Royal Fucker2-Chapter7


Royal Fucker2-Chapter7

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Rated 18+

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Kulture knights
I went home humiliated and angry at the fact that I want to get back at her.

How dare a common nerd like her try shii with me.

Kellie left earlier than expected.
I didn't bother checking on Kimberly. I left with my car.

"Hello dear." Mom said Smiling sheepishly.

I knew instantly that Kellie had done something.

"hey. " I murmured as I walked towards the kitchen and picked up an apple.

I could hear mom giggling and staring at her phone.

I rolled my eyes at her before heading upstairs.

"**" "" "*****
" Wakey wakey knuckle head. " I heard Kellie's voice in my head.

"Get your ass outta my room now pigeon legs." I grumbled as I rolled over and got outta bed.

"Hell no. You're stuck with me remember? Anyways am gonna go over to Ivy's house to give her a thank you card. " She said mockingly

" Seriously? No seriously ? Just get lost okay. " I rolled my eyes at her.
Kel is never gonna let me off after this.

After freshening up I went downstairs to meet the rest of the family.

Dad had gone on a business trip and won't be back till after three months.

He's the only person that understands me perfectly.

"Great you're just in time for breakfast." Mom said but I shoved her off.

" No thanks I'll pass. " I murmured as I walked towards the exit
"Or you're scared Ivy might kick your ass again?" Kel said trying to get on my nerves.

Seriously She's nerve wrecking.
"Whatever Kel." I shrugged before walking away.

I got into my car and drove off to school.

Just as I was about to park my car someone smashed a crate of eggs on the windshield of my car.


I stepped outta the car and looked around who the fuck did that

"Hello flower boy." That nerd said coming with a bat.

" You again? You're playing with fire prepare to get burnt." I groaned softly.

"Baby who's this thing. " Kimberly came outta nowhere as she stared at the nerd disgustingly.

"Shut up fool. Have you seen your face lately? You look like a horse with makeup. " She said and Kim got infuriated.

The students had already gathered around us

" How dare you bitch!!" Kim charged at her but someone stuck out their leg and Kim stumbled hard and fell to the ground in shame..

" This is just warning of what am gonna do to you. But first let me make sure you learn more. " She said and broke the windshield of my car with the bat.

She should be lucky I don't hit a lady swears am gonna eat her up.
My eyes had become so red that students had beginning to move away from me.

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