Royal Fucker2-Chapter17


Royal Fucker2-Chapter17

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

I won't lie I was abit shaky about the riders , I almost pee on my pants thank goodness we got off it.
" that was epic ! Let's do it again." Ivy squeak and I glared at her.

" hell no there's no way am going on that thing again." I folded my arms.

" okay we won't go on the vomiter again ,how about we go on this ultimate ride THE JUGGLER " she bow like the ride is some god.

" huh! This ride ? No way it's late already let's go home ." i said acting all bold whereby am scared as hell.

" fine since you're so scared why don't we go on another fun outting" she suggested.

" fun outting eh? Okay let me take you somewhere and sure you'll love." I said and pulled her along.
We got to yhe car and drove off.
" we're we headed hot shot?" She smirked.

Did she just called me hot shot?
" somewhere relaxing ." I simply said.

" better than the park?"
" yes better than the park." I responded.

I drove straight to the liberty statue and parked my car.

" oh please is this the fun place?" She rolled her eyes.

" shut up and come with me ." i dragged her along and entered the through the gate into the statue
I took her to the top floor of the building.

" wow its beautiful." She cooed on seeing the view from up here.

" its beautiful right!" I asked as I sat down staring at the whole city.

" yeah it is am sorry for doubting you. You can actually see the stars from up here." She smiled and sat down closer to me.I stayed there starin at her intensely .

Her eyes landed on mine too , I slowly brought my Face closer and crashed my lips on hers.

Her eyes widdend in shock but later relaxed and responded to the kiss.

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