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Sisters- Episode 14


Sisters- Episode 14


Jeffrey P. O. V
It been a week since I've been ignoring and avoiding Evelyn. I was mad when I got to know she was pregnant. How could she hide such a precious thing from me. For God sake that child is my first fruit.. Definitely she doesn't love me. What if the doctor did not talk about it. How could she be so cruel despite my love for her.

After I dragged her out of my car and drove off. I got home and locked myself up crying my eyes out. Why do I have to always fall for the wrong people that doesn't give a fuck about my feelings. I regret dragging her like that. I must have hurt her too, I love her alot but am so heartbroken that she's hiding the pregnancy from me.

Mirabel walked into my room while I was playing my guitar.

"Hey ". She said handling me a pack of Mango drink.
I dropped my guitar and collected it. "Thanks Mi sun"..
Mi sun is mirabel's korean name meaning beauty and goodness while my korean name is Hajoon meaning A very handsome person.

"Orabuni(Brother) will you tell me what happened two days ago now, you just locked yourself up".

"It Evelyn, she's carrying my baby but she hide it from me. She did not tell me, I found out from the doctor and she was pretending that she did not know about it. Just imagine that kind of lie. How will she be pregnant without knowing. Am so disappointed".

"Ha joon... It very possible that she won't know. Some pregnant women find out they are pregnant after one or two months. Trust me she might not know. "

"Oh My God... What have I done? ". I said messing my hair.

"I hope you haven't done something nasty, huh? "
"I did, I have been ignoring her calls and texts, I even dragged her out of my car two days ago".

"You should have calm down atleast...you've fucked up seriously but nevertheless there is something we can do about it".

"What can I do please... I so much regret it now". I said and dropped the pack of mango drink which I've sipped half of it.

"How about getting her a flower from our garden".
"Flower?? We're in Nigeria, Mirabel. Girls dont value flowers here. Trust me... But wait.... I know what I can buy... Yeah it a perfect idea". I exclaimed.

"What do you wanna buy?".

"Ladies never get tired of new dress no matter how big their wardrobe is. Yeah... Am going to get a dress so we can go for a date tonight? What do you think? ".

"Perfect". Mirabel grinned and gave me a thumb up.
I rushed downstairs without changing my shirt, got into my car and drove straight to JACQUELINE SHOPPING MALL. I was so happy with my idea as I bounced into the mall with smiles all over my face. One will think I won lottery or something.

I dont have all the time in the world so I rushed to the Shoes and Wears collection. I sighted a golden colour shoe. Evelyn is definitely gonna love this. I grinned. N50,000 was on the price tag. Who cares am getting something for my heartbeats. I picked the shoe and sighted a Long black dinner gown... Wow it so beautiful, it has gold pearls all over it.. I walked towards it but stopped immediately I saw Evelyn. She was giggling and laughing with a guy. I stood stiff watching her hug the guy over and over again.The guy finally came in view. Wait he looks familiar. I've seen his picture on Evelyn's phone before......... Alfred her ex. I gasped. Does that mean they are back? He's the father of her baby? What?? Evelyn fooled me.. My body became weak, I couldn't stop the tear that rolled freely down my cheeks. I turned to where I picked the shoe from then placed it back. I was so annoyed as I dashed out of the mall.

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Ever since then, I started ignoring her calls and texts. I dont know why that cheater is disturbing my life.

********BACK TO PRESENT********
Someone knocked softly on my door then turned the door knob and walked in.

Me: "Neolangmalha go sipji ana. (I dont want to talk to you)".

Mirabel: "Orabuni.... Waeguelae. (Brother, why are you being like this). I've been begging you just two days after everything started. You said you were going to apologize to her, you left for mall then the next thing, you came back and locked yourself up. It been a week already. Let go of whatever it is".

Me: "Maybe you dont understand what I said. Evelyn is cheating on me. I saw her with a guy. They were laughing and hugging. What other evidence do I need that am not the father of her baby? Maybe that's why she did not tell me in the first place"

Mirabel: "you saw her hug a guy. Geuraseo mwo? (So what?) Huh? What if not what you think? Why dont you just give her a chance and at least hear her out. Jebal Orabuni(brother please).

Me: Geunyeoneun gwaenchanh nae yeoja chingu. (She's my girlfriend, okay?!)

Mirabel: Nan neoye hwanass eo Hajoon oppa. (Am angry with you Hajoon. What exactly is your problem?). You dont want to ever marry right? You're just acting like a kid! ".

Me: "Ip josimhae!. (Watch your mouth) ".
Mirabel: Hajoon....

Me: Hajimalago.....Sanggwanji ma! (I said stop it,it none of your business!)
Mirabel: Mwo(What?!!)

Me: You heard me clearly Mi sun.

Mirabel: "Cheogyyeol da..... Jjejeungna. ( This is driving me crazy, i'm irritated) ".

I was about to reply when my phone beeped. I glance to see the caller EVE
"Orabuni please answer her call please". She begged while I just hissed.

"Orabuni (brother) please..... " she begged on the second ring.

"Ani!!! (No!) ". I yelled at her and she flinched, have never done that before.

I watch her pick my phone on the third ring. "Neo mwohanye(What the hell are you doing?!)".

She ignored me and and answered the call. "Hello...... Hello..... Is anyone there? ". I guess no one answered so she dropped the phone and sat beside me.

Mirabel: Orabuni waeguelae!! ( why are you being like this?!!) ".

Me: I sank my fingers into my hair ruffling it angrily. "Aissi.......... Jeongmal jjeungnanda. (This is so frustrating) Mi sun.... Jeoli ha(go away) please".

Mirabel: Mwo(what?!). You sending me out of your room because am telling you the truth? ".

My phone beeped and I did not bother checking, I hissed. Mirabel hand the phone over to me. "Are you mad at Davis too? "
I rolled my eyes before collecting the phone from her. She mouthed " Mwohae (Whatever) " then walked out of the room while I answered the call and placed it on my ear.
"Hey Davis, long time.....

"Jeff..... Whats up with you and eve? ".

"Hey hey listen....... If you gonna talk about her then am hanging up now.... "I said and was about to press red when I heard him scream into the phone.

"She wants an abortion".

"What?!! Why will she do that?!! "

" I dont know Jeff, am suppose to be asking you that because...

"So why are you telling me?? You're a doctor and she's your patient, if that's what she wants then so be it". I said angrily and hanged up.

I dont give a damn.. The baby is not mine anyways so why should I care.

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