waist.

"I've grown so big, see my cheeks. Am not beautiful again". She said. Her pregnancy is visible now. She's 8 month gone already. She has this big stomach, Her baby is big, we saw it when we did scan.
I chuckled. "I told you am cuter". I winked.

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"See how big my stomach is". She added soberly. I wanted to see her until I look into the mirror and found her crying. What the fuck! Not again. This exactly what the doctor had told me but I never knew it'll be like this. Am facing lots already. Evelyn no longer eat meat and chicken or even fish. According to her, she can't eat an innocent soul. She so much detest orange juice which was her favorite before. She has switch to mango juice.

I left her back and move to her front obstructng her from looking at the mirror. I cupped her cheeks. "Hey common Angel. You're so beautiful. The pregnancy has make you more prettier, trust me".

She pouted. "The mirror is deceiving me, right? ".

"Of course honey. You were right the other time. It deceiving everybody. If not how can it say you're big when you're not".

She nodded, smiled and frowned again. "Jeff..? "

"Yeah Angel.. "

"Can you do something for me? ".
"Of course lovely, anything for my Angel".

"I want you to dispose the mirror. I dont wanna see it again".

"What?!! "

"Yeah I dont wanna see it".

"But Angel, it been lo............. ". I was interrupted by her cries.

"Hey Angel, dont cry. I'll do that when we come back from shopping".

"No!! I need you to fucking do it now!!!! ". She yelled at me.

"Okay, okay. I'll do that straight away. Angel. ".

She smiled again. I help her sit on the bed then pecked her. I carried the mirror and went downstairs. God.... I really want this to be over, I've faced alot this past months. I have to do it myself cos she might be watching and I have to do that quickly so I can go bath with her.
 That's what I must always do. We must always bath together.

We sat in the hospital all panicking. Jeff dad had an attack(Asthma). We were not in the house because we went shopping for my baby's stuff. It was just Jeff's dad at home with our 2 maids but nobody was there when it happened. Immediately we got inside, I ran upstairs with my heavy pregnancy. I wanted to go show him some of the things I bought. I got in to see him unconscious, I shook him but he was not breathing so I had to scream Jeff and his mom rushed in immediately.

We rushed him to the hospital, it been 1 hour already and no sign of the doctor. I've never seen fear in the eyes of Jeff and his mom until now.

I pray silently that nothing should happen to him because the man is like a father to me, I really enjoy his company. He had told me a week ago that if I give birth to a baby boy, he'll name him Olayiwola but if it a girl, he will name her omobolanle.

Jeff ran to Doctor Davis immediately we sighted him. I stood up too and same with his mom. "How is my dad? Is he okay now? Can we go inside now?? Talk to me!! "

He roared scaring everyone or let me say me cos I was the only surprised one.

"Calm down Jeff, you the man here that why you have to calm down please". Doctor Davis said calmly but I swear I sense something is not right because Doctor Davis was shaking somehow.

"He's he's...... Your dad.... Is... Your dad". His voice trailed off.

I suddenly slump in the nearest chair, something is not right. Jeff's mom was already crying.

"Talk to me please". Jeff begged holding the doctor's shirt.

"We tried our best, assuming you'd brought him earlier, it would have been a different story..... We lost him".

Immediately he dropped the bomb. Jeff left Doctor shirt like a mad man who was injected. He fell on his knees....

"Yeobo(honey)!! ". His mom screamed and went fainted, the nurse rushed to her. I couldn't stop the tears too. For God sake, why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It been a week since I lost my dad but it just like he just died. I can't still believe I've lost my dad. Just like that!!. That man is the best man in the whole universe. My pillar.... How can he just die like that??

"No!!!!!!!!!! ". I screamed allowing the tears fall easily.

Our sitting room is full. My elder sister, her husband, her kids who were upstairs, Mirabel, her husband, my mom and Evelyn. Everybody were crying, nobody could console anyone. Who wouldn't cry, we just lost a great man.

"I can't believe he's gone just like that. Why did he leave me? We promised never to leave eachother........ Our parent had arranged our marriage then because they were friends. He never wanted to marry me cos he saw me as a gold digger because his dad is richer and I never wanted to marry him cos he's a black guy. We both had who we were dating but our parent forced us. We quarelled and despised eachother for a year. What brought us together was that he's asthmatic, I never knew he was. We came to love eachother and found out we were perfect match. Best couple.... He's a good man...

Williams is a good man..... I wanna marry him in my next life. Yeobo(honey)!!!!!!!! ". My mom screamed crying the more.

I look at her and couldn't stop the tears too. God...... Why??? Is this how people die? Just like that?? I wonder how Evelyn had felt then. What she must've passed through when she lost her parent. She did not even get a chance to see or bury them like I was opportuned. Rest in Peace Dad.... I love you so much.

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