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Sisters- Episode 13


Sisters- Episode 13


Evelyn P. O. V
I stared at Jeffrey's number and couldn't help but cry. It been a week since the pregnancy stuff and Jeffrey changed completely. He no longer answer my calls, texts or even to call back. I've gone to his house countless time but the gateman won't let me in.
Alfred and I ran into ourselves in the mall just two days after the pregnancy stuff.


YOU ARE WELCOME TO JACQUELINE SHOPPING MALL was displaying on the Bill board. I walked in, the place was full as usual. I move over to Shoes and wears collection. I sighted a Silver wedge shoe. Wow it was so beautiful. Jocelyn is definitely gonna love it. I saw the price tag. N35,000. I only brought N60,000 with me. Okay I'll just make use of my ATM if I run out of cash. I picked the shoe and kept it in the shopping trolley. I sighted a white short gown. It really gonna fit Joe.N10,000 on the price tag. I picked it tii. I did not plan to shop for Jocelyn but seeing all this beautiful stuffs. I had to.

I suddenly perceive a familiar masculine scent. Yeah I know it very well. I look around then saw him. That son of a bitch. I pushed my shopping trolley to where he was.

"Hello Son of a Bitch". I said, he turned around and I welcomed him with a punch in the face making him bleed from the nose.

He touched his nose and saw that he was bleeding. "What the Hec...... Eve?? ". He called immediately his eyes met with mine.

"Bastard, Asshole, scumbag....... How could you! You said you loved me!!! I'll never leave you Eve, as long as I live. Thats what you said. Isn't it? Huh? ".


"Dont babe me, congratulations on getting married. I wanted to do two things when next I see you and I just did that now".

"Eve....... I swear it was an arranged marriage, you know I can never hurt you. I loved you.....

"Yeah. Even if i still feel something for you. I can't admit it again. Am a married man now.

Who cares anyways, not like I love him again.

"It was an arranged marriage yet you accepted it".

"Eve.... You know how much I respect my parent especially my mom. You know my mom has an illness. She threatened not yo use her medications and said she'll be starving herself. Believe me Eve... I swear". He said wiping off the blood off his nose with his handkerchief.

He did not have a choice. I know how much he loves his mother.

I took a deep breath. Not like I love him anymore. I have Jeff and am carrying his child. "It okay I believe you".

"Thank you so much Eve". He said and hugged me. I pat him on the back.

I release myself from the hug."since we did not get to marry, I have a favor to ask".

"Sure anything Eve".

"Just like you know. I dont have any brother. So henceforth you'll start addressing me big sister".

He chuckled. "Are you kidding right now. If you really need a brother. I can be your older brother. For Christ sake, am two years older than you".

I shrugged. "I dont care, so now give it a trial".

He cleared his throat. "Okay Alfred, you can do this. Forget your pride and stoop low to call this little girl here big sister... Gosh it somehow. Dont you have anything you want? ".
"Unfortunately I don't, that's the only thing I want". I giggled. "You better do it now Mister".

He closed his eyes. "Big sister".

"Yeah thats it. Kid bro. Now give big sis a hug". I chuckled and hugged him tight. "Am glad to have you as little brother".
He released himself from the hug and rolled his eyes.

"Durhh.. You can't change that again". I stick my tongue at him. "
"So tell me, how's life with you? "..
"Yeah yeah, am carrying a baby". I grinned.

He was startled. "What?? You can't be please".

"I never said I was carrying your baby. The last time we had sex was two months before our breakup. So that's how many month now??. My baby is barely a month old. Okay? ".

He heaved a sigh of relieve. "Thank God, you scared me. Really. I thought I was becoming a father of two already".

"Father of two?? ". I asked in confusion.

"Yeah my wife is pregnant".

"Wow you're becoming a father.".

"Actually I always drink because I married against my will. Not that she's a bad girl. Nope cos she's actually my first love. My childhood crush, we were in grade 7. Her parent took her out of the country so i never got a chance to date her. Like I was saying I got drunk one day and we.......... "He winked and I chuckled.

"Am so happy for you dear".

"We'll come around one day. She's a very nice and sweet girl. Trust me, I dont regretthe marriage".

*******FAST FORWARD*******
Alfred paid for everything I bought and even drove me home because I did not come with my car.

"First it was Alfred. He got married and abandoned you. You went for Jeffrey again, only God knows what happened between you two since two days ago, he doesn't come again and now it Alfred again. You suddenly turn to a bitch over night". Jocelyn lashed at me immediately I stepped in. She must've seen Alfred dropping me off.

"Listen. Alfred just gave me a ride that's all".

She hissed loudly. "Who knows maybe he went to sleep with you in hotel or he can even take you to his matrimonial home to fuck you. You're a shameless bitch anyways.
I went ballistic but held myself from doing anything nasty because of doctor's warning. I can't hurt my baby even tho his father changed since two days now. "Here I got you something from the mall". I said handling the shopping bag over to Jocelyn.

"What makes you think i'll collect anything from you again. Never will I ever again. You're not my sister again. WE ARE NOT SISTERS ANYMORE!!! ". She yelled and spat on my face before leaving the sitting room. I stared at my hand which still hang in the air with the shopping bag.

*********BACK TO PRESENT********

I finally summoned courage and dial Jeff's number. First ring. Second ring. Then third ring. Thank God. Finally after one week.

"Hello...... Hello..... Is anyone there? Hello......

My phone fell on the bed immediately.. What?!! A girl just answered Jeff's number. She has an angelic voice. It was so sweet.

No this has to stop already. I picked my phone and strolled through my contact list.. I found Davis number and dialed it.

"Hello Doc.... This Evelyn..... I want an abortion".

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