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Sisters- Episode 12


Sisters- Episode 12


Jeffrey P. O. V
After we made love she ran to the bathroom throwing up. I was so scared but my joy came when she said she was okay. We showered and I told her to prepare so I can take her to Davis for checkup since she said she's been throwing up for days now. She acted stubborn at first but later agreed. Said she was craving for homemade fruit salad so we both went to the kitchen to make it but I felt my stomach grumbling, I had to make use of the toilet so I excused myself.

I took my time in the toilet cos I was purging, soon I left the toilet and head to the kitchen, I heard yells and I knew Jocelyn is definitely back from wherever she went. I opened the door and the first thing I saw shocked me and my mouth agape.

Jocelyn just punched her hard in the face and she staggered back but all of sudden she fell on the floor. I rushed to her and carried her in a bridal style into my car and rushed to the nearest hospital. I dont have time to face Jocelyn now. Nope not now at all. What matters right now is Evelyn's health.

Jocelyn P. O. V
I sat in the bar gulping down the bottle of alcohol, I've drank before so it not a new thing. I do drink alcohol but not to stupor but on a day like this,I will. I just got here so am still on my first bottle but am going on 10 minimum. I gulped down the alcohol from the bottle and I cared less about the cup.

"Hi".... I heard someone say and took a sit opposite me. I looked up and saw him. Mtcheew. Why is he here now.

"Am so sorry Jocelyn, I never meant to hurt anyone I swear......... "He stopped and looked at me. He got the idea that I was not ready to answer him cos I gulped down the remaining alcohol from my bottle.

He continued. "I swear it was an arranged marriage, I never meant to hurt Evelyn I swear. I loved her so much that why I couldn't tell her before hand, even the night I broke up with her. I couldn't look into her eyes, she's a very good lady and never deserved to be treated that way but I had to. My dad and his friend arranged the marriage to finalize their business dealsi swear. I mean, who does that in this century".

"Can you leave now".... I said to him softly. I dont wanna lose my temper but seeing him still sitting, I knew he was not ready to leave anytime soon. "LEAVE ME ALONE ALFRED!!!". I yelled angrily and he stood up immediately,all eyes were on us. Hr quickly left the bar.
I guess Alfred was shocked too but I dont care...... Why must good things always happen to my sister, so Alfred did not willingly broke up with her, he was forced to. I cried at the thought of that. Evelyn is so dead I swear. "5 more bottles bar man".

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Evelyn P. O. V
I opened my eyes slowly and stared at the white ceiling above me. I look around and saw blue curtains and judging from the smell. I knew i was in the the hospital. Someone was caressing my hair, I stared at those beautiful eyes.

"Evelyn you're awake... ". He said sadly forcing a smile at me.
I smiled back. "Am fine now okay? ".

The doctor walked in and smiled at me. "Miss Evelyn, hope you better now.. "

I nodded. "Yeah just slight headache". I said weakly.

"You shouldn't get into a fight in this condition. You almost risked the baby's life". My eyes grew wide.

"What baby are you talking about? ". Jeffrey asked. Exactly what I wanted to ask.

"Oh miss Evelyn, I got your blood test result akd discovered you're carrying a baby. You thought it was the punch that made you passed out?". I nodded. "Haven't you been exprencing some symptoms and your period? ".

"I've been feeling weak, nausea and my period did not show up last week". OMG. So all those signs were pregnancy.

"So means Evelyn, now that you know. You should take extra care of yourself, dont stress yourself please for the baby's sake, eat lots of fresh fruit and apply for antenatal too. Mr Jeff.... Make sure you dont stress her, accompany her to doctor's appointment,be patient, handle frequent peeing, act like you're pregnant, get her a full body pillow, backrubs right before bed, cuddling, sexy time, help her through morning sickness and once again be patient. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on her hormones. Some days she'll feel fantastic, some she'll bite your head off as soon as you open your mouth. Some days she'll just break sown in tears for no reason. Make sure you get some books on pregnancy for tips.Congratulations". He finally end his silly long boring talk, shook hands with Jeff and left the room.

All through the time the doctor was talking, Jeff just sat like a lifeless person. No expression on his face and it scare me. Maybe he doesn't want the baby, maybe he's not ready to be a father. Maybe he just want to mingle but I can't abort too. Now that the doctor is out. I can finally know what going on in his mind.

"Meet me in the car". He said with a stern voice and left the room. I saw it in his eyes, he doesn't want the baby.

Tears roll down my cheeks.
The drive home was silent, I tried bringing up conversation but surprisingly Jeff did not utter any word to me. I was hurt and surprised at the sudden change.
The engine stopped and I realized we're at my house already but he parked outside the gate unlike him. He always drive inside. I sat in the car looking at him cos am so confused. He should at least say something.

"Are you getting out of my car or you need me to force you to?". He said coldly.

I was shocked to the bone, what does he mean by that?. I was still in shock when I felt a hand drag me out of the car. Jeffrey just dragged me out??? He slammed the door then got in the driver's seat and sped off.. My legs felt weak and I saw myself on the ground trying to understand the whole thing. Whats going on???.

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