Royal Fucker2-Chapter5


Royal Fucker2-Chapter5

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Rated 18+

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Kellie knights

I waited patiently for Kay at the cafeteria but he was taking too long to show up.

I just hope he didn't do something stupid.

Kay is really getting outta control and am sure once mom finds out he's gonna be in a serious shit.
" Hey barbie doll." I heard his voice from behind.

" Great what took you so long?" I raised my eyebrow.

" Was just busy with some work." He shrugged and sat down.

" Busy with some work in miss Turner's office? Seriously ?" I frown deeply.

Am not buying that shit.
" Yeah and what's bad about that?" He asked.

" Everything Kay . I can't believe you fucked that teacher of a excuse. " I half yelled.

" Hey relax sissy it's cool okay? " He said Calmly.

" Don't tell me to relax. I hate the fact that I'm always there to cover up your mess. " I said angrily.

" And that's why you're my favorite sister. Let's get to class okay? I love you. " He blow me an invisible kiss before walking away.

What sibling ever. I still think we should get a DNA test done.

I Huffed before walking outta the Cafeteria.

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Kulture knights

I left Kel at the cafeteria and walked towards the locker room Kimberly must be waiting for me.
Am planning on dumping her ass as soon as possible.

My phone started buzzing. I brought out to see who it was only to bump into some random newbie.

" Hey watch where you're going." I glared at her.

She looked at me and smile. She tried walking past me but I pulled her back by the arm.

" How dare you try to walk away from me. Do you even know who I'm?" I raised my voice at her.
" You might wanna let go of my arm mister." She said Calmly getting me more infuriated.

" You've got some serious nerves bitch! Apologize now or you gonna regret messing with me." I roared angrily.

She looked at my hand then back to my face. She still had that stupid smirk that I feel like wiping off.

" Last warning mister." She said with a smile and released her arm from my grip.

I tried holding her again only to receive a kick right at the forbidden zone.

" Bon appetit baby." She Smirked evilly before walking away.
What the heck!?! How dare she ?
Ouch my d*ck hurts pretty bad damn.

I managed to get on my feet and tried walking to somewhere where I can relax unfortunately for me Kel had watched the whole scenerio and even recorded everything.

" Omg this is Hilarious am dying here." She held her tummy laughing like a dummy.

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