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Royal Fucker2-Chapter4


Royal Fucker2-Chapter4

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

Kulture knights

" You sent for me miss Turner." I said the moment I got into her office.

Miss Turner is one of the most beautiful teachers in Beverly ADAMS HIGH.

She got the body of Beyonce. Who wouldn't want to get a taste of the big ass too.

" Oh my goodness Kay is in my office , Kay the Mr popular . If it isn't my lucky day. " She said seductively as she ran her fingers through my body.

" Am sure that's not the reason you sent for me yeah?" I said rudely.

" Oh come on don't act like you don't really know why I brought you here. You know I want you pretty bad. I also wanna have a taste of the beast that the girls do talk about. " She said with her eyes filled with lust.

I chuckled softly and held her hand.

" Trust me you don't wanna mess with it. You'll be on your knees immediately. " I said proudly.

" Don't worry sugar pie I can handle it. " she boasted and bit my lip playfully.

I held her back so she won't escape and crashed my lips on hers.

She's definitely gonna scream when she sees the length of my beast.

It was a rough kiss with our tongues fighting for dominance.

I forcefully pulled open her dress and planted kisses on her body
Damn her tits are freaking awesome. Am definitely tasting it.
I brought it out from it's hiding place and took one into my mouth .

I gave equal rights to the both tits
She moan like the bitch she is.

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I groan softly as I felt my hardness.

She pulled away and squats infront of me. She undid my zipper and brought out my beast.

" OMG." She gasps. Unable to believe her the size of it..

" I told you right?" I Smirked evilly.

" Am definitely gonna have a taste. Am sure it's gonna be awesome." She giggled and took my beast into her mouth for some deep throat sucking.

Yeah yeah that feels so good. I grab hold of her hair and gave her guidelines for deep sucking.

Judging from the way she was handling it I could tell she's a pro at deep throat sucking.

I pulled her and turned her over.she was wearing a sexy Victoria secret fabric.

I grabbed hold of it and ripped it off aggressively.

Damm she's dripping wet already. Wet enough for my beast to get through.

I slide in my beast from behind and she almost Jumped outta her skin..

I know she's definitely gonna try to back out but there's no going back on this.

I held her waist as I thrust into her roughly.

Her moans can bring down the whole office..

Yeah she's pretty tight am sure after am done with her she never gonna have sex in her life.

I spanked her big butt repeatedly as I moved into her in so much speed.

I pulled out and made her relax her butt on the desk before sliding it in again.

I held her thighs firmly moving in and outta her roughly.

Her legs had become jellies ,am sure she won't be able to move for the rest of the day..

I pulled out and emptied my cum into her mouth.

" Next time don't start something you know you can't end." I winked at her as I did my zipper before leaving her to herself.

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