Royal Fucker2-Chapter9


Royal Fucker2-Chapter9

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Ivy Powell

After lecture I left class and walked towards my locker, I noticed that everyone was staring at me and murmuring among themselves.

I shrugged and opened my locker, something fell on me.

WTF my locker was filled with plastic dicks.

The students roared with laughter as they kept taking pictures of me.
Deep breaths Ivy deep breaths. I kept assuring myself.

" Ivy check out your new bike ." A boy in my class announced and everyone ran outside to check it out.

I raced outside to see that my bike had been painted a different color.

" Who did this!!" I yelled angrily as my neck had begun to ich.

Suddenly my whole body began to ich me.

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I kept scratching every part of my body as the whole school won't stop laughing and taking pictures.
Soon they started throwing eggs at me .

I ran away from the parking lot and headed towards the locker room.

I know who's doing all of this and am gonna get back at him.

Relax Ivy he can't break you with all this tricks.

The locker room closed pretty loud jerking me outta my thoughts.

" Give up?" I heard his voice from behind.

" Never?! The battle line had just been drawn. "I said confidently.

" Oh really? " A bitch said as she started kissing him disgustingly.

" Let's see if you gonna be able to withstand this." He smirked evilly as he grabbed hold of her ass and squeeze it.

I tried opening the door but it was locked by this evil jerk.

" Let me out you coward." I half yelled.

He paid less attention to me as the bitch went down on her knees and unzipped his zipper and brought out his d**k and took it into her mouth.

This is like watcha live porn. My head had become so sweaty as I try not to look at them.

Their stupid moans filled the place as she kept sucking him
He pulled her up and turned her over before sliding in his d **k from behind.


"Help help!!!!" I started banging on the door.

One more minutes in this place and I might die.

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