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Sisters- Episode 15


Sisters- Episode 15


I poured myself a glass of whiskey and gulped down. I've become a regular customer in this bar ever since Evelyn stole my Jeff.
Everything has changed between us, we are no longer the sweet loving sisters and it all Evelyn's fault. I hate her so much. I really wanna strangle her at any slight opportunity I have.

"Hey".. I look up to see him. Oh God... Not again. Ever since I've been coming to this bar, this stupid guy always come to me. He's tall, dark and has pink lips. He's handsome. Very very handsome but my Jeff that I want. He always has 7-8 hefty men around him. They're his bodyguards I guess. Even though I dont know why he has them with him.

"Drinking everytime won't solve it". He said and sat opposite me while I gulp my drink. He ordered for Maltina as usual and one of his guards brought it to him, opened the bottle and poured little in glass cup then he went back to their usual spot. They have where they do sit everytime their boss is with me watching us from distance.
"One more bottle bar man". I said.
"No more bottle, bar man". He said annoying me and the bar man continued what he was doing.

"Listen you dont know a thing about me, you dont have any right on me. So just leave me alone". I yelled angrily.

I tool my glass about to gulp the remaining content in it when he snatched it from me. It annoyed me and I slapped him hard across the face. Immediately his guards stood up coming towards us but he waved them to go sit down and they did.

"When will you tell me your beautiful name, or you prefer me calling you "My precious". He said smiling and revealing his deep dimples. Gosh, this guy is crazy I swear.

I picked my car key and stood up. Walking out of the bar.

"Am Ryan". I heard him say but I did not turn, I just hissed and left the place.

?? EVELYN P. O. V??
I buried my face in his chest, wetting his shirt with my tears. He held me tight and I love the fact that am in his arms again perceiving his masculine cologne which I've missed so much.

"Am so sorry Evelyn, I must have caused you pains... Am so sorry". He said rubbing my back softly.
"Stop saying that Hajoon, the good thing is that you're here with me. I've missed you so much".

"Jeff... "I called softly looking into his eyes

"Promise me that no matter what you'll never let go of me and my baby". I said looking straight into his eyes.

He cupped my cheeks."Evelyn..... I promise you to forever care for you. I give you my words that i'll move mountains for you if need be. I'll keep you out of harm's way. I'll be anything you need at the given time. No matter what you ask of me, i'll do it because you are the love of my life. You are my everything forever.". With that he kissed me passionately and I reciprocated.

I was about to leave the house when Jeff barged in and pull me into his arms. He explained everything to me and I did the same. All this time that I thought I've lost him and that he doesn't want the baby. He was happy that am carrying his baby. It was his sister that answered the call...He actually saw me with Alfred and I understand how he must've felt. We a perfect match.. Two heartbroken people coming together as one. Thank God I did not hurt our first child. If not, i'll regret for the rest of my life.
"Let's go pack your stuffs. You're leaving with me". I stared at him. "
 you're not safe here considering what you said about your sister and I won't want you to hurt out baby. What if it wasn't Davis...... Please dont say NO.. ".

I smiled at him. Am so happy because right now, I wanna stay far from jocelyn. Am scared of her this days.

I parked my car, came out of it, opened the door for Evelyn and she came out out. I brought her luggage from the boot and we walked inside the house.

Am so grateful to have a sister like Mirabel. After speaking sense into my head. I sped off to Evelyn's house. Luckily I was fast enough if not. I would have lost our child and live to regret it cos I dont think i'll be able to face her.

"Aigoo(my goodness)... Who do we have here"..... Mum said and pulled Evelyn in her arms. She hugged her tight before pecking her.

"Oma(mom) please dont hurt my baby". I grinned.

"Oh common Hajoon... I also have my husband, dont try to make me jealous"

"Ani Oma(No mom) she's carrying your grandchild". I said majestically.

"Mwo! (What?!) She's carrying my grandchild? "..

"Yes Oma, she's carrying my baby". I grinned while Evelyn was busy blushing.

"Omo omO". Mom exclaimed covering her mouth and she hugged her again.

Evelyn kept smiling. Beautiful Angel.. Am so blessed to have her. I just wish my family will free her soon, I wanna spend time with her. I've missed her so much.
Anyways she'll be staying with me henceforth though.

"Ibwa kiyomi(hey cutie) ". Mirabel smiled coming downstairs.

?? EVELYN P. O. V??
I sat with Jeff in his room with Mirabel who is busy arranging my stuffs in the closet. She's all over me calling me "Love of my life".

Mirabel is so beautiful,replica of her mom. She's a complete white girl that you'll doubt the blood of black in her and same with their elder sister because I've seen her pictures.

Jeff is the only one who looks like his dad but he's fair. (You will know he's an half cast unlike others cos he's not complete white).

Their parent are cute too and I got a reason why Jeff and his siblings are very cute. I pray my child be cute like them too.... I smiled at the thought of that.

We heard a knock on the door and Jeff's mom walked in..

"I made something special for Sweet Evelyn". She said smiling at me. Wow she has a deep dimple. This woman is so beautiful. I never imagined i'll ever have something to do with a korean. I so much love them.

"Oma(mom) what did you cook? ". Mirabel pouted.

"Min Su, you're suppose to do that not mom and you're here asking her what she prepared. Moreover she said she cooked for Evelyn not you".. Jeff said sticking his tongue at her.

"Aissi"she smirked at Jeff. "I dont want to stress Love of my life". She said and winked at me smiling and I giggled.

"Oh really, let my husband come back from his trip then i'll discuss your marriage with him. Can't wait for you to go with your troubles. Dong Gu has alot to do". Jeff's mom said sighing.

"Wow really..... I'll be so glad if you do that.. I'll just give Dong Gu a call and he'll be in Nigeria straight away to come and take his bride...... Everyone knows you gonna miss me, you're just acting like you won't". Mirabel said sticking her tongue out at her mom.

"Aigoo... Min su". Jeff's mom said and removed her slippers charging at Mirabel who quickly dash out of the room while her mom ran after her.

"I wish my mom is still alive. This reminds me of how we do play, me pulling her legs just like your sister did just now.......... I did not even get a chance to see her before her death.... I miss her voice. I really wish I can hear it again... I miss everything about her. Even Jocelyn, she's the only family I have left but she changed. I miss her so much, I really do. I miss how we play and .......... ". My voice trailed off as I started sobbing.

Jeff pulled me his arms rubbing my back. "You dont have to cry anymore, am here with you... Am gonna protect and stand by you till eternity"...

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