Royal Fucker2-Chapter6


Royal Fucker2-Chapter6

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Kellie knights
I went home without Kay mom needs to watch the video of how Kay was dealt with.

God am so happy, atleast there's someone that doesn't find him attractive.

I really need to go over to her and give her a thank you gift.
"Mom! Mom!!" I called out as I barged into her room.

" Yes baby I'm here. "She said as she walked outta the bathroom.

"Mom you got to see this." I giggled as I went over to her bed.

" What's that dear." She sat down beside me.

I quickly played the video clip for her.

She Burst into uncontrollable laughter.

I joined her in laughing.

"Who's she?" Mom asked.

" I don't really know much about her but she's Ivy the girl that they never noticed at school. She's more like a nerd slash bad girl." I explained to mom.

" Seriously this video just made my gonna show it to your dad too." Mom couldn't control her laughter.

" Kay will be back soon am sure he's gonna be humble after someone hurt his ego.", I giggled happily.

" Am so gonna make fun of him forever." Mom said.

Dad used to tell us all mom had done to him before we were born.
Seriously I wanna be like mom.

Ivy Powell
Stupid popular kid. I really don't know why folks worship him.i mean he's not that good looking at all.

If someone doesn't do anything this rich folks will keep on bullying us.

Swears I hate all of them
I won't forget what they did to me on my first day at school.

They placed gum on my chair and I mistakenly sat on it.

My clothes got ruined while I try to get up.

It was so embarrassed that I ran outta School in shame.

Ever since then I vow to get back at all the rich folks that bullied me starting from Kulture knights
Am gonna humiliate him the same way he did to me.

I'm Ivy Powell not the rich kinda kid.

An average girl actually. They call me nerdy bad girl.

Am unlucky because everyone hates me.

Nobody likes Ivy and am okay with that.

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