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Royal Fucker2-Chapter15


Royal Fucker2-Chapter15

Theme: He's the real plug

Rated 18+

 ©Mulikat munay berry

kulture knights
For a start I thought she was gonna kiss maybe a kiss is what I needed.

Suddenly Janelle showed outta nowhere interrupting everything.
What's she doing here?

" what the fvck is going here?" She half yell.

" ERM..
" what does it look like?"Ivy said boldly. Cutting me off.

" hey twinkle toes I wasn't talking to you. Besides what are you doing with my fiancee?" She barked getting really angry.

Oops this isn't good
"Huh? What fiancee ? Baby what is she talking about?" Ivy changed totally getting more confused.

" okay what are you two blabbering about? " I rubbed my temple gush this girls are freaking me out.

" she's the one blabbering!" They said simultaneously pointing to each other and its freaking me out.

" shut up both of you!!" I half yelled.

Just yesterday Ivy was punching my jaw for trying to kiss her now today she's calling me baby.

Is this some kinda joke or what?

" am gonna show you what am talking about sweetie." Ivy smirked before I knew what was happening she kissed me infront of janelle.

She fucking kissed me . is this some kinda joke or what.

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Her lips were so soft and glossy. I responded the kiss and got carried away but I quickly composed myself and pull away.

" Ttch! You gonna be sorry for this plus I won't give up that easily baby girl, " Janelle lashed out.

" me neither." Ivy stuck out her tongue at Janelle.

" I guess he hasn't told you the truth about him right ? You don't really know your so called bf yet. Bye buttercup." She blew us a kiss and walk away.

" ain't you gonna ask me what she meant by that?" I raised my eyebrows.

" nah i believe whatever it is wasn't that bad." She said with a smile

For some reason I'm actually grateful to Ivy for saving me from Janelle clingyness.

" I don't know what to say but thanks for chasing the witch away."i said thank you for the first time ever

" thank you ain't enough , you'll have to grant a wish only then will I accept your gratitude." She punched my arm slightly.

" okay what do you want now? I can still be your friend if that's what you want." I huffed.

" nah change of wish."

" argh! Are you being serious right now?" I rolled my eyes .

" you'll have to go on an actual date with me." She blurted out proudly.


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