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Sisters- Episode 11


Sisters- Episode 11


Jeffrey P. O. V
"You mean they're sisters? ". Davis asked surprised.

I aways hang out with Davis, we're very close.

"Yeah I never knew they were sisters I swear". I said messing my hair, I do that everytime am frustrated.

"So what's up with them now? I mean what are you planning to do?".

"The thing is I love Eve, she's the one I love".

"And Jocelyn?.......

"She's just a friend, nothing more.... Moreover you like her".
"But she doesn't like me, it you she loves".

"But I can't return the love, moreover something already happened between eve and I......
"Wait hollup, you mean you guys have....

"Yeah we did".

"Oh oh..... Do you regret it? ".

"Davis, are you listening to me at all, I said I love Eve and you talking about regret".

"Oh I see.....

"Listen Davis, I need to go see Eve,I received a text from her last night telling me to let go which I can't no matter what"...

"Jeff you have to be careful please.Trust me, Just be careful and make the right choice remember they're sisters and orphans, try not to make them despise eachother".

"Yeah I will, I have to go now, bye". I shook hands with him then I picked my car key and drove to Evelyn's Place.

Evelyn P. O. V
I watch as Jeffrey cried begging me not to leave him but I have to, I love my sister.

"You just have to understand me Jeff, my sister loves you alot and I love her so much. My parent would be mad at me if I allow a man come between us, try and understand me please".

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He yanked my hands from his standing. "You keep talking about your sister's feeling, how about your own feeling. You dont love me right? Just say it! How about what we shared, was it nothing to you? Huh? ". Jeff yelled and tears rolled down from my eyes.

"I love you so much Jeff but I have to let go of you, and about what happened between us, it nothing..... It means nothing,sex is just normal. Am not with the man that deflowered me. Alfred and I had sex too but where is he? It just normal". I said amidst tears.

He looked at me in disbelieve,tears rolled down his cheek. His eyes and ears was red. He was disappointed but I just have to let go of him I watch as he came close to me, our face was just inches apart that I could feel his breathe on my face.

"I did not have sex with you Eve. I made love to you, pure love. Look into my eyes and tell me what we shared means nothing to you....... ".
I couldnt do it, I love him.. "Okay you know what? Am gonna kiss you now and if you dont love me again then don't return the kiss, that will prove you dont want me again.

I wanted to stop him but I felt his lips on mine and I couldn't resist him. My whole body yearn for him. Soon we were both devouring ourselves on my bed. I was moaning so loud cause he was driving me wild and I held on tight to him. Everything about Jeff is so perfect. I love him so much that I can't hurt him further, am not ready to sacrifice two people's feelings for one. Moreover majority they say carry the vote.
We laid beside eachother, both naked under the blanket, we were both staring at eachother admiring ourselves. I played with his fine smooth hair which fell on his face cos he was laying down.
"I can cut my hair off if you dont like, I notice it do disturb whenever we uhmmmm*coughs...... "He said naughtyly and I pulled his nose giggling.

"Common I love it, it make you look beautiful and......... ". I was interuptted by the lump in my throat and I rushed to the bathroom throwing up. I felt Jeff standing at my back rubbing my back softly. I kept throwing up. I've been throwing up since two days now, always feeling nausea. I felt better cos it seems have thrown everything up.

"Are you okay? What wrong with you? Let's go see the Doctor.... ". He kept saying nonstop, I turned to look at him and I burst out laughing hard. I pointed at his dick laughing because we were still stark naked.

He covered himself immediately. "Stop looking at an old man's dick, you're too young to see this".

I was making fruit salad for Jeff and I when Jocelyn walked in. She left house sice morning.
"Hey... ". She said and picked a cube of apple and chewed.

"Hi". I said chewing a cube of pear.
"Is Jeff around I saw his car outside". I heard her say as she leaned on the table I was working. She stood inches away from me.

"Yeah he's been here since morning.... ". I replied cutting the water melon.

"Oh.... You didnt call me tho. So have you told him about it? How was it? ".

"Jocelyn? "

"Yeah Evelyn......

"Do you remember what mom told us the last time she called before the plane crash? ".

"Yeah.... She told us not to let go of ourselves. No matter what happens we should not allow anything to come between us".

"That's exactly whats happening now". I said and abandoned what I was doing and faced her.

"You the only one that can stop it Eve....

"No it you Joe....

"Of course it is you Evelyn, there is no way am letting go of Jeff and you know that".

"I can't do that either".

"Evelyn please dont do this, you won't like the outcome".

"Jocelyn.... Am sorry but Jeff and I loves eachother so much". I pleaded my heart beating fast.
Her face was expressionless. "How about when you die? ". She let out a sly smile and what she did shocked the hell outta me.

I staggered back, my head spinning. Everything was getting blur, I saw Jeff run to me but it was too late cos it went blank.

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