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Royal Fucker2-Chapter19


Royal Fucker2-Chapter19

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

I stayed by the hallway watching everything. I don't get why Jenelle is bent on making kulture hurt the people he cares about.

I know he's beginning to like Ivy which why I won't give up on him just yet.

I walked over to where Ivy was and hugged her from behind.
" ssh don't say a word. I understand perfectly how you feel but you'll have to be strong If you want to fight. " I sigh sadly.

" I'm ready for this kel. I know Jenelle is up to something , had to cry to perfect the whole thing because I felt she was watching."
 She said and turned around and truly they were just fake tears.

" silly girl .come with me." I pulled her along to the private relaxation room.

" are they truly getting married in two days time?" She asked as she jumped on the couch .

" yeah which means we have just little time to plan something new. We have to stop that wedding at all cost." I said as an idea clicked.
" i think i have a plan." We said simultaneously.

We burst into laughter.

" okay you go first." We simultaneously said.

" come closer." I whispered into her ear.

Her eyes widden and she grinned evily.

" did you get the cam and hospital reports ?" I asked my private investigator.

" not yet sir i need little more time to decypher the code on the bank statement." He said calmly.

"_ be fast man time is not on our side , the wedding is tomorrow and all the evidence are faithed on the hospital reports and CCTV footage from the hotel everything happened. Plus highway cam." I sighed and slumped on my chair.

Things are getting more complicated than I thought.

" don't worry boss you'll get everything in the next 15hours." He assured.

I nods and he left .

I really don't want Anyone to get involved in my mess not even ivy or kel.

Had to say all those words to her in order to save her from Jenelle , I know what she's capable of.
I know I was a bit reckless with my life.

My mess is causing a lot of damage to my family
Its a two years ago , I was in my third year in school.

Jenelle was my best friend and also the president's granddaughter
I knew Jenelle had feelings for me but I ignored them because to me love is for the weak.
I would bring my flings to her penthouse and screw them there because I felt she won't mind.
Not until one night we had to go clubbing and we did.

She brought two glass tequila and after taking it I wasn't myself
That when it dawn on me that. She drugged me , she took me to a hotel room and made make love to her taking her virginity in the process. I was on trills don't really know what was going on. I woke up the next morning with her beside me crying claiming raped her which I didn't.

She insisted I get married to her to save her family honor but I refused because i wasn't ready to married just yet.

I tried talking to her but she angrily left and drove outta the hotel.

I trailed after her with me car only to find out she just knock down someone.

She threatened to blame me for it if I don't get married to her , i paid less attention and left.

Few months she called saying she got pregnant, i clearly told her I never wanted to have anything to do with the baby. She tried to get rid of the child and I womb got damaged in the process.

Now she's bent on ruining me if I don't get married to her.

She made fake video cam of me hitting the victim and she using it to blackmail me.

I'm so messed up right now with no way outta this
" aissh!" I yelled and broke the mirror in the restroom.

I hate my life .

© Muhammed Mulikat Munay

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