Royal Fucker2-Chapter8


Royal Fucker2-Chapter8

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Rated 18+

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Kulture knights

I walked out on her angrily. God , when did a nerd started being boasty?

Kimberly trailed after me.

"How could you let her do that to us huh?" She lashed out at me.

" What about you miss popular? You couldn't even touch a strand of her hair." I glared hard at her.

" Oh really Kay ? Seriously? Is that what you have to say yeah?" She growled and that's what I hate.

" You know beat it bitch! Get your stinky self outta my sight." I barked at her.

" Wow. So it has come to this ? Go fuck yourself Kay." She showed me her middle finger and walked away.

Good riddance. Now I have to think of something to get back at that lousy girl.

She messed with the wrong dude.
I went to class as Everyone's eyes landed on me.

Ttch! Who cares . I went over to My desk and took my seat.

The idiot walked into class too and showed me a fuck you sign.

I glared at her before exiting the class through the back.

I went over to the locker room and searched for her bag. I placed a fake snake in it.

And filled her locker with plastic dicks.

Rubbed the lock with ichy powder.
Let's see how she's gonna escape this one.

I went to the parking lot and identify her bike which was sprayed pink.

I re decorated it and sprayed it with red and yellow.

I Smirked evilly before walking back to class.

Am just gonna seat back and enjoy the show.

" Hey bro." Kel jumped outta nowhere.

" Seriously? If you're here to make fun of me then get lost." I glared at her.

" Chill baby I'm not here for that. Heard you broke up with Kimberly." She said Calmly.

" You never liked her so you should be happy." I rolled my eyes.

" You also did not like her you just wanted to fuck that's all."she raised her eyebrows.

" God Kellie your so nerve wrecking." I stood up and switched chairs.

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