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Sisters- Episode 16


Sisters- Episode 16


I crossed my legs on the table sipping my glass of vodka. Jeff and Eve turned me to who I am. And am gonna make their life miserable, I have something in stock for them.

I look around at the hoodlums sitting on different chair in the sitting room smoking and drinking. They are three in number.

Stone just like his name is the deadliest. He's their leader. He has a cold heart. What he loves doing most is hurting people, pulling triggers. Always ready, he works for politicians too.

Scorpion just like his name too. He's evil and dangerous. Never cross his path cos it like entering a lion den.

And Natasha the only female. She's the only cool one but harmful too. She's a green snake under a green grass.

I know I was going to need this hoodlums one day, I've been hanging with them since I lost my parent. I really enjoy their company because I feel alive with them and they love me too.Am the one responsible for the well being of their family. I mean shelter, food and money. My parent were rich before their death so I have enough. This hoodlums are my family, they're ready to do anything for me and I repeat anything.

Becky pick a bottle of whiskey from the table and poured herself a glass. The table is full of different alcohols, gins everything including packs of cigarettes and bowl of marijuana.

"I have a mission... A real one. "
"Wow... Finally". Stone smiled.

"Someone has stepped on my toe"
"Who dare step on your toe? ". Becky asked puffing smokes through her nose.

"Jeffrey and Evelyn. They betrayed me. They fucked and screwed my life". I roared.

"Haha haha haha". Scorpion laughed. "They dont know that you have people who are ready to pull the trigger for you".

"You just tell us what you want and we'll get it done". Becky said.

Stone hardly talk, he wrapped a marijuana and inserted it in his mouth.

"I have a good plan already.... A very clean revenge. No rush..... It might take months but I dont care". I said looking at all of them who nod in affirmation.

"Here take this, you need it. I've mixed it with some stuffs". Scorpion said with a wink and I understood what he meant.

I collected the drink and gulp. My body felt diffraction and I enjoy the new feeling. You just wait. Eve and Jeff. Am gonna screw your lives just like you did to mine!!!!!!.

I sat in the kitchen with Jeff's parent. His mom is making kimchi soup while her husband and I are gisting her.I've come to learn to eat and cook some korean meals too though I remember purging for a week the first time I ate black noodles but it one of my favorite now.

It been two months since I moved in with Jeffrey and I must say, his family is the best. They make sure I was being pampered and well taken care of.Mirabel got married last month and I got to meet their elder sister and her family too. Every member of the family is nice. But their elder sister acts like mutt. She hardly talk and according to Jeff that's how she is but I must say she's sweet than Mirabel. She brought lots of things for me. I get gifts from any of the family member everytime they go on trip. The last gift I got was from Jeff's dad. He got me a box of pure gold jewelries. Said it for my wedding.

I call Jeff's parent mom and dad because they complained that I wasn't addressing them like my parent.Am more close to Jeff's dad because the man is jovial and very lively. Same with his wife but I think I got along well with his dad more because we're both Nigerians.

I felt a arm around me from behind and I need no soothsayer to tell me it my Jeffrey. I smiled at him, stroke his hair and he plastered kisses on my face.

Jeff's dad cleared his throat and went over to his wife. "I still have my wife here so you dont have to make me jealous". He grinned and kissed his wife on the neck.

"Hey stop it....... Am busy here" She said sweetly to him and Jeff's dad gave her a puppy face making me giggle.

"Mom, am here to pick my Angel. It been 1 hour since you came to steal her from me". Jeff said and kissed the back of my hand and I blushed.

"Hajoon... It just 1 hour, anyways you can go with her. I have my husband here".His mom said turning to see her husband stealing a meat from her pot of soup. She hit him with the wooden spoon.

"Yeobo!! (Honey) ". He pouted making a baby face.I smiled at them. They are loving couples, anybody will definitely know they are inseparable.

"You dont have to envy them dear our love story will be sweeter than this". Jeff whispered into my ear and helped me down from the stool.

"Mom, dad..... We'll be going to the garden now". I smiled at them.
"Sure baby, go and have fun while I play with my queen here". Jeff's ad said winking at his wife who rolled her eyes at him and continued what she was doing.
Jeff and I chuckled and soon left the kitchen to the garden which is located at the backyard. It a very beautiful garden with different beautiful flowers.

We settled on the mat and soon one of the maid came and served Jeff and I fruit juice.

"Thank you chioma". I said as I collected my own glass from her, I was about to sip when beauty ran to me making the glass fall and the drink spilling. It a hard glass cup so it did not break.

Beauty is Jeff's mom puppy. She's pure white and hair, very cute and loving.

"Am so sorry ma, sorry ma. Let me go and get something to clean up for you". Amaka panicked as she rushed out of the garden.

"Sorry about that, love". Jeff said and pulled me to him in a position I sat between him.

It not even the maid's fault and she was just apologizing. I dont blame her though. She just got hired last two weeks and she's very nice ti me. I love her around me she's a Nigerian unlike Yeon Ah the other maid who is a korean lady.

"Here take mine". Jeff offered me is drink. I collected it from him and Boom!. Beauty did the same thing again.

"Common Beauty, why do you keep doing that? ". Jeff asked the puppy who came to me licking my foot which made me giggle forgetting what she did earlier.

"Any news about Jocelyn?? ". I asked Jeff.

"Not at all dear". Nobody knows where Jocelyn is. She's not in our house anymore. Jeff and I never stop checking the house but we never saw her. Her phone is switched off. I lost the key of the house and I dont even have any other one so I never get a chance to open the house but the compound is always neat cos amaka always go to clean it.

Jeff kept his hand on my stomach caressing the little budge in my dress.

"So tell me honey, how many children do you want us to have?".
"6 won't be bad".he said and I faced him immediately while he grinned.

"What?? Are you kidding right now? Do you wanna kill me? ". I half yelled.

Jeff laughed till he couldnt. "You need to see your face right now babe". He said chuckling. "You know am a Nigerian even if I have a korean blood in me.

Grandparent had just Dad and Davis mom that why I want many children".

I hit him lightly. "Am gonna give you 3.2 boys and a girl but you can add another 3 from another woman".

"Wow that sound great".
I hit him softly. "You won't even dare i'll kill you myself". I said making a angry face.

"Hey common, it just gonna be you and I forever".

"Are you sure? What if you fall inlove with another girl? ".

"That will be our daughter". He said and I kissed him softly on the cheek.

"I can't wait to see our baby". He added caressing my stomach.

"Saranghae(I love you) ". I said softly

"Naso saranghae(I love you too) ". He replied and we kissed passionately.

I've learnt some korean words but abusive words mostly.

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