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Sisters- Episode 10


Sisters- Episode 10


Evelyn P. O. V
I woke up feeling very thirsty and had to drink water. I went to the dinning room looking at jocelyn and her man. They were backing me. I dont even wanna know him too. Mtcheew. I was about to drink my water when our eyes met. "Jeffrey!". "Evelyn!! ". We called out at the same time. I was shocked when Jocelyn said it was her man. I couldn't take it so I ran out, running as fast as my legs could take me. I heard Jeff callingme but I kept running as fast as I can. All of a sudden he screamed my name and he jumped on me making both of us fall. A vehicle drove pass. God!. This guy just saved my life again but when I remember that he's still the same guy that cheated on me with my blood sister. I pushed him off me, I stood up and start walking away. He rushed to me again kneeling in front of me by the road side, passerbys were watching but who cares.

"Whats this show for? Why the hell are you doing this? ". I yelled angrily at him. Tears were rushing down.

"Evelyn believe me there is nothing between your sister and I".

"Why dont you just shut the hell up, stop lying! "

"Eve, you have to listen to me, please hear me out I never knew you were sisters, I swear".

"Just shut the crap, how many time have you screw my sister it sound so irritating that you screwed two sisters, gosh! ".

"I did not screw your sister, she kissed me. Yeah. But I resisted her I swear". He said messing his hair.

"I should have known, what do I expect from an half cast. You have a white blood in you white men dont see any big deal in screwing two sisters, am the fool here for opening my legs for you".

"Please just hear me out, even if it gonna be the last time, please eve just hear me out, I have my evidence that we're just friends".

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I calmed down a bit and listened as he explained everything that transpired between my sister and him. He showed me all their chat and I confirmed there was nothing between them.

It was jocelyn who wanted him......... God.....

"Am so sorry Jeff, have never allowed you to come to my house and I didnt show you her picture too am sorry". I said sniffing.

He stood up and pulled me into his arms caressing my hai. "I love you so much Eve". With that he kissed me and his tongue rolled into my mine.

I gave him a soft girly punch in the stomach. "We still by the road side".

He chuckled and entwined my fingers in his and we went back home laughing at the silly jokes he was making.

Jeffrey is so sweet and I can't deny the fact that am Inlove with him.

Jocelyn P. O. V
I sat in the dinning eating my fruit salad when they walked in.I watch as Jeff pick his stuffs, he came to me and mouthed a take care and turned whileEve followed him out.
 I stood at the window watching how Jeff and Eve hugged and kissed. She finally bid him goodbye and came in. I bounced on her immediately she entered.

We held eachother's hair it was rough as we tore eachother's dress, I saw her phone nearby and smatched it, it annoyed her as she gave me a resounding slap.

I went ballistic."How dare you! ". I roared and pulled her hair.

"Ouch lemme go Joe".

"You are nothing but a whore, bitch.......... I was interuppted by a blow.

An hour later.
"Why did you always steal my man? Why did you always make them fall for you? We're both pretty yet it always you". I cried.
We were both sitting on the floor panting. Everywhere was scattered, Eve had a cut on her lip while I broke my arm.

"He was the guy that saved me in the restaurant, he's the guy have been hanging out with, I wanted to show you his picture but you were hiding yours".

"This exactly what I was avoiding but now it finally happen". For the past two years have not been in relationship, I finally fall inlove with the right person. Eve please let go of Jeffrey,Jeff is the best gut have met please. I love him". I cried pleading to her.

"But he loves me and not you".
"You can make it happen, he can develop feelings for me if you let go please".

"Jocelyn, you know quite well we can't change his feelings".

"Listen Eve, i'll make it happen, not like we're strangers".

"But I also love him so much Joe, and he does too. You just have to accept the fact that he's not yours........

"Shut up bitch". I cut her off angrily. "We're sisters, why do you always steal my man". I cried
"I'll let go of him if that will make you happy but please take good care of him".Evelyn said sadly and I pulled up in a big hug. I love my sister so much and I will take care of Jeffrey above her imagination. It actually like a dream come true. Wow am so happy.

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